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How to Delete Free Fire Account in 2023

Free fire is a combat shooter game more like PUBG that is designed for low-end mobile devices. Players on this game land on a barren island, compete for weapons and supplies, and slaughter any survivors who stand in their way. To win, players must make it to the end of the game.

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire) is an Android and iOS battle royale game developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. In 2019, it was the most downloaded mobile game in the world. In August 2021, Free Fire set a new global record with over 150 million daily active users.

These two games (PUBG and Free Fire) are not the only open-world survival games on the market. Today, the same gaming concept can be found in a variety of other games.

If you’ve found another interesting one or become so engrossed in something else that you have little or no time for gaming and are ready to close your free-fire account, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the process of deleting your Free Fire gaming account.


Deleting Your Free Fire Gaming Account.

In Garena Free Fire, deleting your account is more difficult than in other games. It has also tightened the loopholes that many players have exploited in order to have their accounts deleted from the platform in order to start a new game journey or play in a different region.

However, like most other online gaming platforms, Free Fire has terms and conditions that, if broken, can result in your account being suspended or permanently deleted. A competent court may order that your account be legally suspended and/or permanently deleted in some circumstances.

Logging out of your in-game account and not logging in for at least 6 months is the closest you can get to have your account removed from the platform yourself.

Due to your account’s inactivity, Garena will be forced to take action, which will result in your account being permanently deleted. You must disconnect it from the third-party program. Voila! Your account has been successfully deleted.

Unlinking Your Free Fire Account from your social media account

Before you start playing Free Fire, the first thing you must do is to open an account with Free Fire, this way, your gaming progress will be saved on your account as well as your in-game purchase.

You will be prompted to use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or VK account to log in to Free Fire thus creating a new account link to any of the social accounts listed here on Free Fire. There are steps that I will be listed here that you can use to unlink this third-party app from your social media accounts.

This section will show you how to unlink all this social with the steps that will be listed here.

Unlinking a Free Fire Account from Facebook.

If you log into Free Fire with Facebook or connect your account with them to your Facebook, Garena will have access to your non-public information. If you haven’t signed in for 90 days, your game access will be revoked automatically.

90 days may seem like a long time to come; however, if you have already deleted the game and want Garena’s access to your Facebook account revoked, you have come to the right place, as a step-by-step guide on how to unlink your account from Garena will be provided shortly.

  1. In the top right corner of the Facebook app, tap the three horizontal line buttons.
  2. Check down your screen and click on the Settings button.
  3. A new interface will come up at this point, click on “App and Website”.
  4. Locate and click on Garena Free Fire from the list in the next window.
  5. On the next window, you will be prompted to remove it. Click on the “Remove” button
  6. Finally, a pop-up will appear; select the desired game removal actions, and then tap the Remove button again.
  7. Congratulations, you have unlinked Free Fire from your Facebook

Unlinking a Free Fire Account from Google Account.

Referring to a third-party app, when you grant someone else access to your Google Account, they may have access to sensitive or personal information and be able to read, edit, delete or share it. Unlinking the data is the only way to prevent Free Fire from accessing it.

To unlink Free Fire from your Google account, follow these brief and concise steps to do it.

  1. Go to your Phone Settings and go to Google on your settings.
  2. Click on the manage your Google account option after clicking on google in the previous step.
  3. Select security from the options that will come up now.
  4. Under Security, scroll down to Manage third-party access.
  5. Find Garena Free Fire among the apps listed.
  6. Select and click the Remove Access button.
  7. On the pop-up prompt, click OK.
  8. Congratulations, you have removed Garena from your Google account third-party app.

Unlinking a Free Fire Account from Twitter Account.

Access to a third-party app may allow it to obtain information about you, such as permission to read your tweets, see your followers, access your DMs, and post tweets on your behalf, depending on the permission.

As a result, Twitter will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused by such access. Similarly, when signing into the game with a Twitter account, it is preferable to grant minimal permission and then revoke the permission when uninstalling or playing with a different account.

  1. Open Twitter and click on the profile icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. A menu will come up now, select or click on Settings and privacy.
  3. Click the Security and account access button in the following window.
  4. Now, click on the app and access button on this window.
  5. Congratulations, you have unlinked your Twitter account from Garena.

Remember that if you create an account in the game through one of these third-party platforms before the 6-month period ends, the game will be automatically linked to these platforms with your previous permissions enabled.

It is common knowledge that when you link your social media account to a game, the game automatically receives permission to access and process your personal data stored in those social media accounts. Garena will be able to access your account during those inactive months even if you uninstall or log out of the game.

As a result, it is recommended that you deactivate their access to your social handles.

Garena will automatically delete your temporary guest account if you discontinue playing the game. This is better for those who don’t want their social media information shared with third-party gaming platforms.

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