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How To Fix Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here Error

When you go to paste data into Microsoft Excel and receive the Data Cannot Be Pasted Here Error, it can be frustrating as you try to enter data into your spreadsheet. What’s even more frustrating is not knowing how to fix the issue with such an error popping up. The good news? It’s possible to fix this problem!

What is the ‘Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here’ error?

The ‘Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here’ error is an issue that occurs when you are trying to copy and paste text from a Microsoft Word document into another application.

 This error can happen for various reasons, but typically the cause is the presence of formatting in the text. In this case, you will need to either remove the formatting from your text or paste it as plain text. It is possible that copying and pasting text from one application to another may create formatting within the copied text; if so, simply remove the extra formatting before copying. 

Another potential cause for this error is that the file has been corrupted with extra formatting codes. If you have recently opened a document in an earlier version of Microsoft Office than what was used to save the file, then opening it again in the newer version might fix these errors. 

For example, if you had saved your files using Microsoft Word 2003, but then later upgraded to 2007, opening them in Word 2003 could correct the problem. 

However, this solution would not work if you had opened and edited the documents after saving them originally.

Where does it occur, and why?

This error occurs because the system cannot find a place to paste the data you are trying to insert. In order for this error message to stop occurring, try pasting your data into an empty column in a different sheet. If there are no empty columns available on other sheets, just close and reopen Excel. 

You should be able to copy and paste the data without any issues after that.  If this still doesn’t work, please create a new spreadsheet file with some blank rows or columns and then open it. 

If all of these solutions don’t work, delete your current document entirely and re-create it from scratch. 

There might also be a problem with the program itself rather than where you’re trying to paste the data; please contact technical support if none of these options work. 

Microsoft Intune Policy and how Outlook is involved

If the organization that you are using Microsoft Intune with has not set up an on-premises Exchange Server, they can make use of Microsoft’s cloud email solution, Microsoft Office 365.

 The mobile device management (MDM) service for Office 365 is called Microsoft Intune which allows for the management of both on-premises and cloud-based devices. 

Microsoft Intune also provides MDM capabilities to protect and manage your data in case your laptop or tablet becomes lost or stolen. 

In addition to this, it is possible to configure the MDM settings so as to be notified when a change occurs within the device software, making it possible for malware to be detected before it causes damage to your company’s data.

 Another useful feature of the service is the ability to remotely wipe your device if it falls into the wrong hands. All these features combined, ensure that sensitive corporate information remains safe at all times and under all circumstances. 

Now, any data cannot be pasted here errors that might occur will never stand in the way of ensuring the safety of your organization’s data.

Intune Blocked

It can be very frustrating when your organization is blocked from Intune and you cannot paste the error. In order to fix this, there are a few steps to take. First, disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection. Next, restart your computer in safe mode.

 After restarting in safe mode turn on Windows Defender Real-Time Protection and restart your computer again. Once you do that then try pasting the error into Intune. If it still doesn’t work, contact Microsoft Support for more information or solutions.

 Sometimes uninstalling apps might help too, so if you haven’t already done that before installing anything then give that a shot as well.

Step-by-step fix using the reconfiguration of Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook

Outlook uses a file called AutoArchive.pst to automatically archive old messages and other items. If the AutoArchive.pst file becomes too large, Outlook will generate an error message that says Organization data cannot be pasted here.

This error can be resolved by updating the Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook, then restarting Outlook. After updating the Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook, restart it by clicking File > Exit. Restart Outlook after exiting the application.

 Click on Tools > Account Settings > Data Files. Select the . PST file you would like to remove, and click Remove or Delete depending on your operating system. 

For Windows Vista/7: click Remove or Delete for all folders and subfolders within that folder. 

For Windows XP: click Remove for all folders and subfolders within that folder. Select OK when finished removing files. Follow these steps for each PST file you want to be removed from your organization’s account in Outlook 2007/2010 (32-bit).

Perform manual updates of the Office suite

If you are unable to paste content in an Office application and receive a Data cannot be pasted here error, this is often due to one of two things: The Office suite is not up-to-date, or there is an issue with the formatting of the content. In order to fix this error, first check that your Office software has been updated. 

Next, double-check that you have formatted the content in a way that can be pasted into an Office document. Ensure that all text is left-aligned, any images are properly aligned, and any columns have equal widths. Remember to use fonts of a similar size for uniformity.

Does the error only occur if some cells are protected?

The data cannot be pasted here error message can occur if some cells in the workbook are protected. If this is the case, make sure that all cells are unprotected before trying to paste again. 

It might also help to change the file format from .xlsx to .xls or vice versa and try uploading again. Another option is copying the content of a cell and pasting it as an image in order to bypass any restrictions on formatting or other data issues. Some users have found success by using Image Converter Plus for Chrome to convert the Excel file into a PDF. 

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