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Waze vs Google Maps 2023: Which One Is Better

Waze vs Google Maps: Navigation is king when driving especially for those driving for Uber or Lyft. Getting the best map that is accurate is the first thing to think of. After all, the work of a driver is to take passengers from point A to B. If the passenger has not been there before and you take the roundabout or get lost on your way, a map will be your only saving grace.

There are many Maps out there with better promises of getting us across any big cities, however not all will give accurate direction.  All thanks to GPS which works hand in hand with a navigation app. Without wasting your time, we will be looking at the comparison between the Waze Map and the Google Map. This is the unbiased review between Google Map and Waze, so read on.

Waze VS Google Maps

Waze vs Google Maps: What They’re All About

Waze Maps: This is a community-based map and navigation app. Drivers can be able to share real-time data about accidents, traffic incidents, speed limits, speed traps, and other trip information that helps other drivers to navigate faster and avoid any dangerous route.

Google Maps: Google Maps is a full navigation app that most users are custom to. It operates like other maps, although they’re now adding community-based features into the app, however, it focuses on Google’s huge domination of mapping.

As you can see, this is a heavy competitor and it’s worth noting that they share the same parent company which is Google. So Google bought Waze for more than a billion dollars back in 2013. However, since then, the apps have continued to operate on their own. They offer similar services but do it in a different method.

Differences Between Waze and Google Maps

Below are the key differences between Google Maps and Waze.

  1. Waze is community-based while Google maps are more data-based.
  2. Waze is mostly for car navigation, while Google Maps is for offers walking, driving, biking, and public transportation directions. Moreover, they have built-in “Explore” features that allow users to see events, reviews, photos, points of interest, etc. You can even view Street to see things at the level.
  3. Waze required a data connection to work while Google maps are available offline.
  4. Google Maps also include business data such as menus, hours, and phone numbers, while Waze does not.
  5. Waze gives real-time info such as road closures, road hazards, traffic alerts and real-time traffic conditions based on driver data, while Google Maps only started giving some of these features recently.
  6. Google Maps used a traditional navigation interface, while Waze offers a sleek and minimal interface with the latest design in language.
  7. Waze offers a high level of customization, while Google Maps is basic.

Overall, Google maps are a simple and powerful tool that offers good navigation and selects the quickest and most efficient route.

Waze, on the other hand, collect data from a bunch of different users and leverages that data to tailor your trip experience, giving you a route that is free of obstacles, traffic, and other nuisance.

Waze VS Google Maps: User Interface

The Waze app offers a style user interface without giving up minimalism. It contains all the details you need and uses 3D graphics to grab your attention. The app now has a Spotify integration and can even quickly identify the nearest gas station.

Google Maps can also identify the nearest gas station and it offers a pretty user interface as well. The little downside here is that it looks like Mapquest, a massive throwback to the late 90s/early 2000s. You won’t get a lot of fluff to get lost in, and also the minimal distractions to the user when driving around.

When it comes to operation, the Waze moves around a lot. The app easily changes locations, shifts, rotates, and pans when you change directions. You will get very bold, brash directions at the top of the app, which makes it difficult to miss direction. As you drive, you will get pins like potholes, speed traps, and traffic jams that pop up which you can avoid.

Google Maps is similar when to Waze when driving around and is friendly. Google Maps also moves around when necessary. It displays directions at the top of the app and gives you notice when you need to take action.

Waze is the winner because it offers much more actionable information. The app helps you to see the cause of a traffic jam or see if they are reports of police cars coming ahead.

How much data does Waze use?

The amount of data the Waze app use depends on several factors, including the amount of time you use it, trip distance, etc. From the real-life experience of drivers, they said that Waze uses 15MP on average a month driving about one hour a day. That seems low.

How much data does Google Maps use?

Just like Waze, the amount of data Google Maps use also depends on many factors.
From the experience of many drivers, it seems the amount of data Google Maps use is a little bit higher than the Waze Maps. One of the reasons for this is because Google Maps allows users to download a location, switch data off, and still get to where you need to go.
As you can see, it’s a great feature if you are traveling abroad and don’t have any arrangements to get an international data plan when you reach there.

So the winner here is Google Maps because it can download maps while you connected to Wi-Fi and use it offline which is a huge advantage.

Overall Winner: Waze

For those that drive for Uber or Lyft, Waze is the real go-to GPS. It’s best in providing alternate routes to save time and money as well. It’s more useful based on the fact that it collects real-time data through its massive user base; which is more valuable as it’s presented in a visual and actionable manner. Waze also a better route to avoid traffic and potholes.

Google Maps, on the other hand, is still very reliable and it works perfectly as well.
Google Maps will make a good navigation app when traveling long distances or overseas because of the offline maps feature. We also prefer the app because of the public transit direction on Google Maps.

Choosing any of the Maps will all depend on what you are looking for. If you are just looking for your destination, the Google Map will work fine for you, however, if you are looking for a better route without traffic, then Waze is your best bet.

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