Stake Announces New Streaming Partnership with Rapper Drake

Casino game streaming is growing to new heights as an increasing number of players and operators get into the field. Stake Casino is one of the biggest names in casino streaming. Recently, the cryptocurrency gambling site has been investing in top casino gamers on Twitch to stream live. It currently works with a list of premium channels, promoting crypto gambling to the world. In March 2022, Stake made its boldest move yet.

The online casino announced a collaboration with multi-award winning Canadian rapper, Drake. Stake and Drake’s partnership is one of the biggest for the gambling website, which caters to Canadian players. Although the operator has a host of other collaborations, this move stands to solidify it as one of the biggest crypto betting platforms in the world. The stake is working on building its community through a range of exciting events that attract all types of players to the platform. Details of the partnership remain skimpy, but fans can expect a fresh take on casino streaming.

Casino game streaming

Stake’s co-founder, Ed Craven, explained that Drake was already a member of their global community. So, this partnership was a natural progression of the relationship. Craven said both parties “share the same love for crypto, gambling, and community.” Their interest in the technology and what it can do for internet gaming-inspired this decision

Drake on Stake

From the announcement, the multi-platinum hip hop star will hold a series of live events throughout the year. At the moment, Stake has not been clear about the nature of the streams Drake will put together. The superstar, on Instagram, said that in an upcoming event, he will play to win, then give away the proceeds because “what’s better than sharing the love with my people?” The ‘Drake in Stake’ event doesn’t have an official date yet. So, players who want to be part of it should keep an eye out for the announcement.

Besides this main event, gamblers and fans will get an opportunity to participate as Drake streams for Stake Casino. The rapper plans to work with the casino’s marketing team to schedule exclusive content that will involve viewers. Audiences will be allowed to show their love for casino gaming by playing alongside Drake on live streams. It would be a chance for players to showcase their skills. Stake also promises big prizes for participants.

No Stranger to Betting

Drake is a sensible choice for this collaboration because he is known for being a daring gambler. In the past, the rapper made headlines with ridiculously exorbitant wagers. He reportedly staked over $1 million worth of Bitcoin on Super Bowl LVI for the Rams to beat the Bengals.

Two out of three bets won, bringing in a sizeable return. In 2018, Drake had a wager with Quavo from Migos on the college football playoffs, where the latter had to part with a significant sum. History indicates that Drake is not one to shy away from huge gambles, which is what casinos streaming is all about. Since live streams can last an hour or more, players have to be willing to spend money.

Drake is also a big roulette fan, meaning it’s the game he intends to wager on during his broadcasts. The rapper’s love for roulette is no secret. At one time, he posted a clip of him gambling on live roulette from home on the Stake online casino.

He won a hefty sum and was quick to express his appreciation for online gaming, where he doesn’t have to worry about leaving the comfort of his house to catch his favorite games. Whether Drake will bet on other casino games in his live streams is unclear.

Another reason Stake went with Drake is his attitude towards digital currency. The artist has been vocal about his commitment to cryptocurrency, even using it to bet. Stake is one of the top gaming sites where customers can gamble with virtual currency.

As for where the gambling broadcasts will take place, the speculation is Instagram, although those details are not available either. Drake used the social media site to broadcast previous gaming content. He currently doesn’t have a Twitch account.

Operator and Player Streaming Deals

In recent years, deals between gambling companies and celebrities of all calibre increased dramatically. Influencer marketing is one of the ways online casinos sell their services to gamblers. When slot streaming entered the mainstream, it provided operators with another marketing avenue. Gaming websites offer sponsorship deals to popular streamers as part of their advertising.

Content creators get an income stream, while casinos gain exposure. One type of partnership is product sponsorship, where influencers, like Drake, in this case, promote a particular brand. It could be the casino he is playing at or specific titles. Another deal is a tournament sponsorship, which involves the influencer competing with other players.

This Drake on Stake deal could boost the operator’s standing in the market considerably. The Canadian hip hop artist has a large fan base, with millions of them following him on social networks. Broadcasting himself gaming on the casino can sell the site to other players.

Some gamblers might want to try the gambling platform after seeing his live streams. Brands sometimes work on product development with streamers, but the announcement didn’t say that. Only time will reveal the scope of the collaboration between the two parties. Fan of casino streams should keep an eye out for the fresh content Stake promised this year.

Although Drake is one of the biggest megastars to work with Stake, he is not the only one. In February, retired footballer Sergio Aguero entered a multi-year deal with the betting site.

The partnership between Stake Casino and Drake looks to shake things up in the casino streaming section of online gambling. With the rapper’s high profile and the operator’s wide reach, this collaboration will appeal to a broad audience, boosting the casino’s presence.

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