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MacBook Air Space Grey Vs Silver – Best Color to Buy

Choosing between MacBook Air Space Grey and MacBook Air Silver is a personal preference. There are no differences between the two specifications wise, but there are a few minor points to consider before making your decision. These two colors have been stable with Apple products for a long time now, it’s easier said, the color is synonymous with them.

The size came with varies from the 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro which are available in space gray or silver, which have been popular colors on a variety of Apple devices for many years. You could have not noticed some slight distinctions between the two colors. 

Still, a decision on the best color must be made. Not to worry, we’re on our way there; just keep reading this blog entry until we reach a decision. 

MacBook Space Gray vs. MacBook Silver

The silver has a classic appearance that you will appreciate. It is professional and elegant, with a bright aesthetic that screams Apple. The keys have high contrast, so you can see which keys you’re looking for when typing.

The issue is that it reflects a lot of light on the keyboard; if you’re watching or using a bright screen, you’ll notice a reflection on your device, which can be distracting at times. 

The iconic Apple color will always be silver, and chances are that’s the color you’ll see for many years to come. Apple is most likely going to stop making the Space Gray, but if you want one, you can still buy it now and it will still be functional for you.

The sleek, uniform, understated, and more recent color, Space Gray, might be more useful to other people. You can use it in bright environments and watch without worrying about the chassis reflecting light thanks to the dull color.

The issue is that because of its relatively darker color, it will show scratches more than silver, but if you take care of it, this shouldn’t be a problem. You won’t be drawn away from the device or your surroundings as you stare at it and immerse yourself in it.

The Space Gray MacBook has the cool feature of changing appearances based on surroundings. When the light changes, it turns lighter and almost appears silver. In some lights, it turns dark grey to the point where it appears black. 

The interior looks better because the Space Gray MacBook blends in better than the Silver. In Space Gray, the trackpad blends a little more, whereas, in Silver, the contrast between the trackpad and chassis is more obvious.

The majority of people select Silver because its exterior is superior to that of the space gray. It is a good fit for the majority of Apple users thanks to its brightness and elegance, which make it stand out and appear professional.

The Space Gray’s interior is superior to the Silver’s because it provides more comfort. Choose Space Gray because you will likely be looking at the inside of your laptop more than the outside. 

At the end of all this read, you realized the only difference between the laptops’ specifications is their color and nothing more. You cannot be right or wrong in choosing, in terms of aesthetics; consider the option you prefer since you will use it frequently and should like it. 

Concerns about discoloration

It’s normal to worry that your MacBook Pro’s color will deteriorate over time, especially if it’s the silver model, but you don’t need to.

For years, Apple has used anodized aluminum finishes on its products, and best of all, it has successfully commercialized the technique.

Older MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones still have the same color they did when they were first taken out of the box because they retained their color years ago.

Your MacBook Pro won’t have any issues with fading, staining, or color fading; it will remain in good condition over time. 

Distractions in dimly lit areas

Minimizing brightness is crucial if you’ve ever used your MacBook Pro in a dimly lit environment and want to make sure you can focus on the screen.

The silver and gray options both have black bezels surrounding the screen, which is a plus. This enables you to concentrate on your screen without being distracted by concerns about the bezel, such as the iPli sliver with a white frame, for example.

It’s great for watching movies or playing games because the bezels on the screen appear to fade up and make it difficult to see. 

Both the silver and the grey MacBook Pro models are made of metal, so they both emit some light. To the keen eye, the silver version may appear to glow a little brighter, but the difference is insignificant. Both colors of the aluminum texture absorb more light than they reflect. 

Wear and Tear

Apple’s anointing process makes its products much more durable than similar products, but they are still made of metal. The metal is susceptible to dents and cracks, and if the ding is significant or deep enough, it will show up in any color.

On the silver MacBook Pro, minor blemishes and microabrasions won’t be as obvious because they won’t be compared as much to the type of space gray.

You might not notice it until the light catches you in some way if the start is too shallow and small. If you notice signs of wear and tear, even minor scratches, the Silver will best suit your needs. 

Questions and Answers

Is silver preferable to space gray?

You might want to choose space gray if you plan to use your iPad Pro in an environment similar to a scuff where the material from the object you hit is transferred to the iPad Pro.

Opt for Silver if you want to conceal minor scratches.

Space Gray is a good choice if you want to hide more scratches.

What makes gray and silver different from one another?

Flat colors like gray and silver frequently have reflective qualities.

Silver is a mixture of black and white with a pearl or metallic tint on it, and gray is simply a combination of black and white. 

Which MacBook color is best?

For a while now, silver has been the “App standard” color.

There was a time when the MacBook Air was only available in Silver.

If you prefer vibrant colors but dislike gold, silver is your genuine option.

Does space gray resemble black in any way?

Both phones come in the metallic Space Gray color. There are some angles where you can tell that X is shiny steel that appears dark, even though the metal is gray rather than black. 


You’ve gone through the article that compares these two powerful machines. The main difference between them is a minor color difference that is not always distinguishable. It is now up to you to decide which is the best! You require something that will always bring you joy to work with.

Consider this every time you make such a decision. But if you require one that can conceal wear and tear and has some durability. Your question about which is the best has been answered in the post. Leave a comment indicating which is superior and which you have purchased and are using.

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