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How to Fix iPhone Yellow Battery Even at 100% Charge

If you’ve ever noticed your iPhone’s battery symbol turning yellow even when it’s fully charged, you might be wondering why this happens and if it means there’s a problem with your device. This post will look at the common problem of a yellow battery at 100% charge and offer practical ways to ensure your iPhone runs smoothly.

How to Fix iPhone Yellow Battery Even at 100% Charge
How to Fix iPhone Yellow Battery Even at 100% Charge

What is Low Power Mode?

The activation of “Low Power Mode” on your iPhone is closely related to the yellow battery issue at 100% charge. When your battery level falls below 20%, your iPhone will prompt you to use Low Power Mode to save battery life. If you do not activate it now, the phone will remind you when the battery level hits 10%. Failing to turn on Low Power Mode during these warnings results in the battery icon turning red, indicating a critically low battery level.

Common Cause of the Yellow Battery at 100% Charge

Sometimes, Low-Power Mode may be accidentally activated, resulting in the yellow battery indication even when the battery is fully charged. Understanding these causes can assist you in preventing the problem from recurring.

Impact of Low Power Mode on iPhone Performance

While Low Power Mode effectively extends battery life, there are some drawbacks. Certain features and background operations are disabled to save power, which has an impact on app performance and functionality. It is critical to strike a balance between preserving battery life and keeping device functionality.

Resolving the Yellow Battery Issue

To resolve the yellow battery issue with 100% charge, manually off Low Power Mode. We’ll walk you through the process, ensuring that your battery indicator displays accurately.

Battery Health Check

Apple launched the Battery Health feature on some iPhone models. We’ll show you how to utilize this function to analyze the health of your battery and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

How to Remove iPhone from Low-Power Mode

  • Unlock Your iPhoneBegin by unlocking your iPhone with your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID to gain access to the Settings app and off Low Power Mode.
  • Access the Control Center: To open the Control Center, slide down from the top right corner of your screen (on iPhone models with Face ID) or up from the bottom of your screen (on iPhone models with a home button).
  • Check Low Power Mode Icon: The Low Power Mode icon, which resembles a battery, can be found in the Control Center. If it’s highlighted in yellow, that signifies Low Power Mode is on. Low Power Mode is already turned off if the icon is not highlighted.
  • Confirm Battery Percentage: Check the battery % in the top right corner of the screen to ensure that Low Power Mode is turned off. It should now show the standard battery icon, and the percentage should represent the correct charge level.

Other Battery Warning Colors to Look out for on iPhone

  • Red Battery Icon: When your iPhone’s battery runs out, the battery symbol becomes red. This warns that the battery is nearly empty and that it has to be charged right once to avoid a full shutdown.
  • Low Battery Alert: When your battery level falls below 20%, your iPhone will display a pop-up alert recommending that you select Low Power Mode to save battery life. If you ignore this warning, it will appear again when the battery level hits 10%.
  • Low Power Mode Indicator: The battery symbol glows yellow when Low Power Mode is active. This means that certain features and functionalities are temporarily disabled to preserve power.
  • Battery Health Warnings: On iPhones running iOS 11.3 and later, the “Battery Health” function is available in Settings. If your battery health is significantly degraded, you may see a warning message suggesting you consider replacing the battery.
  • Charging Warnings: Occasionally, when you connect your iPhone to a charger, you might see a warning message if the charger is not recognized or not genuine. This serves as a safety precaution to prevent potential issues with charging.

Avoiding Common Battery Mistakes

There are several prevalent misconceptions concerning iPhone batteries that might negatively impact their performance. We’ll dispel these fallacies and offer advice on how to prevent frequent battery blunders.

Using Original Accessories

Using genuine chargers and cords is critical for battery health. We’ll stress the necessity of avoiding fake accessories that can damage your battery.

Managing Battery-Intensive Apps

Certain apps are notorious for consuming a lot of battery life. We’ll assist you in identifying such apps and successfully managing them to boost battery performance.

Temperature and Charging

The temperature has a big impact on battery performance. We’ll guide charging your iPhone in different conditions to protect its battery health.

Looking Ahead: Future Battery Technologies

The future of iPhone batteries holds a lot of promise. We’ll look at future battery technology advances and how they might address present battery-related challenges.


It is critical to resolve the yellow battery issue on your iPhone to preserve optimal device performance. You can ensure that your iPhone’s battery indicator accurately displays its charge level by understanding Low-Power Mode, calibrating the battery, updating iOS, and optimizing settings. Proper battery management and following recommended practices will keep your iPhone running smoothly.


Is Low Power Mode beneficial for my iPhone?

When your iPhone’s battery is going low, Low Power Mode might help you save it. However, it may temporarily disable certain functionalities, reducing performance. It is most effective when utilized strategically in critical times.

Can I manually activate Low Power Mode before reaching 20% battery?

Yes, you may enable Low Power Mode manually even before your battery hits 20%. Depending on usage and device model, this can increase your iPhone’s standby time by 1 to 3 hours.

How often should I calibrate my iPhone battery?

It is not necessary to calibrate your iPhone battery regularly. It is normally sufficient to calibrate it once every few months to maintain correct battery readings.

What are the risks of using counterfeit chargers and cables?

Using counterfeit accessories can pose serious risks to your iPhone’s battery and overall safety. It’s essential to invest in genuine Apple accessories to ensure optimal performance and avoid potential hazards

Why does my iPhone battery become yellow when it’s fully charged?

When Low-Power Mode is triggered, either intentionally or unintentionally, the yellow battery appears. This energy-saving mode may be enabled when the battery level drops to 20% or 10%, resulting in the yellow or red battery icon.

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