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Stock Android VS Android One VS Android Go: Which One is Better?

If you are an Android user, you must be familiar with this three version of Android, Android One, Android Go and Stock Android. Now you might be tempted to ask, what is stock Android? what is Android One? and how does it differ with each other? The truth is that most people are already confused about this terms and sometimes they find it difficult to choose between this Android version because they don’t know the meaning nor the features of them.

One thing you need to know is that Android on its own is an operating system while the terms above are the three version of the Android operating system. Although they share similar features in common, still they also have their differences. In this post, we will be looking at the comparison between the stock Android (Android Oreo), Android Go and the Android One. First of all, let’s look at the meaning and features of Stock Android.

stock android vs android one

Stock Android (Android Oreo)

Android just as you might have heard is owned by Google and it’s an open source. Because of that many powerful firms and company introduces new versions of Android each year in other to meets the demand for regular updates that will bring new exciting features and improve the security. So when you update an Android, the name and the version changes and sometimes this will also affect the user’s interface as well.

Now the stock Android is a default version of OS which is normally found on Nexus phones. Since the Nexus phone is no longer in existence, we can now find this version in pixels phones. The main reason why it’s called stock Android is that it’s built by Google, this is why it’s now the default version of Pixel phones which is also owned by Google as well.

Stock Android (Android Oreo) Features

One of the main features of the stock Android which is Android Oreo is the Google Daydream which can turn your smartphone into a VR friendly device allowing you to play VR games. Other features include picture-in-picture mode which allows you to switch between Apps and still retain the previous app on your screen. This version works on Password Autofill in all Android phones. The most exciting feature is that it ensures smooth performance, faster updates, and more free storage. Furthermore, it does not come with the user interface. This means the phone manufacturer will be the one to choose their own UI to integrate into the Android devices.

stock android vs android one

Android One & Features

The Android One was originally introduced in 2014. This phone is mainly built for low entry-level devices. But right, it’s now made available for high-end smartphones. The topmost exciting feature of the Android One is that it received updates directly from Google. Since the version is built by Google, it means the phone will be Smart, Secure and Simply to use. The manufacturer will only focus on the hardware aspect and allows Google to handle the software related issues. Even Nokia, Motorola, HTC and Xiaomi are now in partnership with Google to bring Android One. Over the few months, the introduction of Android One has become much successful than ever imagine.

Android Go & Features

Android Go is mainly for low-end devices. The version is intended to improve the overall performance of budget phones. You will find this version in 1GB or less RAM. Any Android phone that is preloaded with Android Go will have Google service’s preinstalled on the device. This includes Gmail Go, Search Go, Maps Go, YouTube Go and many more. All these apps are the lite version and they only required small less memory to run smoothly.


With this, you can now choose with confidence the best Android version that will be suitable for the kind of phone you want. So, if you are looking for a budget Android phone that can handle day to day phone activities without lagging, the Android Go will be best for you. And if you want to always get regular updates directly from Google, then you should go for Stock Android (Android Oreo).

Furthermore, if you want to receive Google updates to OEM, then you should go for the Android One.
In a wrap-up, the stock Android comes directly from Google and they also take charge of the hardware as well as the software just like the Pixels, while the Android One also come directly from Google, but they only provide updates and patches. As for Android Go, it’s similar to the Android One. It comes from Google but designed for low-end level Android phones with less memory.

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