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Best Places To Get Free Audiobook Legally And Listen

The Audiobooks are greatly aimed at commutes, extended trips, and boring tasks. Here are the numbers of places of which you can download Audiobooks, for free. And they’re not totally public domain stuff.


So many audiobook sites of which you can find on the internet allows you to download classic books on the public domain just for free, but some sites have awesome quality books than the others. We’ve had just selected and rounded up some of the best of those sites, plus some additional ways of which you can get other kinds of audiobooks just for free, too.

Project Gutenberg & LibriVox

The Project Gutenberg is a helper-run storehouse, which started in 1971, which works to digitize and also document cultural work to encourage the distribution of eBooks. But they’re not just about the eBooks. Project Gutenberg also has an extensive library of human- recite and pc-generated (reading with a computerized voice) audiobooks from the public domain.

The is an additional volunteer-run initiative that aims to release public domain audiobooks. Volunteers read chapters of books, and then LibriVox releases that audio back into the general public domain for everyone to download.

These two services work in an organized manner, with most audiobooks accessible on Project Gutenberg coming from the LibriVox site. Each of the sites does own some books the other doesn’t have, so it’s value checking/ glancing on them both out. Both of the sites allow you to listen to books right on the website, just subscribe by iTunes, or you can save the book to your device in many formats.

Since the books are no longer use under copyright, so many books on the sites were written before 1923. So keep it in mind that when searching/ examining for something which you can listen to. If you enjoy the service and like what they are doing, it’s easy to volunteer if you have spare time in other to read a chapter or two and be part of history.


The Spotify currently has a playlist of audiobooks included in its repertoire. Again, so many of them are classical-works in the shared domain. They don’t have close as numerous trophies example sites like Project Gutenberg and the LibriVox, however, if you’re before now a Spotify user, accessing the books will be super easy. Just tap up the playlist.

You can as well listen to the audiobooks on Spotify with a just free account, but you are going to listen to adds at the beginning of every title. If you have subscribed to a premium account, you can listen without the ads.


The NewFixtion is in a group all to itself. And it doesn’t have so many titles, however, what it has are original stories brought in daily episodes. Each of the episodes is voiced by so many trained actors that give it a more turned feeling. It’s more like listening to a long-time radio drama. You cannot download titles from the NewFixtion, however. You have to listen to them from your desktop or mobile browser.

Digital Book

The digital book, previously Librophile, allows you search the database of the public area books from places like the Librivox, and Gutenberg, Open the Library and also add books from Amazon (and Audible). Though not all the books are free, a massive number of them are, and they also boast a catalog of over 100,000 giveaway audiobooks and as well the eBooks.

If you sign up for an allowed-free membership, you can now save books on an individual bookshelf for you to read later without having to download.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-income archive of internet sites and extra traditional artifacts are been made available to users in digital form. Total access to a library of over 4 million audio recordings, 11 million of books and texts, and also 3 million videos.

Learn Out Loud

The Learn Out Loud is home to thousands of audiobooks reaching from falsehood to educational. They propose content over their website and also a couple of other sites as already mentioned in this post.

In supplement to audiobooks, the LearnOutLoud grant you access to some of the best audio and also video learning content on the web, and adding courses, biographies, lectures, interviews, and even speeches

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