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British Gas Customer Service Phone Number

Are you looking for a way to get the British Gas Customer Service Phone Number? Worry no more, we have the contact details of British Gas. Here, we provide you with all the necessary information required to contact British Gas. Below, you will see the British Gas Customer Service Phone Numbers, Email addresses, Headquarters, and social media handles.

Customer Care Email & Phone Numbers

[email protected].
[email protected]

Customer Services Numbers
General: 0333 202 9804
Energy Customers Care line: 0330 100 0056
Home Services: 0333 009 5784
(Phone support hours: Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Online Customer Services

Official Website:
Customer Support and Help Page: Click here
Main Twitter Handle: British Gas (@BritishGas
Customer Service Twitter handle: British Gas Help (@BritishGasHelp)
Facebook Page: British Gas (@BritishGas)
Instagram Handle: British Gas (@BritishGas)
YouTube Channel: British Gas (@BritishGas)


British Gas Services Limited
Millstream, Maidenhead Road
Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD
United Kingdom

About British Gas

British Gas is a UK-based prominent energy and home services company. The company established itself as one of the leading companies providing home services tailored towards promoting sustainability while delivering affordable yet reliable solutions to households across the UK over several years. In its early days when it was part of Centrica – a multinational service-oriented organization – it proudly held an unassailable position among gas and electricity suppliers within Britain.

Their commitment to providing efficient energy supply saw millions of customers choosing them to be their preferred supplier for both residential estates alongside business establishments. British Gas went beyond just supplying its customers with energy but also proffered other valuable solutions such as boiler installation alongside central heating maintenance alleviating worries resulting from those household concerns.

Their vast wealth of experience garnered over time earned them an unmatched level of trust among its huge customer base; hence they were seen as experts in that field. To ensure sterling customer relations delivered with utmost professionalism at all times; access to expert advisors via their customer helpline made available to them was an added perk.
Furthermore, British Gas aimed to help its customers embrace sustainability and promote energy efficiency.

Their website offered guides and tips on eco-friendly energy-saving methods that could quickly help customers reduce their carbon footprint. As public concern surrounding sustainability grew increasingly prevalent throughout the early 2000s it became apparent that companies needed to prioritize environmentally responsible practices more than ever before.

British Gas impressively met this challenge head-on while still delivering high-quality energy services for customers across the UK. Their concerted efforts toward promoting energy efficiency set them apart from competitors in this industry.


1. Who is the CEO of British Gas?
Ans: Chris O’Shea is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of British Gas.

2. Can I chat with British Gas?
Ans: Yes, you can chat with British Gas. To chat with them, you just have to log into your online account.

3. When can I contact British Gas?
Ans: British Gas is available 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays.

All the contacts and information seen in this article are from the company’s official website, social media, and customer feedback.
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