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10 Best Game Booster Software for Windows PC

If you’re gaming on your Windows PC, and it’s not a dedicated gaming PC, chances are you’ll start to experience lags and stutters at some point. It’s because there are other services and applications sharing your PC’s resources. Even if you’re using a gaming PC, gaming wouldn’t be as constantly smooth as on the console. It’s just like we sometimes face problems in education. But all problems are solvable if you find the right solution, for example, to get a good grade and not spend a lot of time, you can always buy economics essay, and so with PC – for everything, there is a solution.

  1. Advanced System Optimizer

This is a multipurpose optimizer that would help clean out unnecessary files to enable your Windows PC to maintain its peak performance. It’s fast, simple, efficient, and would definitely boost gaming on your Windows PC. Download the software here.

2. WTFAst

WTFAst focuses more on helping you achieve higher internet speeds for better online gaming performance. It would reduce the game lag and ping, thereby reducing slowdowns during online gaming sessions. Download it here.

3. Wise Game Booster

This is one simple, easy-to-use, optimization software for your Windows PC. It stops all programs that aren’t needed to run a game, thereby channeling all PC resources to that game, boosting its performance as a result. Download Wise Game Booster here.

4. Mz Game Accelerator

This is undoubtedly one of the best booster software you can get for your Windows PC, given how easy it is to use. It neatly halts all programs not pertaining to running a game and allows you have a better gaming performance overall. Download it here.

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5. Razer Cortex: Boost (For PC)

This game booster software is quite popular amongst PC gamers and is rightfully one of the best booster software you can get. It channels all your PC’s resources to running a game, and also throws in some extra features, like allowing you to increase FPS.

6. Game Fire 6

Game Fire 6 is a powerful game booster software, and drastically improves your gaming experience in just one click. It defragments all your game files, boosting the functionality of the game as a result; it also allows you to arrange your game titles in one place.

7. GameBoost

GameBoost would boost the performance of normal games on your Windows PC, as well as online gaming sessions. It would increase internet speeds, as well as animations, refresh rate, and CPU speed. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any elaborate know-how.

Gaming booster sofware

8. ToolWiz Game Boost

ToolWiz Game Boost provides you a secure way to defragment all your game files, and generally make your CPU and RAM efficiency higher. It even notifies you when the driver is due for an update.

9. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner takes game boosting to the next level; asides from the fact that it shuts all other non-game programs, it allows you to customize the PC fan’s speed and overclock your CPU. All of these features come together to exponentially improve your gaming experience.

10. SpeedItUp Free

SpeedItUp Free claims to boost your Windows PC’s performance by 3 times. It hopes to achieve that by keeping the system’s RAM clean and clearing junk files.

Game Booster software FAQs

How can I improve my computer’s gaming performance?

installing a game booster software would really help improve your computer gaming performance; it allows you to optimize the game with little effort.

Does Windows 10 improve gaming performance?

Windows 10 has the Game bar (which can be accessed by pressing WinKey+G), which basically improves gaming.

What is a Game Booster?

It is basically a software which helps improve PC gaming performance. It would stop or halt all other services and applications, just so that the game about to be run would have more of the PC’s resources.

What is the best PC Game Booster?

The aforelisted game booster software is the best you can find around right now, and it’s just a matter of picking which of them suits you best.

Does Defragging help gaming?

Defragmenting a game file ensures that it interacts better with the CPU and the RAM. You should experience better CPU and RAM performance when you defrag a game file.

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