YTSLV – Download Latest YIFY Movies in 720p, 1080p, 4k, & 2160p

YTSLV is a website created by Yiftach Swery at the headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. It came into existence in the month of August  2011. This platform is best known for downloading high-quality based movies, YIFY Movies torrent in Bluray 720p, 1080p,4k, and 2160p quality the database.

    This Indian website is popular for distributing the latest YIFY Movies, TV series, and HD movies at no charge in the YTSLV. The policy of every Indian telecommunication channel is to avoid the display of dirty immoral acts which are against the tradition and custom of the Indian people. Although most parents don’t feel safe enough to let their children access platforms like this so as to prevent them from seeing irresponsible things.

According to Wikipedia, YTSLV can also be called YIFY Torrent, which is well noted for the peer-to-peer release group which distributes a handsome amount of movies freely through the bit Torrent.

YTSLV movies

  YTSLV allows you to download different varieties of your choice using the platform. You can download YIFY Movies like:

1. Open Five 2.

2. Mousa.

3. The hurt Locker.

4. Graves.

5. Gasoline Alley.

6. Talons of the Eagle.

7. Brute Corps.

8. Never open the door.

9. Jigsaw.

10. Odd couple.

And so much more.

IS YTSLV safe and legit?

This question has been asked so many times by the public on how safe and legit this website is. For the safety of every user on this platform, we have surveyed and gotten reviews from the public on how the site works and their experience with it.

Some of the reviews we got from the public about the site are that it is not safe for downloading files since it has been noted to have been used several times by cyber criminals to proliferate malicious programs. It is also unsafe to Download copyrighted content through Torrent web pages. As we know, it is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the approval of the copyright holder.

  YTSLV has been stripped by the Telecommunication department of India for piracy and has imposed a penalty and fine on anyone caught in the act or possibly imprisoned.

    To some other users, this site is safe for browsing but you need to critically check the content before downloading. When a VPN is used, there is a lesser chance of corrupting your device. To me, Downloading files general from any website online is at owners’ risk. Sometimes we tend to be very careful about things like this but certain things still happen. But this site doesn’t seem safe enough to me but it doesn’t stop you from getting what trying it out. Just take safety precautions and proper guidelines.

Best Alternatives to YTSLV

1. The pirate bay.

    Pirate Bay is one of the most popular Torrent sites known to have the capacity to download a large number of files like Torrent movies, software, TV series, music, and many other entertainment activities without congesting them.

2. 1337x- Top YIFY clone site

       1337x is a Torrent site that is programmed to accommodate a large number of persons who are torrent enthusiasts, to browse through movies, games, music, TV series, Anime, and many more. This site relieves the users from the stress of searching manually for popular and trending torrents since it provides the trending section at the YTS alternative.

3. Kickass Torrent

     Recently, the kickass has been recognized on the internet as one of the most popular Torrent sites since 2021. This torrent site is tested to be the best alternative to access the YIFY Movies when the YTS is not available. It allows users to locate the torrent catalog, most popular Torrent, and Top torrent sections at the top, which reveals the common and recent searches on the platform

4. Extratorrent

This torrent site was doing very well before it was shut down by the legal authorities and their officials. It was brought to the mud in the year 2017. Ever since then, there has not been a trace of this site on the internet. This platform was one of the most popular sites. It could serve as an alternative to YTS since it covers a wide variety of audiences, providing an adequate amount of torrent files to the internet.

5. Rarbg-Perfect YIFY Movies alternative

This site is known as the world’s best torrent site. On this platform, you can always Download torrent files from here with no stress and at a fast rate. No matter how good something is, there must definitely be a setback. This platform is faced with the challenge of frequent advertisements and pop-ups but still, but it still remains the best for Downloading.

6. Lime Torrent.

7. Zooqle.

8. EZTV.

All the above-mentioned Torrent sites can be a replacement for YTS. This site serves the same purpose as the YTS with little or no difference. 

Some of the devices that can be used to Download YIFY Movies. 

1. a laptop.


3. Ipad.

4. Desktop

5. Android phones.

How to make a YIFY Download.

1. Go to the website

2. search for the movie of your choice by Inputting the name on the search button.

3. Download the Yify movie Torrent from YTS.

4. After your favorite YIFY movie Torrent has been downloaded, open the torrent with your torrent client and download the Movies.

In conclusion:

YTSLV is a very good platform to download from. This Torrent focuses on the publicity of free Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Over the years, it has become one of the best torrent platforms for downloading YIFY Movies with exceptional Excellence in graphic user interface and download compatibility.

YTSLV provides you with a large number of quality movies from all parts of the world like Chinese, India, America, Europe, and many other countries. The most interesting part about this site is that it allows you to freely download your favorite movie without any form of registration or sign-up.

It has a friendly interface with allows users from different parts of the world to download files in their own languages and genres. Before now, YIFY Movies were normally uploaded in small sizes and they published their work directly to the Torrent sites. But over the years improved into a more standard brand which we know today as YTSLV. This brought the advancement, from releasing a small size in Torrent sites to featuring a high-quality release of the latest movies without clustering them.

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