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Where is power button on TCL Roku TV?

Due to its seamless design, finding the power button on TCL Roku can be difficult sometimes. If you have been struggling to find the power button on your TCL Roku, I’m glad to let you know you are not in this alone.

They aesthetically hid the button on TCL Roku such that it will be naturally difficult for you to see if you are not careful and the kind of person to probe the design very well to find out all hidden areas.

But you should not worry, you have arrived at the right post and shortly, we will reveal to you all where to find this button and all you need to know about powering on your TCL Roku even without a remote.

Keep reading this blog entry to find out soon and if at the end of this post, you still have a question relating to this topic, please leave a comment and our admin will respond to you shortly.

Where is power button on TCL Roku TV?
Where is power button on TCL Roku TV?

Where to Find the Power Button on TCL Roku

The different model of TCL Roku comes with different designs. But the good news is, all of them have the power button, you just need to find out where it is located on the TV.

In this section, we will be looking at all the possible sections on your Roku Smart TV you can find your power button. This post will not be model specific, we will be telling you about all the models, and what you will need to do is just follow the instruction given.

If one did not work for your model, you should try the next but definitely, one of the steps that will be given in this post should help you find your TCL Roku power button.

Back of the TV, Mid Right Hand

This is one of the locations the power button may be located. Why am I starting with the less popular location you may ask? Yes, because I understand you may have tried checking the other popular locations and you did not find the power button there hence it warrants you coming here.

This location also is suitable to hide things like buttons. You should move the TV slightly away from the wall and I bet, when you check just behind the TV, you will find your power button staring at you.

If you could not find it there, you should do well to also check the back-right of your TV. It may be just behind on the right-hand side of your TV.

I really hope you will find it there.

Middle, Underside

For most models of this Smart TV, the chosen place to hide their power button is right in the middle beneath the screen or monitor of your TV. However, you should not be discouraged if you did not find it in that position. There are a lot of other hidden areas where your power button may have been hidden.

As I reported earlier, for different models, each with a different location the power button is hidden. Maybe the location given above is not that of your TV model.

You should also check the underside of your TV. Both left and right. For most Smart TVs from brands like Philips Roku TV, that is the number one place to hide the power button. Don’t be surprised, yours may be there as well.

It is as if all the newer versions of Roku Smart TVs come with this power button placement so there is a greater chance that this place discussed above is the location for yours as well. Make sure you check very well to not miss it.

Back of TV, Bottom Right Hand Side

You have checked the back of the TV, mid-right-hand side, and also done the same for the middle, the underside of your TV.

If you did not find your power buttons at this location, you should explore the area given above.

Your power button may be just behind your Roku smart TV at the Back of the TV and on the bottom right-hand side of it.

All you need to do is to move your TV away from the wall and check to see whether the button is there or not. But you can rest assured that after trying all the above and you still could not find the power button. The probability of you finding it at this location becomes very high. Anyways good luck and I hope you find it at that location.

Use the Manual

Another easy way to find your TCL power button is to use the manual and see where the power button is placed. The power button will come with an illustration of where the button is located. Once you find this place, in the manual. Check on the TV to see. Definitely, you will get the power button at that location.

Have you lost your manual? Did I hear you say YES? It is not a new thing to me either, most times, it is when I will need the manual most that it will be AWOL.

In that case, you should try this link to download a manual and try it for your TV. Or you can even search for it on google and be model specific in your search so that you will not download the wrong manual for your TV.

Power On Your Roku TV App

Your remote might have been lost and you are wondering how you will be using your Roku TV. well, here is a substitute for you. You can use the Roku TV app as a substitute for your remote and it works perfectly.

Once you download this app on your mobile device, you will be prompt ny the app to enter or connect to a Roku device.

You should search and your TV will appear in the search results. Click on your Roku TV once it appears to complete the connection.

You have a brand new remote now. I advise you should have this connected to your device even when your remote is available. You never can tell when you will decide to go on a vacation.

I hope by now you must have solved any problem at all with the power button not being found on Roku TV and now; you have your TV confidence back. If this is not the case, leave a comment telling us the issue you are still facing and our admin will follow up on that. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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