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How To Block System-Wide Ads on Android No Rooting

Block System-Wide Ads on Android No Rooting, both on chrome, Hulu ads, and more: If you don’t have an Android running device, then you are among those missing allot. The truth is that the Android operating system is the most used device around the world.

It has about 80% share in the market today due to its flexibility and availability. As a result of this, there are millions of apps on the Google PlayStore and many of them which are free always come with advertisements for monetization.

The ads are the only way to say thank you to the developers for building such an app with zero cost. Well-Placed ads will improve user experience, while some ads are annoying and it hampers the user experience. Most top companies, especially in China, use such means of advertisement to generate revenue.

block ads on android

There are many ways through which App developers inject their ads that bridge the overall user experience. So the only way to stop such wide ads is to block them on your device. Below, we will be showing you how to remove system-wide ads on Android phone without rooting.

You should bear in mind that blocking wide system ads always required root access. However, we understand that many folks don’t want to take the risk of rooting their device and because of that, we will be showing you the perfect and risk-free way to block wide system ads on your Android without rooting.

How To Block Wide System Ads On Android Without Rooting

To block wide System Ads without rooting, we will be using a third party App called DNS66. This app blocked advertisement at the DNS level and it’s built by Julian Klode.
It’s a great app and it’s effective as well. The good news is that it does not slow down your device.

It’s better than most VPN-based wide ads blocker out there. This new app comes with similar features with other ads blockers such as Netguard, AdGuard, hulu ads, No root ad-blocker, and many others.

Disclaimer: Techyloud does not in any way promote this app nor are we in any way encouraging or supporting blocking ads. Just as stated above, ads are the only way to show love to developers because it’s their means of income and maintenance. So we do not support nor encourage the removal of ads. Please try and show support and love to apps developers and bloggers who are working hard to make sure you enjoy your device by building useful apps for entertainment and productivity.

How To Block System-Wide Ads On Android Using DNS66 App

Step 1: Download DNS66 app Here
Step 2: Enable your device to install apps from third-party sources. Go to settings < Security >Unknown sources
Step 3: Now install the APK you just downloaded open the app and ‘Get Started
Step 4: You can now filter and block the selected ads. The app also gives the user’s ability to filter hosts
Step 5: After refreshing the hosts’ tab, a list of ad hosts serving ads on your device will be displayed. You can then deny or allow access to each host
Step 6: After the selection of hosts, go back to the app home.
Step 7: On the home or the start interface, you can initiate the VPN connection to block ads by pressing the ‘Start‘ button at the bottom of the page.
Step 8: Finally, you can enable or disable the service from the notification bar.

That’s all. This is the most effective way to block ads on Android phone without rooting.

How To Block Ads On Android Without Any App

Did you know that you can still block ads on your Android phone without installing any third party App?. Below is how to block ads on any Android phone without application.

Step 1: Go to your phone Settings < WiFi&Internet or More Connection Settings > Private DNS
Step 2: Choose the Private DNS provider hostname option.
Step 3: You can now select any of the all these DNS options to get protection from a specific type of ads: – (This is to Block adult site’s) –
After typing any of this in the field, tap on save.
Step 5: Your device is now free from ads while browsing.
Step 6: If you are using Chrome, you can block ads by going into the chrome://flags.


These are the few steps to block ads on Android phones without rooting. The methods above will not affect your phone battery life anywhere. So feel free to try it if you are getting annoying wide ads on your Android.

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