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6 List of Australian Buy Now and Pay Later Company

Are you looking to buy products now and pay later? If so, then this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Buy Now and Pay Later companies in Australia. Whether you’re looking to make a big purchase or just need a few extra weeks to pay off a bill, these companies can help you out. 

Read on to find out more about each company and its unique features.


Afterpay is one of the leading Buy Now, Pay Later companies in Australia. They offer customers an easy and flexible way to shop online and in-store. Afterpay splits a customer’s purchase into four interest-free payments, allowing them to pay over time without having to pay upfront. 

Afterpay also offers a range of other services such as budgeting tools and financial guidance.

Afterpay is available at thousands of retailers across Australia, including some of the most popular fashion and lifestyle brands. 

This makes it easy for customers to find their favorite products and pay over time. Afterpay also offers customers a range of payment plans to suit different budgets, allowing them to purchase items in smaller, more affordable amounts.

The company also offers promotions and discounts from time to time, making it even easier for customers to get a great deal on their purchases. With Afterpay, customers can enjoy the convenience of buying now and paying later with no additional cost or interest.


Zip is a Buy Now and Pay Later company based in Australia. Founded in 2013, it offers customers an easy and convenient way to purchase items without having to pay for them upfront. Zip’s innovative platform allows shoppers to break up the cost of their purchase into four equal payments, spread out over a 6-week period. 

Zip allows shoppers to purchase items online or in-store with a variety of merchants, including leading Australian retailers like Myer, THE ICONIC, Harvey Norman, and Adairs. The company also provides payment options for services such as dental, medical, and vision care. 

Customers have the option of making their payments via their debit or credit card.

One of the great advantages of Zip is its 0% interest rate on purchases, which is one of the lowest among the Buy Now and Pay Later companies in Australia. 

There are also no hidden costs or fees associated with using the service. 

Zip’s flexible payment terms make it easy for customers to shop for items without worrying about finances. By breaking up payments into smaller chunks, customers are able to purchase items that they otherwise may not be able to afford. 

Zip also provides customers with full control over their spending and repayment schedule. 

Overall, Zip is an ideal Buy Now and Pay Later option for those who want to take control of their spending but don’t want to pay large amounts upfront. 

With its low-interest rate and flexible payment terms, Zip is a great way to budget for larger purchases.


Klarna is one of the leading Buy Now and Pay Later companies in Australia. They offer a range of payment solutions to make shopping easy and flexible for customers. Klarna provides an easy and secure way to buy now and pay later with monthly payment plans available. With Klarna, customers can split their payments into four interest-free installments. 

The company also offers an ‘Instant Financing’ option which allows customers to pay off their purchase over 12 months with no hidden fees or interest.

Klarna is known for providing excellent customer service and offering a wide range of flexible payment options to meet the needs of different customers. 

To use the service, customers simply need to enter their payment details when making a purchase online and choose to pay using Klarna. Once their details are approved, customers will be given the option to pay in full or split the cost into four equal payments. 

Klarna also provides an online app so customers can keep track of their payments and view their monthly payment plan.

Klarna is committed to providing a safe and secure way for customers to shop online, as well as offering a fast and simple checkout experience. 

As well as offering Buy Now and Pay Later options, Klarna also offers a range of other services including cash advances, financing options, payment protection, and a rewards program.


Laybuy is an Australian-based buy now and pays later company, based in Melbourne. The company provides shoppers with the ability to purchase goods and services online while allowing them to spread the cost over six weekly interest-free payments. 

As an alternative to traditional credit cards, Laybuy is a great option for those who want the flexibility of paying in installments but don’t want to incur interest charges or fees.

Laybuy has been rapidly growing since its launch in 2018, with partnerships with some of Australia’s leading retail stores, including Myer, Best & Less, ASOS, and General Pants Co.

The process for using Laybuy is simple. 

Once a customer has chosen their items, they can choose the ‘Pay with Laybuy’ option during checkout. They are then asked to confirm the order and select ‘pay with Laybuy’. This is followed by providing personal information, such as name and address, and setting up a Laybuy account. Once the account is set up, customers will be directed to complete the payment. 

After this is done, customers have six weeks to make the remaining five payments, each one being a week apart.

Laybuy offers its customers additional benefits, such as no hidden fees, a choice of payment methods, the ability to pay early without penalty, and 24/7 account access to view transactions. 

Furthermore, their terms and conditions are clear and transparent, and they provide customers with extensive support to ensure their shopping experience is seamless and stress-free. 

Overall, Laybuy is a fantastic option for those looking for flexible payment plans when shopping online. With no interest charges and an easy setup, it’s a great way to manage your finances without having to worry about any hidden costs or fees.


Brighte is an Australian buy now and pays later company that has been providing customers with flexible financing solutions since 2017. The company enables customers to purchase essential household items such as appliances, solar energy, and air conditioning with no interest or upfront costs. 

Brighte also offers consumer loans for larger purchases such as home renovations and car repairs.

Brighte’s installment payment system allows customers to pay in installments over 12, 24, and 36 months. 

There are no hidden fees or additional charges, and the customer pays only the original amount of the purchase price. This makes it an attractive option for those who are looking for a more manageable way to purchase items that would otherwise be out of reach.

With Brighte, customers can also take advantage of their rewards program, which gives them discounts on their purchases when they use their Brighte card. Plus, all customers get access to customer support via phone, email, or web chat.

Overall, Brighte is a great option for Australians who are looking for a buy now and pay later service that offers low-cost financing with no hidden fees or additional costs. 

With its flexible repayment options, rewards program, and customer support, it is an attractive option for those seeking a more convenient way to purchase items that would otherwise be out of reach.


Openpay is a fast and flexible payment solution that allows customers to buy now and pay later. It is available in Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico, and offers customers access to interest-free payment plans for purchases ranging from $20 to $10,000.

With Openpay, customers can sign up in minutes online or through the app, and then use the service at any merchant that accepts Openpay. They can make payments on their purchases over an agreed period of time and can choose to pay off the balance at any time with no extra fees. 

Openpay is a great way to spread the cost of larger purchases over time, giving customers more control over their finances. Openpay also offers features such as automated payments so that customers don’t have to remember to make their payments on time each month. 

They also provide friendly customer service to help you manage your account and answer any questions you might have. 

Overall, Openpay is a great option for those looking for a reliable buy now and pay later service. With its quick sign-up process and no additional fees, it’s definitely worth considering if you need to purchase something big but don’t have the funds available all at once.

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