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How to Download Free Music For iPod Touch/Classic/Shuffle/Nano Without iTunes

Nothing can be compared to enjoying your favorite songs with your best Buddle and when you are listening to your music for free without any bridge of network. Irrespective of the fact that a whole number of music players have been introduced in the market but nothing I mean nothing can be compared to the quality iPod.

So if in case you have your iPod and so not wish to spend any money on music then this article will help you a whole lot, because in this article we will elucidate vividly on the concept ‘How to Download Free Music for iPod Touch/Classic/Shuffle/Nano without iTunes’

How to Download Free Music For iPod Touch/Classic/Shuffle/Nano Without iTunes

Follow the guideline below :
1.Secure Free Music for iPod from PC or Mobile
2. Secure Free Music for iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle Using KeepVid Music
3. Top Websites to Get Free Music

Secure Free Music For iPod From PC Or Mobile

Indeed many websites allow you to download free music and you can download your favorite songs using such sites then after downloading the music, you transfer them to your iPod using special tools like dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).

This tool gives you access to transfer music as well as other data between iDevices, iTunes, and PC. Below are variable steps to that:

Step 1: locate the music want from the website
Step 2: Connect iPod with dr.fine-phone manager (iOS). In other to do this try to download, install, and launch dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) on PC. Then the next thing to do is to select the Phone Manager” function. Again Connect iPod to PC using USB cable and the device will be detected by dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).
Step 3: Transfer or move music to iPod with dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).

Secure Free Music for iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle Using KeepVid Music.

Have you heard about KeepVid Music? This is nothing but a software that allows you to discover, download, and record free music from various sources. In terms of music collections, one bigger problem its users are facing is finding the favorite track at a single source, and even if they find a source majority of them are been paid once.

This is when KeepVid Music works because it offers free services for downloading, discovery, and recording music’s from multiple sites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud ETC. After downloading, the downloaded music can then be transferred to various devices like the iPhone, iPod, etc indeed you can enjoy your favorite songs where ever you are.

Steps below will help you immensely on how to get free music for iPod using KeepVid

Step 1: search and get the music
Step 2: download or record the music
Step 3: Transfer Transferred the music to iPod

Top Websites to Get Free Music

If you love music, you will agree with me that there is nothing more excited like getting your favorite music available for free download. Although there are many websites in which you can download free music but most of them sometimes are not legal or sometimes the quality might below. Thus, to make it easy for you, we will deliberate a bit on some sites where you can legally get free music and also have a high quality. The guideline below will be of great importance

this is one of the most decent sites that allows you to download mp3 for free. It also works as a radio social networking site where users can track their listening habits, discover new music, and perform a host of other functions.


Indeed this is a popular site among iPad and iPhone users to download music for free. Music in these sites is available through Creative Commons licensing where the artists only decide if they want their music to be available for free or not.

The has music files in different categories including most popular, most played, most downloaded etc.this site also has radio Chanel’s which can be downloaded for free.


Amazon is indeed a popular name when it comes to online shopping and music download. This site has a huge collection of vinyl records, CDs, and digital free music of various bands and genres from which you can select the ones available most especially for free.

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