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5 Best Antivirus For MacBook Air & Macbook Pro (2023)

While it is true that most users choose Apple products such as the MacBook Air for their security, this is not the case. It is also important to understand that the MacBook Air is not impervious to attacks.

Because of the above popular myth relating to Apple security, many people are unaware that the MacBook Air is also vulnerable to attacks. Intego recently made a shocking discovery of a few tricks used by hackers to gain access to or exploit vulnerable points on our MacBook Air.

The recent discovery of the Crescent Core Virus supports the assertion of the MacBook Air is also vulnerable and needs protection. Being the first to notice this virus, you can only imagine how much damage this must have done to other MacBooks and those who have not taken the necessary precautions to protect their device from such attacks.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best antiviruses for your MacBook Air, how to get them, and how protective they can be when installed on your devices. 

Below is a list of the 5 best anti-viruses for your MacBook Air:

1. VirusBarrier X9

VirusBarrier X9

There has been a spike in the number of MacBook Air Viruses being discovered of late. The numbers keep adding with discoveries coming on every day and the point of entry for these viruses grows limitless.

In the summer of 2022, the CrescentCore, which had only recently been discovered, concealed and distributed itself as a Trojan horse application posing as an Adobe Flash Player installer. This is just one among many that have been discovered.

However, unlike your average fake Flash Player updater, CrescentCore has some extra capabilities to make it harder for antivirus software to detect and malware analysts to examine and reverse engineer. 

Intego makes it known to us that it searches your Device for MacBook Air AntiVirus before letting itself in, with the same energy they have to rework the anti-virus to detect it.

The VirusBarrier X9 is Intego’s defense system against the Macbooks virus. The new and updated version has among some of its advantage below:

  • It protects your device against any known MacBook malware
  • It scans faster than the older version
  • It extends this privileges for you to scan your iPhone, Ipad, and your iPod against the virus

You can access more details about this Antivirus on their official site, this will brace you up for the kind of danger your device is swimming in and how to take actions that will secure it from cybercriminals.

Bonus: You can have the VirusBarrier X9 running on your MacBook Air at a 65% off price offered by Intego. You simply need to click this link; VirusBarrier X9 at 65% Off! voila, you are on your way to internet safety.

2. NetBarrier X9

NetBarrier X9

The Netbarrier X9 is a two-way firewall. Unlike your Mac’s built-in firewall, which only protects against inbound connections, NetBarrier X9 protects against both outbound and inbound connections.

This means that your apps will no longer be able to communicate with their home server without your permission. Especially apps that communicate back to the home server for dubious reasons. This aids in the detection of Apps with dubious motives before they cause any harm to your device. At the moment, Intego is offering 65% off on NetBarrier X9

Take this opportunity to protect your device from these cyber criminals as your device is never safe unless you have this form of protection.

3. Personal Backup 10.9

Personal Backup 10.9

Personal Backup 10.9 is ideal if you require a versatile backup strategy for your device. It is flexible enough for you to schedule your backup the way you want it; if you’re like me and tend to forget things quickly, you can easily customize this plan to work for you even if you don’t always back up manually.

Unlike the Time Machine which sometimes may abruptly stop your workflow for Backup or Slow down your Mac amidst work just for backup. With Personal Backup 10.9, you can schedule your backup for when you are away from your device! isn’t that cool enough?!

Personal Backup 10.9 is similar to Time Machine, but unlike Time Machine, it includes an upgraded feature to back up to another Mac. Time Machine can disrupt your workflow for backup purposes, but Personal Backup 10.9 does not.

The speed with which the backup is completed is my favorite feature of this Intego Personal Backup 10.9 software. Another sweet thing that will interest you to know is the giveaway discount you can get right now. Click on this Link and get a 65% off the price tag!

The best time for you to get protected is now! Mac can crash anytime, with Personal Backup 10.9, you don’t have anything to worry about as all of your work is saved.

Bonus: Get Personal Backup 10.9 at 65% Off!

4. Mac Washing Machine X9

Mac Washing Machine X9

With the Mac Washing Machine X9, you can say goodbye to junk files, duplicated programs, and a variety of other issues that cause your Mac to slow down. Check this here for vital information about Mac Washing Machine X9.

There is no need for you to go through your device manually to organize it; it does that perfectly well for you, allowing you to focus your time and energy on more productive activities!

It is important to note that freeing up space on your Mac is beneficial because it will allow enough space for your Mac to update, which in turn is also critical to the security of your device. 

Intego is giving this out at a 65% discount! There is no best time for you to purchase this than now.

Bonus: Get yourMac Washing Machine X9 at a 65% discount and have your Mac working properly never worry about space for updates and the security vulnerability that comes with your device not being updated.

5. ContentBarrier X9

ContentBarrier X9

The internet exposes your children to a lot of unwanted content, which is not what you want for them as a parent, so ContentBarrier does exactly what its name says.

At this age, the solution cannot be to prevent them from using the internet, there are tons of information on the Internet that is also responsible for their growth. You are currently reading about the solution.

With ContentBarrier X9, you can detect what your children are exposed to on the internet while still monitoring them as parents. It is simple to set up, and the dashboard is simple to understand.

Do you have children of various ages? That is not a problem because the ContentBarrier X9 allows you to create separate accounts for your wards. You can get this also at a 65% off discount that Intego is giving out right now. 

Bonus: Get your Intego ContentBarrier X9 at a 65% discount. Welcome to 21st-century parenting!


You can never be too cautious! Having antivirus software installed provides security as well it boosts the confidence that comes with using your device. Intego is offering a 65 percent discount on all of the packages listed above. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain the trust you deserve when using your device. 

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