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Improving the Global Education System With Mobile Learning Applications: What Do You Need to Know?

The level of education is no longer dependable on institutional degrees. Although mobile apps for learning existed before the pandemic, they rose and became extremely popular in the last few years. As college programs got canceled or limited, students started searching for other sources of knowledge. Finding a form that provides education in an interesting, interactive, and entertaining way was an ideal outcome. Mobile apps in education rely on critical thinking and creativity. This approach changed substantially the way people perceive learning nowadays. 

Furthermore, moving closer to the university facility or taking a student loan is no longer necessary. Technology made it possible for people to get an education in a new, conceptually different way. Interestingly enough, this new concept doesn’t require drastic life changes but can fully support them, if needed. As a result, particularly young people feel inspired and motivated to create new business ideas and start-ups. Technology touched and changed global education in a way similar to the ways other significant elements of our living get altered. This transformation was inevitable, logical, and in line with other technologically induced improvements.

Struggling with traditional education 

It’s common knowledge that college life is complex, hectic, and full of various obstacles. Students have busy schedules, countless obligations, and very limited budgets. Essentially, in order to keep up with all these duties, every student has to have numerous skills fully mastered and adopted. Between many activities, essay writing, reading, and attending each class regularly there is not much time left for traveling, hobbies, or even sleeping. For young people who want to experience life in all its forms, this can be rather stressful and overwhelming.

When they arrive on campus, students should be ready to show their ability to write a research paper to complete course tasks. However, many students don’t have experience or knowledge in essay writing. Unfortunately, this problem is more common than expected. And due to piled unfinished class requirements, it’s not unusual to see students using professional dissertation help, which can be a great help. Contrary to some opinions, learning from these examples written by experts can be beneficial to students. It allows them to study practical ways to recognize and separate important information, create essay structure and write assignments on the academic level.

The importance of mobile apps in education

The unpredictable circumstances, social distancing, and self-isolation were just a few of the many reasons mobile education became so popular. We live in a new era of the virtual environment, artificial intelligence, and the global tendency to progress and move forward.  Young people are prone to looking for practical ways of using technologies to explore not just professional flexibility but more importantly the ability to make life choices that are focused on healthy individualism. They believe this is an important part of a maturing process that leads toward constructive contribution to the global community.

Every education mobile app has the potential to make the learning process interesting, entertaining, and interactive. The most valuable life skills such as effective communication, decision-making, and creative thinking can be gradually and naturally enhanced with mobile education. Although they can be used on their own, mobile apps are already an additional tool for the traditional education system. Mobile education can be applied not just for spelling and grammar practice and literacy enhancement. It’s also possible and quite effective to improve knowledge in mathematics, physics, and other natural sciences as well as in all social sciences.

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Examples of useful educational mobile apps

Here are three examples of the world’s best learning apps for students with features valuable in sense of a fast, easy, and efficient way to get knowledge.

Khan Academy

Available for all types of mobile devices, this free education app was created to serve both teachers and students. It contains over 4,000 video lessons in various scientific fields and topics that can be streamed and downloaded. 


Another free app and educational tool is perfect for academic reading and writing.  It works as a citation generator and source of great titles suitable for high-education research and essay writing.


This is one of the most unique apps, ideal for people in need of help with generating, organizing, and memorizing thoughts and ideas.


It’s obvious that mobile education only began changing the traditional ways of gaining knowledge. Although not without some cons, such as steady online connection, these apps already proved their value. They are convenient, easy to use, and affordable. As the education mobile apps market grows, we’ll have more opportunities to keep learning despite our age, conditions, or circumstances.

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