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What Time Do the Minnesota Vikings Play Today (Central Time)?

For fans of the Purple and Gold, game day is sacred. It’s essential to know when to tune in, what channel to catch the game on, and how to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action. In this blog post, we’ll break down the Minnesota Vikings game time today and provide you with everything you need to know for the 2023 season in Central Time.

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The Minnesota Vikings, a dominant presence in the NFL panorama, electrify and inspire fans at every game. Supporters from diverse walks of life rally behind each play, relishing every gridiron showdown. This North Star State titan embodies the spirit of football, packing the stadium with unparalleled enthusiasm. A genuine representation of Minnesota’s resilience, they soar above their adversaries, forging a legacy of football excellence for the world to witness.

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Minnesota Vikings Game Time: An Overview

The excitement that surrounds each Minnesota Vikings game time today is unmatched. Football enthusiasts from all over eagerly await each kickoff, making it crucial to stay updated on the Minnesota Vikings schedule in Central Time. To ensure you don’t miss a touchdown, tackle, or triumphant win, it’s essential to know exactly when the Vikings play.

Understanding the intricate web of time zones across our planet can indeed be a puzzle, largely due to the mechanics of Earth’s rotation. The expansive U.S. is home to several key time zones. Central Time (CT) covers a vast swath of the country. Adjacent to its eastern side is Eastern Time (ET), prevalent along the east coast. Progressing west from CT, we encounter Mountain Time (MT), and continuing our journey to the westernmost regions, Pacific Time (PT) takes hold.

Mastering these time zones is crucial. Take, for example, the task of determining the precise time zone for events such as a Minnesota Vikings game. If a match is scheduled for 3 PM CT, it translates to 4 PM in ET, guiding fans on when to tune in.

Minnesota Vikings’ Schedule 2023 in Central Time

How NFL Schedules Are Determined

The NFL schedules consist of a precise formula, factoring in divisional matchups, rotating division games from the opposite conference, and games based on the previous season’s standings. This structured system ensures a balance of competition for each team. Every year, each team plays:

  • 4 games against teams from a different division within their own conference.
  • 4 games against teams from a division in the opposite conference.
  • 6 games against their own divisional rivals.
  • 2 games against teams from the remaining two divisions within their own conference, based on the previous year’s standings.
Screenshot from the official NFL Minnesota Vikings schedule wallpaper.

Today’s Vikings Game Schedule

To find out the Vikings kickoff time today or the exact Minnesota Vikings game start time, always check the team’s official website or major sports news outlets. They offer real-time updates and specifics, ensuring you’re aware of any changes. And you can check the table below and will find the Minnesota Vikings game today:

WK Date Opponent Time (CT) TV Channel Venue
Regular Season
1 Sun, Sept 10 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM CBS U.S. Bank Stadium
2 Thu, Sept 14 @ Philadelphia Eagles 7:15 PM Prime Video Lincoln Financial Field
3 Sun, Sept 24 vs. Los Angeles Chargers 12:00 PM FOX U.S. Bank Stadium
4 Sun, Oct 1 @ Carolina Panthers 12:00 PM FOX Bank of America Stadium
5 Sun, Oct 8 vs. Kansas City Chiefs 3:25 PM CBS U.S. Bank Stadium
6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Chicago Bears 12:00 PM FOX Soldier Field
7 Mon, Oct 23 vs. San Francisco 49ers 8:15 PM ESPN/ABC U.S. Bank Stadium
8 Sun, Oct 29 @ Green Bay Packers 12:00 PM FOX Lambeau Field
9 Sun, Nov 5 @ Atlanta Falcons 12:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Stadium
10 Sun, Nov 12 vs. New Orleans Saints 12:00 PM FOX U.S. Bank Stadium
11 Sun, Nov 19 @ Denver Broncos 7:20 PM NBC Empower Field at Mile High
12 Mon, Nov 27 vs. Chicago Bears 7:15 PM ESPN/ABC U.S. Bank Stadium
13 BYE Week
14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Las Vegas Raiders 3:05 PM FOX Allegiant Stadium
15 Sat/Sun, Dec 16/17 @ Cincinnati Bengals TBA TBA Paycor Stadium
16 Sun, Dec 24 vs. Detroit Lions 12:00 PM FOX U.S. Bank Stadium
17 Sun, Dec 31 vs. Green Bay Packers 7:20 PM NBC U.S. Bank Stadium
18 Sat/Sun, Jan 6/7 @ Detroit Lions TBA TBA Ford Field

In the table provided, Vikings’ home games are highlighted in BOLD. Understanding that some matches might undergo flexible scheduling, potentially altering the initially set dates and times is essential. For the most recent and accurate details, always refer to the official Minnesota Vikings website.

Moreover, the NFL has a downloadable Minnesota Vikings schedule that showcases the official Central Time kickoff times. You can find it here: Printable Minnesota Vikings Schedule.

For avid fans who are constantly on the move or perhaps traversing states: Every Vikings game can be audibly streamed on the Vikings Radio Network. KFAN 100.3 FM and KTLK broadcast each Minnesota Vikings football game. Other platforms like Westwood One and Sirius XM also offer extensive coverage of the matches.

How to Watch the Minnesota Vikings Games?

What Channel is the Minnesota Vikings Game on Today?

There are multiple ways to watch the Minnesota Vikings, whether you prefer traditional TV broadcasts or online streaming. The Vikings games are typically broadcasted on FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network. However, what channel the Vikings play on can vary depending on the week, matchup, and time slot. It’s recommended to check your local listings or the NFL’s weekly broadcast schedule. You can check the schedule table above to find the channel, where todays Vikings games will be on.

Where to Stream the Minnesota Vikings?

In the modern era of technology, streaming has become the go-to for numerous fans. Platforms like NFL+, CBS All Access, and more provide live broadcasts of matches. While “Vikings game on TV” may be the conventional method, today’s fans now have an array of online avenues to witness every moment.

As the digital realm continues to expand, fans have the luxury to immerse themselves in real-time football spectacles from almost any corner of the globe. Rooting for the Vikings has become more accessible than ever, be it through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. NFL+ serves as a handy tool for streaming all regular and postseason clashes live on mobile gadgets, though some connected TV platforms may restrict viewing to game highlights.

In its effort to reach a broader audience, the NFL has teamed up with streaming powerhouses like ESPN Plus, Peacock, and Paramount Plus. By subscribing to these platforms, aficionados can relish in Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and regional NFL on CBS games spotlighting the Minnesota Vikings. For those who’ve transitioned from conventional cable, services like DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV stand at the ready. These platforms not only provide access to channels showcasing Vikings matches but also a plethora of NFL highlights throughout the season.

Tips to Note for Vikings Fans

  1. Stay Updated: Always check the team’s official website for the most accurate and updated Minnesota Vikings match time. Be cautious of potential time changes. Primetime games can sometimes be rescheduled.
  2. Set Reminders: Consider setting reminders or alerts on your phone for the Minnesota Vikings game start time.
  3. Check for TV Channel: If you’re planning to watch the Vikings game on TV, ensure your cable package includes the channels they typically play on.
  4. Vikings Pride Through and Through: Renowned for their fervent and loyal followers, dive into spirited fan debates, participate in Vikings-centric online communities, and partake in local fan gatherings to truly immerse in the essence of the Vikings—both during game days and throughout the year.
  5. Be Time-Zone Conscious: Game timings are frequently presented in Eastern Time. Therefore, when pondering “what time does the Minnesota Vikings game start,” it’s crucial to factor in the Central Time difference.
  6. Community Watch Spots: If streaming proves challenging or the match isn’t airing on your channels, many local pubs and eateries broadcast the games, offering a lively setting for fans to revel in the excitement.

FAQs about the Minnesota Vikings Schedule 2023

What time is the Minnesota Vikings kickoff today in Central Time?

The precise kickoff time for the Minnesota Vikings can fluctuate depending on the specific game. It’s advisable to visit the official Minnesota Vikings website or refer to the NFL schedule shared earlier for the most current kickoff details.

Are the Minnesota Vikings playing at home or away today?

The location of each Minnesota Vikings game, whether at U.S. Bank Stadium or an adversary’s grounds, changes weekly. To determine today’s setting, look at the official game schedule mentioned earlier or tune into local sports news for the freshest updates.

Who are the Minnesota Vikings facing off with today?

The rival team confronting the Minnesota Vikings varies with each game. To find out today’s adversary, consult the NFL schedule shared previously or drop by the Vikings’ official website.

Where can I watch or stream the Minnesota Vikings match today?

Minnesota Vikings games can be viewed on various TV networks and online streaming platforms. Among the choices are NFL+, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, and more. The exact channel airing the game may be influenced by the game’s significance and existing broadcast deals. The relevant TV network can be pinpointed from the supplied schedule chart.

Can I catch the Minnesota Vikings game today on the radio?

Of course! Vikings fans can listen in via radio. Every Vikings game is audibly broadcast on the Vikings Radio Network. KFAN 100.3 FM is the primary station for all Minnesota Vikings football updates. Additionally, platforms like Westwood One and Sirius XM extend further coverage.

What was the Minnesota Vikings season record of the 2022 NFL season?

The 2022 NFL season saw the Minnesota Vikings register a 13-4 record, marking their best performance since 2017 when they last clinched the NFC North. Despite this success, they faced an early exit in the Wild Card Playoffs, losing 31-24 to the New York Giants. Notably, 11 of their 13 victories were one-score wins, leading to some criticisms. However, a remarkable comeback win against the Colts, where they overcame a 33-0 halftime deficit, stood out as a season highlight.

To Summarize the Above

When it comes to catching the Minnesota Vikings in action, staying updated on the kickoff times, channels, and streaming options is vital. Remember, the thrill of the game is always best enjoyed live. So, always watch the Minnesota Vikings schedule in Central Time to ensure you’re cheering on the team right from the start!

In conclusion, whether you’re curious about “what time does the Minnesota Vikings play today central time” or “what channel are the Vikings on today”, this guide has got you covered. Skol, Vikings!

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