How To Download Nesstool for iOS

Do you want to download Nesstool for any of your iOS devices which includes iPhone or iPad? Below we have got you covered. So read on as we will be showing you the easy and best way to download Nesstool on iOS.

Use Of Nesstool

Before we dive in, let us remind you or explain the use of Nesstool on iOS. Well, Nesstool is an app for iOS that is used to stop Apple from revoking the license of a downloaded app from any third-party store or website for any reason.

So you should take this App as a VPN shading all the Apps that you downloaded from third party sources. So with this app, you can safeguard it from been removed from your iOS device by Apple without any warning.

The Nesstool App was developed by the developers of TutuApp which is another third-party app store for iOS where you can easily download even paid iOS app for free.

Now to get this Nesstool app installed on your iOS device, follow the instructions below carefully as we will be working you through the whole process.

Nesstool IOS

Download Nesstool iOS 13 App

Before you download the Nesstool iOS App, you will have to download the TutuApp first, then from there, you can install the Nesstool app.

You don’t need a jailbroken iOS device but in case your iOS is jailbroken you can still download the app. Without wasting much of your time, follow the steps below to download the Nesstool iOS app.

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Step 1: Open your Safari Browser on your iOS device and visit the TutuApp website( Now download the Atutu App on your iOS.

Step 2: After successfully installing the App, go to Settings > General > Device Management and trust the Tutu App that you just downloaded.

Step 3: Now you can open the Tutu App and download the Nesstool App by making use of the search option.

Step 4: After successfully installing the Nesstool App on your iOS, go to Settings Menu, Click on General, Select Device Management and Click on Enterprise Apps”

Step 5: Tap on iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc’ and add it to the trusted list of Apps by taping trust again if prompted.

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Final Words

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to install Nesstool App on any iOS device either iPhone or iPad. The steps are stressed free so you will not have to worry about Apple revoking your Apps. The Nesstool App is free to download and just as mentioned above, it does not require a jailbroken iOS device for it to work well.

Don’t forget to let us know using the comment box in case you encounter any problem while downloading the App.

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