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TheWiSpy Review: Best Tracking Solution for Android Devices

Parents are stressed every day because of their kids’ constant interaction with the internet, which can cause dreadful situations. They can get in trouble with a stranger, start to adopt bad habits, or get harassed online. It will affect their mental health and studies. You should teach kids about the good and bad impacts of smartphones, and if they still don’t listen, select an alternative.

The best solution is installing a cell phone tracking app on children’s phones. However, choosing a perfect spy app is not easy as you might think. There are many good options available online that might seem good initially but don’t fulfill your needs. The best way to decide which android tracking app is exceptional is to review its features and functionality.

You’ll be saved from the confusion and concentrate on the real issues such as ensuring kid’s security. Here we will talk about THEWISPY in detail, and you can make a good decision after reviewing the app because it is the best app you can find in the market.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a tracking app that you can use to monitor several activities on any android device. There is one restriction before you can get any information from the target device remotely. You have to install TheWiSpy on the target phone or tablet. A huge benefit for end-user is that it works in stealth mode.

You can spy secretly, and the app will send the fetched information to an online portal where you can view it. It has 30+ features that can get any data from the target device with a few clicks. TheWiSpy is an app to spy on the android phone where your privacy is the top priority. So the sensitive data is protected, and only you’re allowed to view it or make changes to it.

Who needs TheWiSpy app?

TheWiSpy is a versatile tracking solution; you can use it for multiple purposes. For example, it has more than 30 features. Here are four primary motives for using the TWS app.

  1. Parental control app:

Parents who are tired of keeping up with kids’ lives and failing to provide a secure environment are always looking for a solution. And here comes TheWiSpy parental control app; thousands of folks use this spy app to monitor their kid’s online activity on smart devices.

It helps parents control their kids from accessing inappropriate content and save them from harmful strangers. In addition, it’s easier to protect them from danger when you have a heads up on the situation beforehand.

  1. Employer monitoring app:

Managing remote working employees is very hard; you can’t tell whether they are working or wasting time. TheWiSpy is highly popular among employers because it helps them to monitor daily activity and report progress. In addition, it has advanced features that enable owners to catch deceiving employees selling the company’s secrets behind their backs.

  1. Partner monitoring:

Every relationship once faces a situation in life where doubts occur. For example, you might have a suspicion of your partner cheating or keeping something secret. TheWiSpy has high-quality monitoring features that can help you track every single activity on the target device. People around the world use the TWS android tracking app to confront their partners and find peace.

  1. Cell phone tracker:

If you have sensitive data on your phone and can’t risk losing it, then it is better that you have a backup option. Many people install TheWiSpy app on their own digital devices, so if they lose the cell phone or laptop, they still have access to it. TheWiSpy cell phone tracking app will locate where exactly the target device in the world is. Besides that, users are also able to back up their information and delete important files remotely.

TheWiSpy supported devices:

TheWiSpy is supported by android devices that have at least 4.0 OS versions. You can check the target device compatibility before purchasing the app for a better experience.

How to install TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is user-friendly software, which means the process of installing and using the app is not difficult. You don’t need good technical knowledge to get the software downloaded to the target device. Just follow the guideline and start tracking remotely.

Step 1:

The first thing to do is create a TheWiSpy account by purchasing a suitable plan from the website. Next, you need to provide information about yourself, such as email address, credit card details, and the target device data. Shortly you will have an account assigned to you.

Step 2:

Now that your account is set, you should install the TWS app to track android phones using a provided link. You can use the given guide to ensure proper installation because initial steps need consideration. Once the downloading is done, the app will conceal itself from the user, and now you can put back the target phone.

Step 3:

The remaining part is a piece of cake, you can log in to your TheWiSpy account through a web browser, and the dashboard will have all features listed. Then, you can use any of the advanced functions and start tracking phones.

TheWiSpy key features:

Primary features:

  • Call monitoring:

Call monitoring is an important feature in tracking; TheWiSpy allows the user to check call logs that include incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, you will know the caller’s name, duration of the call, and contact number.

  • SMS monitoring:

You can monitor received and sent SMS on the target device using TheWiSpy SMS tracker app. The application allows you to view text message chats for better monitoring.

  • Contact spy:

Get access to view the phone book on the target cell phone using the TWS contact spy app. You can view details such as number, name, and you can also delete or block any contact remotely.

  • Multimedia files control:

Apart from online activity tracking, you can view saved files, videos, and images on the spied phone.

Advanced features:

  • App tracking:

TheWiSpy gives you access to all installed apps on the target device, such as you can view the online activity of social media, gaming, and entertainment apps. The app saves login information through keyloggers and offers tracking services to the user.

  • Web-history controls:

You will get a detailed report on browsed history, including visited websites, saved cookies, and downloaded files. You can control which website your child can approach by setting parental controls or blocking inappropriate sites.

  • GPS tracking:

It is an important feature for an app to spy on Android phones because it helps track down the target’s current location. You can track GPS location of your child, employee, or even your lost phone.

  • Geofencing:

Geofencing is an important parental control with advanced functions; you can put boundaries on a certain area you don’t want your kid to visit. It works so that TWS uses a map to place restrictions, and when the child enters the location, you will get a notification.

Remote features:

  • Remote camera spy:

TheWiSpy remote feature gives you control to capture pictures remotely. The app uses the target device’s camera to click, and the images are sent to the account so the user can view them.

  • Live microphone recording:

You can record live conversation around the target device; TheWiSpy cell phone tracking app commands the microphone to start recording. The final audio is sent to the end-user on the online control panel for listening or storing.

  • Video recording:

Record the saved videos on the phone and back them up on TheWiSpy account. Then, you can view the video on the dashboard.


Monitoring applications have gained popularity among people with time for personal reasons. We have given you a review of a great android tracking app. TheWiSpy has advanced features that can help you spy with quality results and in amazing price plans. You can use TWS for monitoring your kid, employee, and partner.

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