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What Time Do the Buffalo Bills Play Today (Central Time)?

For passionate followers of the NFL, tracking the Buffalo Bills’ game time is essential, particularly if you’re situated in another time zone such as Central Time. Today, we will offer a thorough guide on the Buffalo Bills game time and schedule, meticulously curated for those in the Central Time zone.

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The Buffalo Bills, a powerhouse in the NFL arena, engage and thrill fans each game day. Devotees from all across the nation eagerly await each showdown on the turf. If you’re among the Bills’ dedicated legion of fans, staying informed on the Buffalo Bills game time today, especially in Central Time, is paramount. So, let’s dive in and unravel: When do the Bills play?

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Buffalo Bills Game Time: An Overview

The Buffalo Bills, part of the National Football League (NFL), have a loyal fan base that’s always eager to know: “When do the Bills play?” or “What is the Buffalo Bills game time today?” With games predominantly being played on Sundays, with the occasional Thursday, Monday, or Saturday game, knowing the exact schedule becomes crucial for fans. Let’s dive into the specifics of the Bills’ 2023 schedule in Central Time.

Time zones partition the world into regions that adhere to a designated standard time, primarily because of Earth’s rotation. The U.S. is segmented into several predominant time zones. Central Time (CT) encompasses the heart of the nation. Adjoining it to the east is Eastern Time (ET), which traces the East Coast. Venturing westward from CT, you’ll encounter Mountain Time (MT), and further towards the coastal edge, Pacific Time (PT) comes into play.

Understanding the disparities between these time zones is vital. For instance, noting the specific time zone is key when referencing events like a Buffalo Bills match. A game slated for 3 PM CT translates to 4 PM ET and 1 PM PT, influencing when fans choose to tune in.

Buffalo Bills’ Schedule 2023 in Central Time

How NFL Schedules Are Determined

The NFL’s 17-game regular-season schedule is meticulously crafted. Each team plays its division rivals twice (home and away), games against teams from another intra-conference division, teams from an inter-conference division, and a game against a team from the remaining two divisions based on the previous season’s standings.

The NFL calendar is carefully crafted to guarantee each squad has an equitable chance at reaching the playoffs. Elements such as divisional contests, hosting or visiting teams, and the robustness of the prior season’s roster influence how games are scheduled.

Screenshot from the official NFL Buffalo Bills schedule website.

Today’s Bills Game Schedule

As of today’s date, you would ideally check the official Buffalo Bills website or the NFL site for the most accurate and up-to-date information about “Bills kickoff time today” or “Buffalo Bills match time.” Here’s a glimpse at our schedule table:

WK Date Opponent Time (CT) TV Channel Venue
1 Sat, Aug 12 vs. Indianapolis Colts 12:00 PM WIVB4 Highmark Stadium
2 Sat, Aug 19 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 5:30 PM WIVB4 Acrisure Stadium
3 Sat, Aug 26 @ Chicago Bears 12:00 PM WIVB4 Soldier Field
Regular Season
1 Mon, Sept 11 @ New York Jets 7:15 PM ESPN, ABC MetLife Stadium
2 Sun, Sept 17 vs. Las Vegas Raiders 12:00 PM CBS Highmark Stadium
3 Sun, Sept 24 @ Washington Commanders 12:00 PM CBS FedExField
4 Sun, Oct 1 vs. Miami Dolphins 12:00 PM CBS Highmark Stadium
5 Sun, Oct 8 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 8:30 AM NFLN Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London
6 Sun, Oct 15 vs. New York Giants 7:20 PM NBC Highmark Stadium
7 Sun, Oct 22 @ New England Patriots 12:00 PM CBS Gilette Stadium
8 Thu, Oct 26 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:15 PM Prime Video Highmark Stadium
9 Sun, Nov 5 @ Cincinnati Bengals 7:20 PM NBC Paycor Stadium
10 Mon, Nov 13 vs. Denver Broncos 7:15 PM ESPN, ABC Highmark Stadium
11 Sun, Nov 19 vs. New York Jets 3:25 PM CBS Highmark Stadium
12 Sun, Nov 26 @ Philadelphia Eagles 3:25 PM CBS Lincoln Financial Field
13 Bye Week
14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Kansas City Chiefs 3:25 PM CBS Arrowhead Stadium
15 Sun, Dec 17 vs. Dallas Cowboys 3:25 PM FOX Highmark Stadium
16 Sat, Dec 23 @ Los Angeles Chargers 7:00 PM Peacock SoFi Stadium
17 Sun, Dec 31 vs. New England Patriots 12:00 PM CBS Highmark Stadium
18 Sat/Sun, Jan 6/7 @ Miami Dolphins TBD TBD Hard Rock Stadium

In the provided table, Bills’ home matches are highlighted in BOLD. Note that some games might operate under flexible scheduling, leading to potential changes in the initially stated dates and times. Always turn to the official Buffalo Bills website for any amendments or news.

Furthermore, the NFL offers a downloadable Buffalo Bills schedule, replete with the official Eastern Time kickoff moments. Grab it via this link: Printable Buffalo Bills Schedule.

For the enthusiasts always on the go or perhaps cruising on the freeway: All Bills matches can be audibly enjoyed on the Bills Radio Network: WGR 550 carries all Bills football games. Moreover, platforms like Westwood One, and Sirius XM also broadcast the games.

How to Watch the Buffalo Bills Games?

What Channel is the Buffalo Bills Game on Today?

The channel broadcasting the Bills game can vary based on the week, the significance of the game, and contractual agreements. Since the Bills are an AFC team, many of their games are featured on CBS. Nonetheless, depending on the matchup’s prominence and opposing teams, they might also be spotlighted on NBC for Sunday Night Football, ESPN for Monday Night Football, or FOX when pitted against an NFC adversary. To know “what channel the Bills play on” or “what channel are the Bills on today,” check the local TV guide or the Bills’ official website.

Where to Stream the Buffalo Bills?

Streaming services’ ascent has transformed how NFL aficionados engage with their preferred squads. If you miss the Bills on traditional television, digital platforms like NFL+ offer live games and on-demand viewing options.

In today’s connected era, fans can seamlessly tune into live football face-offs regardless of their location. This means rallying behind the Bills is feasible on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop from virtually anywhere. Although NFL+ provides a cost-effective gateway to stream all regular and playoff bouts live on mobile devices, certain connected TV apparatus might limit post-match replays.

The NFL collaborates with streaming giants like ESPN Plus, Peacock, and Paramount Plus. Devotees can relish Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and local NFL on CBS matches featuring the Buffalo Bills by subscribing to these platforms. For those who’ve ditched traditional cables, alternatives like DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV await. These platforms typically proffer access to channels presenting Bills and various NFL fixtures throughout the campaign.

Tips to Note for Bills Fans

  • Set Reminders: With games across different days and times, set reminders to ensure you never miss “Buffalo Bills game start time.”
  • Always Convert to Central Time: The standard time might often be displayed in Eastern Time. So when you’re curious about, “what time does the Buffalo Bills game start,” bear in mind the difference for Central Time enthusiasts.
  • Local Bars and Restaurants: Can’t stream or don’t have the channel? Local sports bars often air the games, providing a vibrant atmosphere to enjoy the match.
  • Social Media: The Bills’ official social media accounts frequently update game times, changes, and more. Stay connected to get real-time updates.
  • Riding with the Bills Mafia: The Bills are renowned for their ardent and dedicated fan base. Dive deep into fan discussions, partake in Bills-themed social media communities, and join local fan gatherings to truly feel the pulse of Bills’ passion, not only on match days but all year round.

FAQs about the Buffalo Bills

What time is the Buffalo Bills kickoff today in Central Time?

The exact time for the Buffalo Bills kickoff can vary from one game to the next. For the most up-to-date kickoff times, it’s recommended to consult the official Buffalo Bills website or the NFL schedule provided earlier.

Are the Buffalo Bills playing at home or away today?

The venue for each Buffalo Bills game, be it home or away, can shift every week. It’s best to look at the official game schedule mentioned above or catch up with local sports broadcasts for the freshest details.

Who are the Buffalo Bills going up against today?

The rival team for the Buffalo Bills changes with each match. To discern who they’re clashing with today, kindly check the NFL schedule mentioned above or drop by the team’s official site.

Where can I watch or stream the Buffalo Bills game today?

Buffalo Bills contests are aired on multiple TV networks and online streaming platforms. Choices encompass NFL+, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, among others. The specific broadcasting channel might differ based on the game’s magnitude and broadcasting agreements. The relevant TV channel can be discerned from the schedule table provided.

Is there an avenue to tune into the Buffalo Bills game today via radio?

Absolutely, the Buffalo Bills matches are accessible on radio waves. Every Bills game is available for listening pleasure on the Bills Radio Network, with WGR 550 broadcasting all Bills football matchups. Additionally, services such as Westwood One and Sirius XM also offer game coverage.

What was the Buffalo Bills season record of the 2022 NFL season?

In the 2022 NFL season, the Buffalo Bills marked their 53rd NFL season and 63rd as a franchise. Under the leadership of Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane, the Bills clinched the AFC East for the third straight year, improving their record to 13–3 from the previous 11–6. This tied their best-ever franchise record. However, a game cancellation due to a critical incident with safety Damar Hamlin impacted their seeding. Despite playoff success against Miami, they were defeated by Cincinnati in the divisional round.

To Summarize the Above

Whether you’re trying to figure out “what time does the Buffalo Bills play today central time,” “what time is the Buffalo Bills game tomorrow,” or “Bills game on tv,” this guide aims to have you covered. With multiple channels broadcasting and streaming platforms available, never miss a moment of the Bills in action!

Remember, for the most current details like “what time does the Bills game start today” or “when do the Bills play this weekend,” always consult the Bills’ official website or the NFL platform. Enjoy the game!

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