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How To View Your Recently Added Songs In Apple Music

Have you ever added a song in your Apple music and all of a sudden the song disappears to thin light? obviously, it pains, not only that it pains, but it will also be cumbersome and stressful to search for the recently added song. All thanks to Apple Music on the iPhone, it has the ability to view recently added songs within the Music app.

With the help of this unique article, you will be able to view all your recently added songs in Apple Music if you are finding it difficult to do that. So I will request you read in between the line so you will not miss any step. But before I proceed I will like to elucidate briefly on the advantages and the disadvantages of Apple Music to know if it is worth subscribing.

Apple Music


 Advantages Of Apple Music

  •  Huge Music Catalog Still Easy Music Discovering
  •  Offline Listening
  •  Beats 1 Radio
  •  A Connection Interface between Musicians and Fans
  •  Price and Availability

Huge Music Catalog Still Easy Music Discovering

It has been discovered that there are over 40 million songs in the Apple Music catalog and apparently all the music you can ever think of are right there at the Apple Music Catalog. To be sincere many think it can be mind-blowing to find the one you want but all thanks to ‘for you’ section of the app, it gets to know your preferences and generates recommendations from professionals who know and love music based on what you normally listen to.

 Offline Listening

It is now rampant that paid Apple music users will have the opportunity to download album and songs they like for the purpose of offline listening by so doing, listening to music won’t require a network connection in any form, is automatically free. Imagine how to relax you will be listening to this offline music on your fight or trips.

Beats 1 Radio

Apple Music gives users the access to tune in to Beats 1, an exclusive, 24-7, human-run global radio station broadcasting to 100 countries. This actually enables some individual that doesn’t know what to search for to listen and discover the artist they will later stream at their leisure time.

 A Connection Interface Between Musicians and Fans

Right inside Apple Music, there is this Tap called ‘Connect‘ this enable artist to share a feed of lyrics, music, photos, videos, and text posts with their fans. The main motive of this device is to create an avenue of a good relationship between musicians and fans.

 Price and Availability

There are always three months of free trials to give Apple Music a shot. Then After the duration of 3 months, $10 a month is needed to use Apple Music. Although this doesn’t sound funny, it doesn’t sound very appealing.

But the $14.99 family plan which allows up to six accounts aggressively courts parents. Happily, Apple has started making Apple music Available not only on iOS, Mac, or Apple watch but on android phones and window PCs. Apparently, Apple music is available in 114 countries.


 Disadvantages of Apple Music

  •  No Free/Ad-Supported Tier
  •  Protected Songs
  •  Cluttered and Confusing Interface.

No Free/Ad-Supported Tier

Apple Music is a lack of ad-supported tier. is just the opposite of Spotify which offers limited free ad-supported tier and this prompts some desperate individual to consider Spotify as a choice? Fortunately, it is also those people that finally turn into paying subscribers. So I think is very vital for Apple Music to offer an ad-supported tier.

Protected Songs

To be candid, it is absolutely inconvenient to enjoy music in Apple Music, you know why? Because Apple Music locked all your downloaded songs with Apple FairPlay Protection. Again you can not keep your downloaded songs if you are canceling the subscription, not only that, you can not also be able to play the music on devices without Apple ID signed in.

 Cluttered and Confusing Interface

The messy design on Apple music makes Apple Music bizarrely un Apple-like. It is just abstract from the design philosophy that built iOS. Again many of the screen is cluttered and confusing.

 Tips On How To See Your Recently Added Songs In Apple Music

My candid advice is for you to read in between the lines and to simply adhere to the instructions and guidelines that will be outlined below for you to be able to see your recently added songs in Apple music just in a twinkle of an eye.

  1. From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad open the default ‘music‘ app.
  2. Go to the ‘library‘ section within the music app
  3. The first option that will pup up under the library is the playlist, click on it.
  4. On the playlist, keep going down until you see the ‘Recently Added’ playlist and click on it.
  5. At this juncture, you will see all the songs you recently added to your music library. If you keep scrolling down you will see the total number of songs in the playlist alongside with the duration of the songs


Indeed, this is the steps required to access the recently added songs in Apple music. Note. Besides the songs you added from Apple Music, the local music files from syncing with iTunes could also be added to the playlist. With all confidence, I am fully aware that by now you can recover your recently added song in Apple music in a twinkle of an eye.

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