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LG Stylo 4 / 5 / 6 Screen Replacement: Price & Cost

LG Stylo 6 screen replacement? LG Stylo 4 screen repaire? LG Stylo 6 screen replacement price? LG Stylo screen repalcement near me?

Screen replacement is one of the common problems that many smartphones have. In fact, it has become a great issue for many smartphone users. Once your phone screen cracks, you will become afraid of what is next. Yes, some may be minor cracks while others may require you to change the screen of your LG phone.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not always good to be using a device that has a crack screen. There are many reasons why you need a screen replacement. However, this does not mean that you should always change or replace your screen when it has a crack.

How to Prevent Screen Crack

prevent screen crack

Well, there are many practices that you can use to protect your phone in order to avoid screen crack and screen replacement at all costs. One of the best methods is to use a screen guard. Yes, a screen guard is the best and most easy way to protect your phone’s main screen from any damage or crack. Even if your device falls accidentally, the screen protector will crack, thereby preventing your main screen from any damage.

Cost of Screen Protector For LG Stylo 6, 5, 4 Phones

screen protector for LG Stylo 6

Buying a screen guard is better than replacing your phone screen. The cost of an LG Stylo 6 screen guard or screen protector ranges from $2-$10. This is way better than buying a new screen which will cost you more.

Another method to protect your phone from screen crack is to avoid placing sharp objects on your screen. You should also avoid the rough handling of your device. Don’t play or carry any sports activities with your phone in your pocket. You can remove your phone anytime you want to play to avoid hitting it on sharp objects or falling.

Lastly, you should use a bumper case. Yes, apart from using tempered glass to protect your phone screen from cracking, using a bumper case can also prevent your device screen crack when it falls down from a height.

No matter the tools or how careful you are, no accessories can guarantee you 100% protection for your screen. So one way or the other, your phone screen may crack. When that happens, you are left with no other choice but to change the screen.

Below, we will be breaking down the cost of your LG Stylo 6 screen replacement and where to repair it. Yes, we understand the fact that many people want to repair or fix their device screen as soon as possible. So we will be showing you how to locate the nearest screen repair in your location.

LG Stylo 6, Stylo 5, Stylo 4 Screen Replacement

screen replacement for LG Stylo 6

The cost of LG Stylo 6, Stylo 5, and Stylo 4 screen replacement will depend on your location. However, the best way is to look for a repair shop or center close to you and ask them how much it will cost you to get your LG Stylo 6 screen replaced or change.

Nevertheless, you can still order the screen online and take it to the repair shop to do it for you. Although there are many tutorials on youtube that show you how to change your device screen without any issues. But don’t attempt to do it your own if you have limited knowledge or if you are not a tech geek.

LG Stylo 6 screen replacement cost: $35-$45 with LCD Display touch digitizer $80-$100

LG Stylo 5 screen replacement cost: $12-$20 with LCD Display Touch Digitizer $35-$50

LG Stylo 4 screen replacement cost: $14-$25 with LCD Display Touch Digitizer $35-50

Now if you are lucky and the screen crack does not affect the LCD display touch digitizer, you will only pay a small amount. But if it affects the whole screen which includes the inner screen called the LCD display, then it will cost you some money.

LG Stylo 6 Screen Replacement Near Me

The best way to locate the screen replacement repair center near you is to go to Google Map and type LG screen replacement. Google Maps will bring out the list of top screen replacement centers close to your location.

Another method is to use calcare global service. Visit their website and then click on Book Now and follow the next steps. Those that live in the UK can use the service of square repair. Just visit their website and select the device you want to repair.

About LG Stylo 5

The LG Stylo 6 is the latest smartphone from the LG stylo family. The device comes with so many features that many would love to have. It has a stylus pen which makes it uniques and when it comes to battery and performance, the smartphone is doing well.

Well, when it comes to screen size, it features a screen display size of 6.8 inches with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels (~395 PPI density). It is powered by Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 (12nm) and runs on Android 10 with an inbuilt memory of 64GB 3GB RAM.

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