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Oculus Quest VS Oculus Go: Which One Will Be Perfect For You?

The Oculus Quest is an immersive VR headset built with the combination of six degrees of freedom and Oculus Guardian track. This means players can be able to jump up and down and maneuver throughout games without any PC or wires to interrupt or slow you down. As for the Oculus Go, it’s one of the most affordable VR headsets that provides solid viewing experience for 360 videos and VR content. It can also be used for gaming as well. Now among the two, which one should you buy? Before then, lets us compare the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest to see which one is best for gaming and viewing VR content.

Oculus Quest VS Oculus Go
Oculus Quest
Oculus Go
Oculus Go

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The Oculus Quest is similar to the Oculus Rift but less powerful than the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Quest is mainly built for both video viewing and truly immersive gameplay. It supports six degrees of freedom which allow the tracking of movements across multiple axes including up/down, left/right, and forward/back. This provides an immersive environment for gaming. Furthermore, it has two motion controllers that let you control gameplay and interact with the virtual environment.  It can also map out an area and remember where objects are in reality.

The arena-scale tracking on the Oculus Quest allows players to have games that mix reality with virtual reality. The Oculus Go, on the other hand, is best for watching movies and it’s more budget friendly as well. It can track your head movement on the left/right and up and down but sadly can’t track your backward and forwards movement. This makes it less interesting for gaming but perfect for watching movies since it will scan your head to watch the entire movies. It also allows you to watch videos on YouTube, and other sources on a large virtual screen. The Oculus Go is less expensive, light to carry around but it’s less powerful and it has only one controller.


The Oculus Go is half of the price of the Oculus Quest. So, you will get a fair of what you are paying for.
The best headset that will be suitable for you is the one you can afford. Remember, the Oculus Quest can do anything including tracking your room, your movement and the ability to remember an object in reality, while the Oculus Go has its limitations with one controller.

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