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What Time Do the Houston Texans Play Today (Central Time)?

The excitement surrounding an NFL game day is undeniable, especially for the die-hard fans of the Houston Texans. But when you’re trying to sync your schedule with the game, the last thing you need is a mix-up on the kickoff time. Let’s dive into the Houston Texans game time today and more.

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The Houston Texans, a team with a rapidly growing and passionate fanbase in the NFL, command attention not just in Texas but across the nation. For supporters situated in Central Time, navigating the game schedules might sometimes pose a challenge because of time zone differences. Let’s explore the Houston Texans game time today and how fans can stay updated throughout the season.

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Houston Texans Game Time: An Overview

The Houston Texans, established in 2002, have become a central part of the NFL community. Their games draw attention from fans nationwide. While the standard kickoff time for most NFL games is 1:00 PM or 4:25 PM ET, this can vary, especially for primetime games. Adjusting for Central Time, that’s 12:00 PM or 3:25 PM CT.

Understanding the intricacies of time zones is a byproduct of our Earth’s rotation. The U.S., in its vast expanse, hosts several primary time zones. Central Time (CT) covers a significant part of the country. To its east lies the Eastern Time (ET), aligned with the eastern coastline. Moving westward from CT, we encounter Mountain Time (MT), and further west, Pacific Time (PT) dominates.

Grasping these time zone nuances is crucial. For instance, determining the exact time zone is essential for events like a Houston Texans game. A game set for 3 PM in ET would translate to 2 PM in CT, enabling dedicated fans to modify their viewing plans accordingly.

Houston Texans’ Schedule 2023 in Central Time

How NFL Schedules Are Determined

The NFL has a systematic approach to deciding its schedule. Each team plays 17 games:

  1. 6 against its divisional opponents (two games per team: one home, one away).
  2. 4 games against teams from another division within its conference.
  3. 4 games against teams from a division in the opposite conference.
  4. 3 games against conference opponents based on last season’s standings.

This ensures fairness and competition.

Formulating the NFL schedule is a meticulous endeavor, designed to ensure each team, including the Houston Texans, gets a fair shot at playoff aspirations. Factors like divisional clashes, location changes (home versus away games), and outcomes from the prior season greatly influence the game arrangements. So, when you ponder, “When do the Texans play?” bear in mind that the NFL has devised a balanced schedule for your beloved team.

Screenshot from the official NFL Houston Texans schedule.

Today’s Texans Game Schedule

To find the exact Houston Texans game start time, it’s always best to refer to the official NFL website or the Texans’ official website. They provide the most updated and accurate information on kickoff times. Alternatively, you can refer to the schedule table below to identify today’s Texans matchup:

WK Date Opponent Time (CT) TV Channel Venue
1 Do, Aug 10 @ New England Patriots 6:00 PM ABC 13 Gilette Stadium
2 Sat, Aug 19 vs. Miami Dolphins 3:00 PM ABC 13 NRG Stadium
3 Sun, Aug 27 @ New Orleans Saints 7:00 PM FOX Caesars Superdome
Regular Season
1 Sun, Sept 10 @ Baltimore Ravens 12:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium
2 Sun, Sept 17 vs. Indianapolis Colts 12:00 PM FOX NRG Stadium
3 Sun, Sept 24 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 12:00 PM FOX TIAA Bank Field
4 Sun, Oct 1 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium
5 Sun, Oct 8 @ Atlanta Falcons 12:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Stadium
6 Sun, Oct 15 vs. New Orleans Saints 12:00 PM FOX NRG Stadium
7 BYE Week
8 Sun, Oct 29 @ Carolina Panthers 12:00 PM FOX Bank of America Stadium
9 Sun, Nov 5 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium
10 Sun, Nov 12 @ Cincinnati Bengals 12:00 PM CBS Paycor Stadium
11 Sun, Nov 19 vs. Arizona Cardinals 12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium
12 Sun, Nov 26 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium
13 Sun, Dec 3 vs. Denver Broncos 3:05 PM CBS NRG Stadium
14 Sun, Dec 10 @ New York Jets 12:00 PM CBS MetLife Stadium
15 Sun, Dec 17 @ Tennessee Titans 12:00 PM FOX Nissan Stadium
16 Sun, Dec 24 vs. Cleveland Browns 12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium
17 Sun, Dec 31 vs. Tennessee Titans 12:00 PM FOX NRG Stadium
18 Sat/Sun, Jan 6/7 @ Indianapolis Colts TBA TBA Lucas Oil Stadium

In the provided table, Texans’ home games are emphasized in BOLD. It’s crucial to note that certain games might be subject to flexible scheduling, possibly modifying the originally mentioned dates and times. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, always consult the official Houston Texans website.

Moreover, the NFL offers a downloadable Houston Texans schedule, presenting the official Central Time kickoff times. Access it here: Printable Houston Texans Schedule.

For those fans always on the go or perhaps traveling across states: All Texans games can be audibly streamed on the Texans Radio Network. KILT 610 AM broadcasts every Houston Texans football game. Other platforms like Westwood One and Sirius XM also provide comprehensive coverage of the games.

How to Watch the Houston Texans Games?

What Channel is the Houston Texans Game on Today?

The channel broadcasting the Texans game can vary based on the week, the importance of the game, and the opponent. Typically, Texans games can be viewed on networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, or ESPN. Always check the local TV listings or the aforementioned websites for what channel the Texans play on. Or you check the schedule table above, where you find the official TV channel for each game.

Where to Stream the Houston Texans?

In today’s digital age, many fans prefer streaming over traditional television. Platforms like NFL+, CBS All Access, and various sports streaming services allow fans to watch the Texans game on TV or through devices. Additionally, some services like Yahoo Sports or the official NFL app might offer live streaming for select games.

Options such as DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV are readily available for those transitioning from conventional cable. Generally, these platforms offer subscribers channels that broadcast Texans games, guaranteeing consistent coverage of NFL moments all season long.

Tips to Note for Texans Fans

  1. Be there early: If you’re planning to attend a game, try to arrive at least an hour early to enjoy the pre-game festivities.
  2. Mind the time zones: When trying to determine the Texans kickoff time today, be wary of time zones. The Central Time (CT) zone is an hour behind the Eastern Time (ET) zone.
  3. Check official sites for last minute changes: Always keep a check on the Texans’ official website or app for up-to-date information on game times and channels. During weekends, specifically, keep a lookout for any changes in when the Texans play this weekend.
  4. Alternative Viewing: If you’re pondering, “What channel do the Texans play on,” don’t forget that many sports bars and eateries regularly air the games. Join fellow Texans enthusiasts and turn it into an enjoyable gathering.
  5. Streaming Tips: Ensure a robust internet connection when streaming. There’s nothing more frustrating than facing connectivity issues during a pivotal moment of the Texans game.

FAQs about the Houston Texans Schedule 2023

What time is the Houston Texans kickoff today in Central Time?

The exact kickoff time for the Houston Texans can vary depending on the specific matchup. For the most up-to-date kickoff information, it’s advised to check the official Houston Texans website or refer to the previously mentioned NFL schedule.

Are the Houston Texans playing at home or away today?

The venue for each Houston Texans game, be it NRG Stadium or an opponent’s ground, changes from one match to another. To identify today’s location, check the official game schedule shared above or tune into local sports broadcasts for recent updates.

Who are the Houston Texans competing against today?

The team squaring off against the Houston Texans shifts with each matchup. To learn about today’s opponent, refer to the NFL schedule or visit the Texans’ official website.

Where can I watch or stream the Houston Texans game today?

Houston Texans games are aired on various TV channels and digital streaming services. Options include NFL+, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, and others. The specific channel showcasing the game might depend on its significance and current broadcasting agreements. The relevant TV channel details can be found in the earlier provided schedule.

Can I listen to the Houston Texans game today on the radio?

Absolutely! Texans fans can turn to the radio for live commentary. Every Texans match is broadcasted on the Texans Radio Network. KILT 610 AM stands as the main station bringing all the action from Houston Texans football. Additionally, platforms like Westwood One and Sirius XM offer thorough game summaries.

What was the Houston Texans season record of the 2022 NFL season?

The Houston Texans had a challenging 2022 NFL season, marking their 21st season in the league. Under their only season with head coach Lovie Smith, the team struggled significantly, recording a 3–13–1 season record. Notably, they experienced a 9-game losing streak from Week 7 to Week 15 and failed to win a single home game, with an 0–7–1 record at NRG Stadium. The season concluded without a playoff appearance, placing them 4th in the AFC South. Despite the challenges, OT Laremy Tunsil represented the team at the Pro Bowl.

To Summarize the Above

Figuring out the Houston Texans match time or the channel on which the Texans game is being broadcasted can be crucial for any fan. Keep the aforementioned pointers in mind and you’ll never miss a game. For today’s exact game schedule, the official NFL website and the Texans’ website are your best bet.

Remember, whether you’re trying to find out “what time does the Houston Texans play today central time” or “what channel is the Texans on today,” a true fan always finds a way to tune in. Happy watching and let’s cheer on the Texans to victory!

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