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iPhone 16 Release Date, Rumor, and Price

Apple’s iPhone 16 will reportedly have a price of $1,399 when it releases in September 2024. The company has yet to reveal the official release date, but analysts are expecting the iPhone 16 to be unveiled on Sept. 4, 2024, and released on Oct. 21, 2024.

The new flagship smartphone will most likely cost $1,399, according to analysts at Wistron and Citigroup Inc., who cited suppliers they work with in Asia as their sources.

In addition to the $1,399 price tag, analysts expect the iPhone 16 to be priced between $999 and $1,099 depending on storage capacity.

iPhone 16 Features

The iPhone 16 will release by September 2024 with a water-resistant coating to make it more durable. 

It is rumored to come with the A11 Bionic Chip that improves processing by giving it 6 cores for speed. 

The price for the phone will be $947 if the rumor is true. Many people are waiting anxiously for the new releases of the iPhone. 

They have had problems in the past but they hope they have been fixed now. The camera has improved tremendously as well as the processor. 

The weight of the phone has decreased dramatically as well which makes it easier to carry around. 

In general, Apple has been very innovative with their products and I’m sure this one will be just as good!

iPhone 16 Price

Apple iPhone 16 rumors are already flooding the internet. With the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iconic device just around the corner, many are wondering what upgrades we can expect for the new phone. 

The latest rumor is that it will be water resistant, with better battery life.  There have also been reports of a significant upgrade to its camera which would include an enhanced flash feature as well as an AI assistant. 

The question of whether or not the iPhone 16 would have a curved screen remains up in the air.

Lastly, there are rumors about some exciting features such as larger screen size and two screens side by side for more efficient multitasking among other things.

When Is The Release Date?

Apple releases new models of the iPhone on an annual basis. Generally, they come out at the end of summer or early fall but could be any time from June to September. 

Some rumors point to a release date in July but most seem to place it in September as Apple usually takes August off.

As for pricing, analysts estimate that it will start at $1000 for the basic model with larger storage options starting at around $1200.

The cost goes up from there depending on features such as bigger screens and higher quality cameras. It is unknown what upgrades are planned for this year’s model.

It is also not known if this phone will have dual-lens cameras which are found on some newer Samsung phones.

Apple iPhone 16 Specification 

The Apple iPhone 16 release date is scheduled for 2024 with the estimated release being sometime in September.

This device will have a 6.7-inch Super Retina HD OLED display (1125 x 2436) with an aspect ratio of 19.9:9. 

It will be powered by a 2.49GHz A12X Bionic chip and 3GB RAM with up to 256GB of storage. It will come preloaded with iOS 11 or iOS 12. 

There are no images available yet but it is predicted that this phone will feature Face ID like its predecessor.

There has been no news on battery life but experts predict that it could last up to 18 hours without charge, as long as you’re not playing games.

However, if you do play games then it would only last 10 hours.

The starting price for the iPhone 16 is USD 1000 and the expected time for delivery is early 2024.

This device was created to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ because it does not have any features that set it apart from other devices on the market at the moment.


We expect the iPhone to have a 12MP back camera and a 7MP front-facing camera. The sensor is said to have less pixel size than the iPhone 8 Plus or X with an improved f/1.8 aperture that would allow more light in.

 For video recording, it is expected to have 4K 60fps. We are told to expect better low-light photography too thanks to a new feature called Smart HDR. 

This will make photos and videos clearer with even exposure across the frame. As for selfies, we are going to see Portrait Mode on the front as well. 

To help you get better shots from afar, there’s also a new time-lapse mode for video capture. It’ll let you create HD video at 240 frames per second and play them back at 30 fps for smooth footage of your travels. 

If you need to catch up with friends who walk away from you at concerts, sporting events, or other crowded events without realizing they were walking away, there’s a new tap-to-track option that’ll follow their movement on screen until they stop moving – so long as they’re not behind obstacles like trees or walls.

What Features Would Be Added In iPhone 16

The biggest improvements in the new iPhone will probably be a dual-lens camera, improved battery life, and faster processor speeds. 

Apple will also include these same features in their upcoming series of iPads (iPad Pro 2) which are expected to be released soon.

The release date for the new iPad Pro is speculated to be sometime in early 2024. It has been three years since the launch of the last generation.

Other rumors say that there might not even be a launch at all for this generation because Apple has recently removed references to it from its website.

Another rumor says that Apple could be holding off on releasing an iPad Pro 2 until they can update iOS to support Face ID.

In addition, other reports speculate that the delay may have something to do with production issues or perhaps just a lack of compelling updates.

Finally, there are still plenty of reports out there claiming that the second iteration of the iPad Pro will finally see a late 2017 release after months of being unceremoniously scrubbed from both Apple’s website and social media channels. 

It would be unusual for Apple to shelve such an anticipated product without any warning whatsoever but maybe that’s what we’re seeing here – silence speaks volumes about the tablet’s future.

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