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How to Set SDCard As Default Storage on Samsung Galaxy A20

Set SDcard as default storage on Samsung A20? Samsung A20 storage space running out? Samsung A20 SD card slot? How can I use my SD card as internal storage on Samsung A20? Samsung A20 SD card as internal storage?

Well, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is not a big phone that packs huge inbuilt storage. The handset is a mid-range device that is powered by Android 9 and it has just 32GB inbuilt memory. So if your Samsung A20 memory is running out, you can easily switch to an external SDcard.

In this post, we will be showing you how to use your memory card as your default SDcard on your Samsung A20 device. This is to say, any files you downloaded will be on the SDcard instead of your internal memory. Yes, this is possible and below is how to do that.

samsung galaxy A20

Insert SDCard into Your Samsung A20 Slot

The first thing you need to do is to get an SDcard. You can insert up to 128GB of memory cards on your Samsung A20 device.

Step 1: At the top of your device, insert the SIM removal tool into the hole on the SIM card/memory card tray, and then push until the tray pops out.

Step 2: You can now place the SD card on the tray. Make sure that the gold contacts face down and the card is placed properly.

How to Make SDcard As Your Default Settings in Samsung A20

Step 1: Go to Setting > Storage > And click” Format as internal memory “.

Step 2: Now you will have the choice to transfer all your data (excluding applications) to the SD card of your Samsung A20.

Step 3: Done. Now any application or files you downloaded will be saved to the external memory of your Samsung A20.

Step 4: To reverse the Setting that is to make your internal storage your default Settings, go back to Storage Settings > and click on Set internal memory as default memory.

Jack Hass

Friday 22nd of October 2021

You're not alone

holy arthur

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

i have followed all the above steps but no success are these phones different?


Tuesday 20th of July 2021

In my device, i need it to format first and already format it twice but nothing happen still see 2 option format & unmount. What should i do?

Miracle .O

Tuesday 20th of July 2021

Remove the SDcard, off your phone and put the SDCard again then on your device and swipe down, you will SDcard notification, tap on it and select SDcard as the default storage

DuWayne Mathews

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

My A20 has no ( storage) listed separately but is included in Device care . When I go to Device Care>Storage there is no option to change the storage, it just gives the option to delete.... Nothing I have found in A20 shows how to set to save to my memory card. ???

Miracle .O

Wednesday 14th of July 2021

Remove the SDcard and insert it again on your Samsung A20, on your phone, and then you should see a notification appear on your phone. Tap on the Set SDcard notification and follow the screen instruction and set it as default SDcard storage.

Michael Grinder

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

In your post about using the sd card as internal memory, it was stated that everything could be transferred excluding applications. Then later it was stated that apps could be downloaded on the card . Do all apps have to be redownloaded on the card or just transferred to it ?

Miracle .O

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Yes. You can transfer files but not applications and you can also download apps on the memory card after you have changed your main storage to Sdcard via the storage phone settings.