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Changing Visa Status In UAE Without Exit Fee

 It has now become a reality that one can change his/her visa status without exiting the country, this implies that you can extend your visa without exiting the country. So it’s of no point going through the tedious process of exiting the country and returning when you can just in a twinkle of an eye without exiting the country.

 Dr. Rashid Sultan Al Kadher the spokesman for the UAE Ministry of the interior made it known to gulf news in his report he said: “customers will be able to amend the status of their entire permit electronically via a few quick and user-friendly steps, as a result, there won’t be any reason for visitors to leave the country, instead, updating their visa status and paying up all the necessary fees while in UAE”.

Indeed this is heartwarming before now people have to exit the UAE in other to come back and update their visa status to a viable visa but these new systems make it much more convenient and reliable.


 Note: It is advisable to contact the ministry of interior for any information regarding your situation. Or perhaps visit the MOU Government site for more details on

 How To Change Visa Status In UAE Without An Exit Fee

 This Package is available for all Visa holders, including Employment Visa and Residence visa  

 Employment Visa.

 In other to change the Visa status of an applicant with an employment visa whose visa has been canceled, the steps below will help you secure a viable visa without exiting the UAE

 Step 1:  Make an application for a new employment visa with giving DH 1020, which is just the main charge that can be paid at the immigration canter in cash or perhaps at typing centers in the United Arab Emirates.

 Step 2: Immediately after the issuance of the employment visa, you ought to pay DH 540 at the typing center then write a status change application. Note. The new visa and original passport alongside with current visit visa are required together with the application.

 Step 3: Make sure the status change was completed before the expiry date of the grace period or visit visa. After the status would have changed, the applicant’s file will automatically be transferred to the new sponsor.

 Step 4. If peradventure there is a delay by the applicant then he has to pay AED 25 per day at the immigration counter at the time of the status change application but in regards to Visit visa, the amount of fine may be abstract.


 Family/ Residence Visa

 Do you want to convert your canceled visa or current visit visa to a residence visa? If so, don’t panic, follow the guidelines below

 Step 1: the first thing to do is for you to pay AED 650 to get your residence visa to stay inside the country. This can be paid at the immigration counters or typing centers.

 Step 2: Once the residence visa is issued, another AED 540 will be needed for the status change application. Likewise, you need current Visit visa, new Visa and current passport alongside with the document 

 Step 3: Likewise, change in your status of visa should be made before the expiry date of the grace period. Immediately the processes are complete, the applicant file has to be transferred to the new sponsor.

 Step 4: Once there is a delay in the application, AED 25 per day will be changed starting from the time of the change of status at the immigration counter. Have in mind that status change can be done to investors/partner visa, Employment visa, Family/Residence visa. Tourist Visa holders can not be able to apply or change the status to investor/partner visa employment visa or residence visa.

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