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What is a Data Center Proxy and How to Get it?

Have you ever been familiar with data center proxy before? It’s a service that facilitates stronger internet access and a much better user experience. However, this isn’t something that is tied to a certain ISP. Instead, they work by masking your real IP address and keeping your privacy private during your online sessions. Anyone won’t be able to identify your address, and you may surf easily on the search engine.

The functions are beneficial in various cases, such as accessing all the content or information that’s blocked in a certain location by bypassing the restriction easily or working your way to obtain a much better, lag-free internet connection.

Data Center Proxy

Datacenter Proxies Advantages

Now, let us take a deeper look into what the data center proxies have to offer for the users.

Useful for Data Collection

Previously, we’ve seen how data center proxies work. As we mentioned before, data center proxies can help to hide your IP so no one, even websites, couldn’t track your actual location. They work by masking the scraping of the machine’s IP address and efficiently covering it. With this feature around, any website won’t have an idea about what’s the actual IP address of your scraping machine. Instead, they’ll see the proxy’s machine address.

However, if users want to open any websites from other countries without covering their address, the proxy can help to circumvent the restrictions.

Bypassing VPN Bans

Oftentimes, we’ve been told that to access certain content from geo-restricted locations; anyone could use a VPN service. But what if there’s a VPN ban regulation on that particular location. Datacenter proxies are the answer.

Datacenter proxies also work by using identity obfuscation methods. Although the method varies from one tool to another, the goal to mask the use of any protection software remains the same. It makes it appear as if none of these services is being used.

These proxies have their own way of getting around the VPN blocking software, and this is definitely important for people who live around the area where VPN access is prohibited.

Let us understand that several countries have banned the use of VPN services, limiting the resident’s ability to access certain websites they want to visit. Users who are unable to use VPNs may use the data center proxies instead.

Circumventing IP-based Restrictions

Companies usually opt for an option to block a certain country or region for the faster and much lighter network traffic on their website. This geo-location restrictions policy will make sure that any coming networks will be blocked under the particular time of circumstances. If a company wants to focus their market on Asia, there’s a high chance that it will block traffic from other regions.

This blocking causes users from those restricted locations to be not allowed to enter the site. To overcome this problem, one can try to use a data center proxy. The restrictions that are IP-based usually work with web-based programs. An admin can limit this access so that only users from specific IP addresses may enter. This limitation will become useful if an admin wants to limit the access only to a certain location, for example, a workplace, and not anywhere else.

The Characteristics

In the era when technology moves so fast beyond our comprehension, the data center proxies have become something that you’ll see anywhere. When they work by masking your actual IP address, they don’t demand or meddle with things like internet connection or providers. In short, they are very self-contained. It does the job of protecting yourself when accessing restricted websites much easier and simpler.

There are a few characteristics of data center proxies you need to know. They are cheap, may enable higher speed connection (perfect for high-scale web scraping), are suitable for many users, allow users to access restricted content, allow users to open any website, and bypass VPN bans.

How Do They Work

See a data center proxy as the middleman between you and the website. It acts by sending your request to a website you want to visit and obtaining the necessary content.

On some other occasions, the proxy may already have the information you need to access within its database, and you can directly access it without being connected to a certain site. This will make the load process turn much quicker than before.

How to Obtain Datacenter Proxies

Are you interested in having it? Usually, the way to obtain data centers is by contacting the cloud service providers, and you better pick the best ones in the market like Google Cloud, AWS, or OVH.

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