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Why Can Some Gadgets Provoke the Death of their Owners?

Gadgets are usually really safe, but sometimes they can prove to be dangerous, and even lead to death. Find out how to prevent them and avoid them altogether.

Although today’s gadgets are the safest they’ve ever been, there still comes some danger when using them. Our education system doesn’t teach us enough about the safe use of gadgets, so people tend to make mistakes that can even lead to their death. Thankfully, these incidents don’t occur often, but we should still learn about these dangers and how to prevent them.


 Not being careful enough while using them

The main reason people get injured while using certain gadgets is because they don’t pay attention to their surroundings. There have been numerous stories of people seriously injuring themselves while trying to take a selfie only because they didn’t notice the danger which was right beside them. This nonchalant approach more often than not leads to serious consequences and sometimes even death.

Whether you’re in a school or a university, you’ve probably had lessons where you discussed these kinds of incidents. Death is a really hard topic to discuss as no teacher or a student knows exactly how it feels like. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop teachers from giving you writing assignments that cover these topics. If you’re struggling with death essay topics, checking free essays online may really help you out. They may provide a better understanding of how to approach the topic of death and similar ones.

Trusting them too much

One problem with how technically advanced we’ve become is that we take many things for granted. We completely overlook the possibility of bugs occurring which can seriously damage both the gadget and us. One example of this is the surge of electric vehicles and their autopilot feature, with the most popular being Tesla cars. Even Elon Musk himself said that the autopilot isn’t complete and that the driver should always maintain contact with the wheel. Unfortunately, people think that the autopilot feature is perfect and that it can’t make a mistake, which can lead to crashes and serious injuries.

The other problem is the fast evolution of AI. There are many scientists and even films made that show how AI could overtake us in the future if we’re not careful enough. It is only the beginning when it comes to AI technology but if the corporations and inventors become greedy, really bad things could happen in the future.

 Getting hacked

No matter how much money you’ve spent on the newest antivirus software, you can still be subject to getting hacked. Although cybersecurity is rapidly advancing, so are the hackers and malware which can harm your devices and you. The newest form of cyberattacks, ransomware sees hackers taking control of your computer and all your personal information and data. Then they blackmail you into sending them money, or else they’ll publish this information, which can destroy your reputation and relationships.

This often involves big sums of money, which many people can’t provide. This forces them to collect the money in illegal ways which destroys their mental health. Sadly, sometimes this experience traumatizes them too much and they end up committing suicide with no other way of getting out of the situation.


As previously mentioned, incidents that can happen while using some of these dangerous technologies don’t occur often. But when they do, there are usually serious consequences which can even include death. The best way to tackle this problem would be for colleges to introduce classes that talk about these issues and how to avoid them altogether. Companies should also be more concerned about their customers and try their best to explain how to safely use their gadgets without causing any problems.

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