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10 Best Free Weight Loss App 2023 for iPhone

Best Free Weight Loss App 2023 for iPhone: If you are trying to lose weight, you will surely agree with me that it’s not easy. Many folks have made up their mind to do so but because of daily stress and life anxieties, they were not able to. The fact is, not all the food nutrition labels are accurate and works and other tight schedules make it almost impossible for many to exercise.

With that in mind, we have combined the best tool that will help you to lose weight easily without stressing yourself that much. Below is the best weight loss app for iPhones and iPad.

1. Lose it

Lose it

Whether you agree or not, calorie counting is the best way to lose weight. Sadly not many folks will Know the actual calorie they need to consume each day. This is where this app comes in. The loss it, is an app that will help you to count the number of calories you consume each day.

It uses the iPhone camera on your device to identify the food it sees which is a great way of counting calories. All you need to do is to verify the App suggestions. You can also use the App to search manually with more than 7 million items and also read about weight loss tips written by experts and professionals with years of experience.

2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker from MyFitnessPal is a nice app and what the app does is that it contains a huge database with over 5 million foods. This database includes individual raw ingredients, complete meals, popular fast-food items, drinks, and so on.
You can use that App to save your favorite meals and use it to tweak how much food you consume. Those with iPhone 5s can use the App to track steps using the built-in step tracker.  This App works with over 50 other weight loss apps and devices.

3. Activity, plus the Apple Watch

Activity, plus the Apple Watch

This App work’s well with the Apple watch. The watch on your wrist works with the activity App to help watch how much activity you get daily. Whenever you work out, the app also helps to track information like calories burned, heart rate, exercise time, and more.
To get started with the App, you surely need the Apple Watch.

4. CalorieCounter+


This is a perfect choice for those with a tight schedule. The CalorieCounter+ makes it easy allowing users to scan barcodes for the most accurate measurements. You can also use the App to search through a massive food database to help you estimate how much food you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack.

5. Sworkit


To many, a workout is a huge work and it can even become tedious when you have to be doing the same time every time. The main issue is that not everyone has the right knowledge on how to get down with workouts. This is exactly where this App comes in. With over 40 million workouts for people of all fitness levels, this app will help you to get back to shape again.

The free version will require your personal information which it can use to personalize your workout plans to get you fitter and stronger. Upgrading to the premium version will give you access to exclusive workouts and exercises, custom exercise intervals, unlimited custom workouts, and above all its ads free.

6. Fitstar Personal Trainer

Fitstar Personal Trainer

This App is built by an American company called Fitbit which specialize in activity trackers and wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. With lots of experience in the industry, they want to help you get back to shape with their fitness App.

This App works as a personal trainer who monitors your progress from time to time and wants to push you toward your goal. The App comes with step-by-step instructions and some useful tips as well. You can use AirPlay to stream your workouts to your television, and can also connect the app to your favorite fitness and other activity trackers.

7. Fitbit 


This App is designed to work with many activities tracker as well as the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Depending on your fitness tracker, you can use the app to track your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight, and more. It comes with a database of over 350,000 foods and the ability to track workouts. Fitbit has helped countless people around the world to lose weight and come back in good shape. So it is worth a trial.

8. MyFitnessPal 


This App is loaded with a huge food database, a barcode scanner, and a recipe importer.
Tracking food on the app is easy and fast. You can use the App to track your nutrients and count calories, additionally, it gives you insight and tips to help you make healthier choices.  With the motivation from the community, you won’t give up until you achieve your goal.

9. WW (Weight Watchers) 

WW (Weight Watchers)

This app is rated as the best diet for weight loss in US News. The apps give you access to food and fitness trackers with thousands of recipes, and a supportive community.  You can use the barcode scanner and an enormous database to track what you eat. Furthermore, it monitors your fitness goals with the activity tracker.

10. Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy

This App is another good personal trainer that will help you lose weight. It has more than 100 gym workouts for all kinds of fitness goals, over 1,000 home workouts, and eight comprehensive fitness programs to help you get started. Additionally, it features exercise videos, animations, and instructions as well. You can search more than 100 recipes, and take the meal plan test to find the right plan for your weight loss.


You don’t just read it and fold your arms. It’s time for action, look for the one you like and give it a try. As you can see there are so many of them, but we have made it easy for you. Or do you have any other good weight loss apps for iPhone and iPad that are not listed here? Use the comment box to let us know.

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