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How to Bypass Samsung Galaxy A03 Without SIM Card or PC

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These are the steps you need to bypass Google Verification Account on your Samsung Galaxy A03 without a SIM card. Just follow the steps by steps tutorial and you will bypass the Google account on your Samsung A03 Core.

Method 1: How to Bypass Samsung A03 FRP without PC

Step 1: Remove your SIM card and turn on the SAMSUNG, Connect to wifi and when it asks you to enter Google Account, tap on the back button until it gets t the emergency screen then dial 122, and then go back.

Step 2: Now go to the screen that the phone asks about Google Account.

Step 3: Here you should insert a SIM card with a pin code.

Step 4: Now wait until you see a screen with the ask to enter pin code. 

Step 5: Next try to remove the SIM card and then press the Power Button at the same time to see the information on the SIM card removed but on the locked screen not unlock.

Step 6: If the device goes black screen, tap on the screen to wake it up.

Step 7: Tap on the OK button to close the information about the SIM card removal.

Step 8: On the lock screen, you will see a padlock, tap on it to open a new menu.

Step 9: Then press the notification settings option at the top of the screen.

Step 8: Now put the SIM card again and swipe across the screen fast this time.

Step 9: Enter the SIM card PIN (If the screen goes black tap on it to wake it up)

Step 10: Now you will be taken to the Status bar tap on See All and allow it to load.

bypass FRP on Samsung


Step 11: You will see Most Recent Apps at the top of the screen. Tap on it and select All.

Step 12: Now scroll down and Select Youtube App and then Settings > History and Privacy > Youtube Terms of Services.

bypass FRP on Samsung Without SIM

Step 13: You will be taken to Google Chrome Browser click on the Accept and Continue.

Step 14: Tap on Next > No Thanks.

Step 15: Now on the open browser, click on the link and enter

Step 16: When the page opens, search for Frp Unlock and open FRP unlock for all devices.

Step 17: Look and download the  Google Account Manager (For your android version), install it, and click done.
Step 18: Now go back and download the  Account Login Manager and install and open it.
Step 19: Here it will show you the option to enter Google Account. Click on the Menu (three dots at the top right hand of the screen and select Browse sign in. Now enter your own Google Account and tap Sign in.

Method 2: Bypass Samsung A03 Without SIM Card

If the above method did not work, you can use the second method below to bypass your device FRP.

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung device and connect to wifi.

Step 2: Next take a screenshot by pressing the Power Button and Volume Down at the same time and choose Deny.

Step 3: Take the screenshot again and choose to Deny & don’t ask again.

Step 4: Take another screenshot and select Settings then Permissions.

Step 5: Now tap on Search Icon & search for Chrome and open it.

Step 6: You will have to download the Apex Launcher app & Pangu FRP bypass apk. Visit and search for the FRP app or you can search for it on Google.

Step 7: Now install the Pangu FRP bypass apk and don’t open it.

Step 8: Download Apex Launcher & open it.

Step 9: Now go to Setting > biometrics and security >  other security settings > device admin apps Turn off the Find My Device.

Step 10: Go back to the settings app and tap on Apps.

Step 11: Next head to Google Play Services  > Disable > Disable app

Step 12: Go back to Setting  > Accounts and backup  >  Accounts  > add account  > Google.

Step 13: You can now sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 14: Again go to Setting > apps > Disabled and Enable Google Play Services.

That’s all. You can then restart your Samsung device and follow the onscreen instruction to set it up as a new one. Good luck.

About Samsung Galaxy A03

The Samsung A03 FAQs is a nice device and also the successor of the Samsung A02 device. The smartphone comes with a screen display size of 6.5 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. It is powered by Octa-core (2×1.6 GHz & 6×1.6 GHz) SOC and runs on Android 11 OS with an inbuilt memory of 32GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM. It has 48 MP dual rear cameras and a 5 MP front camera plus a 5000 mAh battery capacity.


Friday 21st of July 2023

I have a Samsung Galaxy A03s that I bought and the previous owner forgot to take their Google account off.None of the tutorials to bypass my screen lock pattern or bypass Google frp have worked. I have performed a factory reset and the pattern lock is still there. I can connect to Wi-Fi and I have been able to enter my own email address (Google)but it still wants the previous owners email address or for me to input the correct pattern to unlock it. But when I input the wrong pattern the 1st time it says right away to try again in 1 minute and it doesn't count down. What steps can I take to unlock it? There is no sim card in it and hasn't been on in it since I bought it. I've checked the IMEI and it's clean so I know it wasn't reported stolen which is no surprise since I bought it from the original owner. Unfortunately he has passed away and I have no information about anything he might have had as an email address or phone number.