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Best Video Calling Apps Allow in Dubai 2023

Video Calling Apps in UAE: If you are a resident in Dubai or UAE, you would agree with me that the Protocol (VoIP) functions in the UAE are banned. So the resident is not allowed to make calls or videos calling using the popular WhatsApp calls, Skype, Viber, and so on when you are in the country.

This, however, does not mean that residents in Dubai are not allowed to make video calls or make any calls at all using Apps. Yes, you are allowed to some extent to make video calls to your friends in UAE and outside UAE as well. Below, we will be showing you how to make video calls in the UAE and Dubai using apps.

How to make video calls in Dubai 2023

Below is the list of Video calling apps you can use in Dubai and UAE.



BOTIM is one of the few video-calling apps that work in Dubai. The voice and video call App is approved by the UAE authority and anyone can use it to make video calls. All you need to use the app is data or Wi-Fi and a subscription plan since it’s not free.

The subscription plan ranges from Dh50 or Dh100 a month depending on whether you need it on your mobile or your home Wi-Fi.

2. Totok


Totok is a free one unlink the one above, you can use this app to make video calls for free in UAE and Dubai. This free HD video and voice calls work perfectly in the UAE without any restrictions. The app is no longer available for download on Google Playstore and App store. You can get it on other apk websites.

3. Squad App

Squad App

Those in the UAE can download this Squad App for making video calls and voice calls. The app even supports group video chat features. You can even use the Squad app to watch YouTube videos and see your friend’s reactions. Watch TikTok videos, simple screen sharing and call friends as well.

You can also use the screen-sharing features to show your friends anything you browse on social media. The video chat features work with a maximum of 9 people.

4. C’ME


C’ME is another great video-calling app in the UAE. This is the best alternative for those that want to make international calls. With this app, users can avail of internet calling in the UAE and make live HD video and voice calls to friends and family. It also has a massage feature that users can use to share photos, videos, emoji icons, files, and audio messages.



The HIU Messenger is an easy-to-use internet calling app that works in Dubai. The resident can use the HIU messenger app to make video calls using data or WiFi. It comes with message options as well and it’s available on Google Playstore for download or Apple store for iOS devices.



VOICO is another great alternative to Whatsapp video calling that doesn’t work in the UAE. It brings some dandy features that allow the resident to enjoy video calling in Dubai. This international calling App allows people from all over the world to make HD video calls and many more.

The calling plan is available through Etisalat and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In March 2020, du announced that the telecom company will be offering unlimited and free calls through the Voice UAE app. The free plan is for du customers with a prepaid or postpaid line, Home Service or a Business prepaid or postpaid line.



YZERCHAT is another latest video calling app in the UAE for both Android users and iOS users. The app allows users to make unlimited voice and video calls, as well as use the messaging feature to send photos, videos and voice notes and group chat with friends and family.

It’s part of the free video app that is allowed in the UAE. It also comes with support for 16 languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and French with more to come.

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