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What Is SmartSetting.exe? A Virus Or Malware And Uninstall

There’s a file on your computer called SmartSetting.exe that you may have seen once or twice but didn’t pay much attention to it since you don’t use the program associated with the file in Windows Explorer.

 However, if SmartSetting.exe has been causing issues on your computer and making things harder than they should be, you may want to pay more attention to it and get rid of it altogether! Here’s what you need to know about this file and how to go about getting rid of it for good!

What Is SmartSetting.exe?

SmartSetting.exe is a malicious virus that changes your browser settings to redirect you to unknown websites, it also disables your antivirus protection and blocks your access to Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor, Event Viewer, Command Prompt, etc. 

SmartSetting.exe can be installed on your computer without your knowledge as it comes bundled with various freeware products from the web like video downloaders, codecs, media players, etc. 

If you are suspicious about any process on your PC that starts with SmartSetting. then it’s highly advised to delete it immediately. 

Instructions on how to remove SmartSetting.exe manually: 

  • Open up Windows Defender Security Center 
  • Click Virus & threat protection 
  • Click Virus & threat protection settings 
  • Click Virus & Threat Protection Settings for this computer 
  • Under Exclusions, click the plus sign  (or C:\Program Files\SmartSetting)

Is SmartSetting.exe Safe To Run? Is It A Virus Or Malware 

SmartSetting.exe can be a virus or malware, depending on how it has been installed on your computer, but even if it’s not malicious you may want to consider uninstalling this software.

 It’s possible that the file was downloaded by another application without your knowledge, so you should check for any unwanted applications that could be responsible for this file being on your machine before taking any action.

 You can find out how an executable file was installed on your system by opening Properties in Windows Explorer and examining the Target field; this will tell you what program initiated the installation.

The following information about SmartSetting.exe is based on our research of the filename – we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy: 

SmartSetting.exe is not essential to Windows, but it does provide important functionality.

Over All Ratings For SmartSetting.exe

It seems like many people are puzzled about what to make of this file, a lot of people say that it’s a virus, but some say it’s just an application for Windows 10. 

If you’re running Windows 7, 8, or 10, this file will likely not be found on your computer.

 It says in the description from Microsoft. com that The Smart Setting page was created as part of an experiment with new ways to help you customize settings which suggest that it’s a legitimate program made by Microsoft.

Some users suggest uninstalling the program if they can’t remember installing it and are worried about its effects on their computer, but others claim they use it regularly without any problems.

How To Remove Or Uninstall SmartSetting.exe

If you’ve found a file named SmartSetting.exe on your computer, it’s possible that it was added by malware or a virus. This program can take up system resources, which may lead to sluggishness in your computer’s performance.

 The best thing to do would be to remove the file by scanning your computer with anti-malware software that has the ability to detect and delete this type of threat.

 You could also uninstall the program manually. It doesn’t matter how you choose to get rid of the file; just make sure that it doesn’t remain on your computer as you will risk getting more malware in the future if you don’t!

How Do I Stop SmartSetting.exe Process?

The first step to stop the process of the SmartSetting application may be to rename the file in order to cause it not to start up again when you reboot your computer (but this will not remove it permanently). 

To do so, go into Windows Explorer and find the executable (.exe) file called SmartSetting. Right-click on it and select Rename from the drop-down menu. Next, enter a space at the end of the filename, then click Save.

 If that doesn’t work, there are a few other ways to try to get rid of it . Firstly, make sure that you don’t have two versions of the same software installed; if you do, delete one to stop the process. 

You can also use antivirus software like Spybot Search & Destroy or AdAware by Lavasoft to detect and delete adware like SmartSetting. Remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

How Do I Stop SmartSetting.exe Process?

Smartsetting.exe is a process that should not be running on your computer unless you are the creator of it or know what it is. It has been known to be used as a malware program by hackers to install malware onto computers and steal personal information, such as passwords, bank account information, etcetera.

 You can stop this process from running on your computer by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete in order to open Task Manager. From there, click Processes and find SmartSetting.exe under the column Name and then click End Process to close it down.

 If this doesn’t work for some reason, reboot your PC into Safe Mode with Networking in order to get rid of it completely (see instructions below). 

To do so, turn off your computer at the power switch and restart it. Immediately after turning on your computer, keep pressing F8 until an option called Advanced Boot Options comes up. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.

Is SmartSetting.Exe Causing High Disk Usage?

If the high disk usage issue persists, it’s a good idea to try rebooting your computer if you haven’t done so recently. You can also try opening up your task manager to see what processes are currently running. 

If the process is still running after restarting, there could be an issue with one of your programs, so you’ll want to figure out which one that may be before continuing on with this guide.

 If SmartSetting.exe is identified as the program causing the problem, it will need to be uninstalled from your system and then reinstalled again for all of its drivers to work properly.

 It should also not be running in any kind of manual startup mode, like when starting Windows in Safe Mode or trying to troubleshoot some other program. Otherwise, you’ll have to remove and reinstall it manually.

 There are a few ways to do this, but first, you’re going to have to stop the service. To do so, open up Services (via the Control Panel) find SmartSettingService, and double-click on it. 

From there, under Startup Type set Automatic instead of Manual. Once that has been changed, right-click again on the service and choose Stop Service.

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