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NetFlix App Not Compatible With iPad: Fix It

Netflix, as we all know, has changed the world. This streaming subscription service has dominated the TV landscape. As it’s now, Netflix is one of the best streaming services we all want to enjoy with our device.  Although the world is changing, however, it’s sad that some of our devices are left behind. Users of the older version still find it difficult to install the Netflix on their device.

If you have the iPad 2 or the original iPad Mini you will be familiar with the feeling. This device can’t run the latest software update, and also they can’t download Netflix from the app store because it’s not compatible with the iPad. You can’t just abandon Netflix just because your device wants you to. It’s hard to keep up with the latest show without this streaming service provider. With that in mind, we will be showing you the best way to fix it and have Netflix on your iPad.

netflix on iPad

How To Fix Netflix App Not Compactible With iPad

Before anything, you should know the reason you are getting those error. First, your iPad is limited by the processing chip inside it. For example, the iPad 2 was launched with a 32-bit A5 chip, but this year’s iPad Pro features a 64-bit A12X Bionic chip. As you can see, the newer iPad is 15 to 30 times as powerful than the iPad 2.

So as Apple technology improves, they also develop new software to take advantage of it. Because of that, older devices can’t keep up with the new software update. Even though Apple later release the iPadOS and iOS 13, the iPad 2 will still be running on the iOS 9. In order word, it will lack the power to run the latest software.

Moreover, as Apple developer keeps updating their apps to work on the latest software releases, they can’t keep maintaining older Version of the Apps for outdated software. As a result, these older versions develop more and more problems, which most time can’t be fixed. As time goes on, Apple developers remove them from circulation altogether and this app will become unavailable for users with older devices.

Apple Software Compatible With Netflix

As of now, Netflix is still running on iOS 11 or later. This means if your device is running on an older version than this, you won’t be able to download or use Netflix again. Good news, if your device is running on iOS 5, you might still download the older version of Netflix for your older iPad.

How To Know software running on your iPad

It’s important that you know which software your iPad is currently running on. That way you can be able to know if Netflix should be available or not. To know which software your iPad has, go to settings, and scroll down to find the General section. On the Next menu, tap About to see information about your device.  Now look for the current software listed on this page next to “Version” or “Software Version.” Remember, the latest Netflix is compatible with iOS 11 or later. Meanwhile, the older version is available for iOS 5 or later.

Older Version of Netflix are still available, however, when you try to download them from the Apple store, you might get an error message saying, “Netflix is not compatible with this iPad.” If this happens, and you have downloaded NetFlix before on your iPad, you should try to find it from the Purchased page in the App Store app. That’s the only way to get the older versions of it.

Just tap on the cloud icon from your Purchased page to re-download Netflix, you should see an alert offering the last compatible version of that app. Now Tap Download, et voila! You get an old version of Netflix working on your iPad. Nevertheless, if you never download Netflix on your iPad before, you can still download the older version by following the method below.

Method 1: Update to a Netflix-compatible software on your iPad

You should check for an update on your iPad and see if there’s one pending. The fact is that almost all the device release before 2012 is compatible with iOS 11. So you should try updating your iPad to iOS 11 or later. After updating it, you can now download Netflix from the App store.

How To Update Latest Software On Your iPad

Step 1: Use wifi and connect your iPad to the internet. You should check if the connection is working by opening YouTube or any web page on safari.
Step 2: Now open Settings app and go to General > Software Update.
Step 3: Wait for your iPad to check for new updates, download and install any that are available.

Method 2: Download Netflix from a device running compatible software

Many of us have multiple devices. Some have iPhone and iPad at the same time. So if you have access to other devices running on iOS 11 or later, you can download Netflix from that device to make it appear in the Purchased page on your older iPad. Just make sure that the device you are using is signed in to your Apple ID account when you download Netflix.

You can check if the account is signed in to on each device by going to Settings > App Store. You should temporarily change accounts on the newer Apple device if necessary.

Method 3: Download Netflix using an older version of iTunes

Yes, iTunes has made lots of changes over the years, however, the previous versions of iTunes (12.6.5 or earlier) could download iOS apps. So this is a good opportunity to download Netflix in iTunes and make it appear in the Purchased page on your iPad. To do that, follow the steps below…

On your Mac: Open iTunes and go to iTunes > About iTunes from the menu bar.
On your Window: Open iTunes and go to Help > About iTunes from the menu bar

How To install iTunes 12.6.5 or earlier on your computer

Before installing the older version of iTunes on your PC, make sure you backup your iTunes media library to protects your iTunes content from being overwritten by the second version of iTunes. After that, you can download iTunes from Apple website. You should also note that you won’t be able to download an older version of Netflix if your Mac is running macOS Mojave or later.

How To Download Netflix using iTunes 12.6.5

After downloading the older version of Netflix, you should open iTunes and select Apps from the drop-down menu. Click the App Store button and search for Netflix. You should make sure you’re signed in to the same Apple ID account you use on your iPad, and then download the Netflix App on your PC. After the download is complete, you should now be able to find it from the App Store Purchased page on your iPad.

That’s all to know, we hope this article helps you to download Netflix on your iPad 2 and iPad Mini of any older iOS devices that are not compatible with Netflix App. You should use the comment box to let us know what works for you.

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