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How to Sell on Pinterest: 7 Simple Steps

Pinterest is one of the oldest visual search engines, containing billions of items, from images to pictures and exciting ideas. Not only that, Pinterest is a fantastic network to do business, advertise, and build a successful brand. If you have thought about starting a business profile on Pinterest, it’s a great time to do that now. Below are seven simple steps to encourage people to visit your Pinterest profile, enjoy scrolling it, and buy your art.

Determine your niche

Creating a Pinterest account requires doing some background work, with establishing the niche and analyzing a target audience being the most critical ones. Completing these two things are key to your long-term success. How so? Knowing the area that your art could fit in as well as the customers and their preferences will allow you to curate your works, build data of regular clients and maintain a steady income. 

However, determining the niche and target visitors aren’t easy tasks, and you may spend hours or more dealing with these aspects. But it will help you move on and ensure incredible results soon. So ensure to approach this first step earnestly and decide whether you fit in the avant-garde, classical, or out-of-the-ordinary niche.

Set up a business account

Contrary to the previous one, this tip is a no-brainer. Creating a Pinterest business account isn’t challenging, but you need to be careful, as many are sometimes confused and create personal profiles mistakenly. To make sure your freshly created profile falls into the business category, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the main page of Pinterest and click sign up
  • Scroll a bit down and click Get started here
  • Provide all the required details and create an account
  • Fill out the fields, such as the business name, location, and language, and click Next
  • Select the description that suits your niche the best
  • Paste a link to your website (provided that you have one).

sell on pinterest


Voila, you’re now the owner of a Pinterest business account! Can you start selling stuff? Well, you can, but the outcomes of this early start won’t be significant. The reason is that your profile is currently shallow and unattractive. What needs to be done to make it otherwise? Create a strong visual identity, among other things!

Create a strong visual identity

Leading a remarkable Pinterest business profile requires creativity, time, and effort. You need to make sure every component, especially aesthetics, is refined and at a high level. Not that the visuals’ description doesn’t matter. It does. But it’s way more crucial to craft extraordinary and unique visuals. Therefore, your job is to define what your images will look like.

Build a catalog

Pinterest catalogs are somewhat similar to library ones. They contain essential information about specific files. Also known as a product spreadsheet, a catalog must include an ID, image URL, description, title, product URL, availability, and price. You also need to attach a link to your CSV file to host your data. 

Doing all that to build a catalog might seem difficult at first glance. But it isn’t if you approach it thoughtfully. Try writing a step-by-step procedure of what you need to complete. You are encouraged to use helpful tools with multiple pre-made A4 layout design templates. This way, you will be sure that your catalog appearance looks appealing to the customers which is half of success. You can find and use any of more than 50,000 free templates. 

Design various collections for sale in advance

Pinterest opens up a window of opportunities for creatives. If you want to have a visually appealing and exceptional profile, you need to think about selling collections. Ideally, it would be best if they were different all the time, incorporating various pieces and styles. Of course, it may not always be the case. Still, try to endow your collections with unique components, making them look captivating and striking. And don’t forget: planning is vital to accomplish; ensure to think of every collection meticulously and feel free to edit it until polished to shine.

Strengthen your brand

Now let’s talk about coherence. We all know that the devil is in the details, but many people don’t pay close attention to this fact. As a result, their brands on Pinterest become rarely visited, let alone purchased from. 

People don’t put enough effort into bolstering their profiles that often look clumsy and repulsive! You need to prove reliable, so getting a blue check is necessary. Try to sign up for the Verified Merchant; you will get the blue mark upon verification. Other than that, place every element in the right order, fill in the gaps (missed contact info, bio, profile photo, etc.), and come up with a mindful username. 

how to sell on Pinterest


Remember to implement marketing techniques

Setting up a profile and uploading a ton of outstanding visual content might not attract many people and start driving sales right away. Sometimes, you may want to push it forward to see the first results. Thankfully, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, as marketing is the best option to spread the word among Pinners. 

Use any available method, from tagging and pinning to free shipping options. Importantly, remember to use your creativity when working on captions. Your profile will get organic traffic and remain on top of the search engine.

Pinterest is a gold mine for numerous artsy people. The platform allows for doing business, promoting goods, and sharing awesome ideas with others. So, if you want to kick off your business on Pinterest, the mentioned steps will come in handy. Good luck!

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