How To Apply For A Police Clearance Certificate In Dubai/UAE Online

What is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)? And how can one apply for the police clearance certificate in Dubai online? Do u have an idea? Don’t panic, this article will elucidate more on these concepts in a way that won’t be difficult to understand. Before I lay Down my point I will like to throw more light on the Police clearance certificate.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 

 This can also be referred to as ‘good conduct certificate’. It is proof of a citizen’s criminal record or the lack of it in a particular country. In the United Arab Emirate, the certificate is given by the police department across the UAE to any individual that is not guilty of any particular crime.

In other words, PCC is proof of good conduct. Note: It is currently available for applicants who are currently residing in the UAE and also for those who are no longer residing in the UAE.

 Viable Ways On How To Apply For Police Clearance Certificate In Dubai Online 

 How to apply for a police clearance certificate in Dubai is not far fetched, the only legalized means of getting it is through the minister of interiors website and on their smartphone app MOI UAE presently now on iTunes and Google Play.

Nevertheless, you can likewise visit one of the ministers of the interior service center and get the document done immediately you might have finished filling the application form and paying applicable fees via the usage of the card.

Before this, in Dubai, you can get this service through Dubai Police’s website or the Dubai Police smart app. If by any way you want to get it offline, it is just simple, kindly visit the Dubai police offices and get the services, right there at the police offices various documents will be required for you to fill and those documents are as follows 

  •  Valid Emirate ID card 
  •  Letter from the beneficiary indicating that you don’t have any criminal convictions
  •  Recent passport
  •  Copy of the applicant’s passport 

 What if you are a non-resident of UAE and you want to secure a police clearance certificate PCC in Dubai what with it entail? Guidelines below will help you immensely

Your fingerprint card from the country you are residing in is needed if you are a no longer resident of the UAE and the fingerprint card must be attested by the UAE Embassy there. What is a fingerprint card? This is an absolutely and official report from the police department which supports the identity of the person based on his biometrics and decimal fingerprint.

After that you can now proceed and send your request for PCC online to the minister of the interior – UAE portal or to Dubai Police at Police Clearance Certificate. Don’t send it leaving these documents below 

  •  A fingerprint card that is approved by the UAE Embassy 
  •  Two current passports – sized photograph 
  •  Your valid passport 
  •  Copy of your previous UAE visa
  •  Lastly, the reason for the application 


 Are you aware that the certificate can be issued in both Arab and English? Also, the fees vary based on the language, where the applicant is from and the current place of residence of the applicant. To throw more light on, the Fees and time of the service are usually indicated in the service card, and sometimes it ranges from Dh300 to 100.

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