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How To Change Gmail or Google Password

Changing your personal or work Gmail password is a very easy process in your web browser or your smartphone app, which won’t take you up to 30 minutes. Here’s are steps on how to get it done.

Change Gmail or Google Password

Changing Your Password from the Google Homepage

Firstly, move over to the Google homepage, and tap on the “Sign In” button which is at the top right.

You will be transmitted to a sign-in page of which you must specify your present Google username or the mobile number you used when creating the account. Doing that, then press the “Next” button.

Insert your present password, then click “Next” again.

Take Note: when changing your personal password because you’ve forgotten/elapsed your present one, you’ll be asked to go through Google’s password recovery option in other to reset it.

When you must have a sign in, you will be returned to a Google home page.  Which is at the top right, tap on your profile picture, then press the “My Account” button.

On the “Sign in and Security” segment of the next page, hit the “Signing in to Google” link.

And, tap on the “Password” option.

Take Note, if you are having two-factor substantiation allowed you get a confirmation code to the phone number you provided.

Lastly, you will have to impute and verify another password which you want to use. Do that, then tap the “Change Password” button.

Note, when you’re choosing a brand new password you have to consider creating a stronger one which will be difficult for anyone to guess preventing your account from compromising in the future.

Change Your Password from Your Gmail Inbox

If you might want to change your personal password from your Gmail inbox, click on the settings cog in the upper right corner of the Gmail page, and then click the “Settings” option.

On this Settings page, tap the “Accounts so as to Import” link.

Then tap on the “Change Password” link.

The outstanding steps are just the same as changing your personal password from the Google home page above. Deliver your recent password to confirm your identity, and create a new and secure password on the next pop up page to complete the process.

Recovering Your Forgotten Gmail Password

When you have to forget your Gmail password, and you might not want to overstress things here, it’s just like you’re an Internet ghost troubling the galleries of your previous life. It’s Okay, not so bad. However, might feel like changing your password and secure access to your account as fast as possible.

Standard Recovery Procedure for Gmail

  1. Move to the Gmail sign-in page and tap the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. Then enter your last password which you can remember. If you can’t remember any, press “Try a different question.”
  3. Then enter a secondary email address which you made used of when you set up your current Gmail account to get a password reset email.

The Gmail has some little various ways which you can confirm your identity and recover or reset your personal password.

The password recovery process is very easy: you just tap on the “forgotten password” link on your Gmail sign-in page. You’ll then be presented with a box asking you to put in your previous password which you can remember. If you can’t memorize a correct password, you can’t remember any of them, tap “try a different question.”

At the next option, a code will send to your recovery email, which pretty assumes that you have a secondary recovery email up and running, which was set up by you when you first created your Gmail account. Making Use of this options will provide you a link in your secondary email address, which must be only the Gmail it can be any other email, provide you with a 6-digit code which will let you set up a new password and gain access to your account. Open your mail on this secondary email account and check to see the code, and then enter it in other to unlock a new password creator. A recent account may have a mobile number backup option.

At this point in time, create a new password and then confirm it. Now you can have permission to your account again.

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