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Type of UAE Visit Visa and Charges

The purpose of Visiting UAE maybe for tourism, employment, business, health issues, etc. However, you will have to apply for different types of UAE Visas as per your purpose of visit.

UAE visa type

Types of UAE Visas

1. 30-day tourist visa

This is a visa type issued to people who are visiting UAE for leisure purposes. It is usually for people from countries without free visa entry. This visa grants the holder any entry permit of 30 days.

2. 90-day tourist visa

This visa type is almost the same thing with a 30-day tourist visa except for the fact that the holder has an entry permit of 90days. It may occur in the form of

  •   -Single-entry long term visa
  •   -Multi-entry long term visa.
  1. Entry permit for patients and their companions

This is the visa type issued to foreign patients who are visiting UAE for treatment. It is usually sponsored by a medical facility or occurs in two forms

  • -Single-entry permit
  • -Multiple-entry permit. Not only the multiple-entry permit allows for extension,

4. Service/14-day visa

This is the Visa type offered to those who wish to stay in UAE for up to 14days and have confirmed their return ticket to other destinations through the Emirate airline.

5. e-Visa for Residents from GCC

This visa is procured online by residents. Here the residents travel along with their sponsors and companions. This visit has a permit of 30days which can be able extended.

6. Students visa

This is a visa type issued to students who wish to study in any of the UAE universities and colleges. This visa permit is only for one year and requires immediate renewal after expiration.

7. Transit visa

This visa type occurs as either as a  48hours visa or a 96hours visa. Both visa types are non-extendable and must be sponsored by Dubai airline.


Below are the charges for each of the above visa types based

  • 90 days (Tourist Visa) fee: AED 695
  • 30 days (Tourist Visa) fee: AED 336
  • 14 days (Service Visa) fee: AED 43190
  • Multi-Entry Long Term Visa fee: AED 1695
  • Express 30 days (Tourist Visa) fee: AED 415
  • Express 14 days (Service Visa) fee: AED 51030
  • Days Multi Entry Short Term Visa fee: AED670
  • Cancellation Charge fee: AED 110

After all said and done, getting all these visas listed above I not that difficult just make sure you follow the right source and direction. If you still need further clarification, use the comment box and we will help you.

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