SolarMovie: Free Movie Site to Watch TV Shows for free

Enjoying movies today is one of the most popular desires for everyone, and the internet has made it even easier. As humans, not everyone is capable of paying some thousand Naira per month for movies and TV shows. Some individuals don’t watch movies frequently. Others find it not worth the money.

To some extent this is all true, even some premium sites have their shortcomings such as slow loading times, unfriendly UI, etc. Rather than paying for a subscription, you can save some money for some popcorn, cheesy pizza and a bottle of wine then enjoys free movie streaming and Tv shows.

That would make watching movies so much better. With no payment or signup, you can also have full access to their extensive library content. As they are ad-free, users would not have to be worried about viruses and pop-up ads.

Solarmovie is a free website to watch movies and Tv shows. Available on the internet, solar movies are one of the innovators of streaming online movies.

As one of the big names in the field of online movies, solar Movie is certainly a prominent film entertainment website in the world.


What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is a popular free movie site that has been repeatedly visited by millions of movie fanatics for years. SolarMovie allows users to watch movies and TV shows online for free in HD quality with numerous subtitles. Solar movies consider their user’s safety as the top priority therefore, it added the ad-free feature to protect them from possible virus and malware attacks.

They are confident to be the best movie site with a comprehensive content library, superb streaming, high resolution, capabilities, fast updates, excellent customer service, and no risk at all. 

SolarMovie is presently the safest and best site to watch free movies and TV shows online. In addition, SolarMovies is always free in every point of the world. It is free to use, with no signup needed, free from ferocious computer programs, users can navigate on their own free will.  

SolarMovie does not require viewers’ private information for a signup, meaning that users can stay unidentified on the site. With no information disclosed, users are safe from data loss and individuality theft. Apart from the complete safety for users, SolarMovies can easily win the record of best movie site gratitude to these features

Solarmovie boasts one of the biggest varieties with tens of thousands of free movies and TV shows covering all genres and subgenres. No matter what your taste in movies is, solarmovie is confident to keep you comfy and has fascinating titles to offer you. They have thrillers for a stormy day, romantic titles for a Saturday night, or dramas for a long weekend. Clear your schedule and enjoy their irresistible content.

How SolarMovie operate

As one of the countless online movies watching websites on the internet, what makes solarmovies unique is that it’s prominent among the remaining opponents is the quality of the movies and particularly viewers need not register and users can view and use all the features of the site without spending any money.

In addition, not only they can watch online, but Solarmovies also enables users to download movies instantly from the home page, providing viewers with the freedom to enjoy movies when they are offline. With countless movies from many countries such as the USA, China, Hong Kong, Thailand,  with ultimate diverse genres such as Horror, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy,

Categories of Movie and Series displayed on Solarmovies 

Genre: if viewers move the mouse on the Genre button on the Solarmovies menu, an information panel will appear and show viewers all the accessible movie genres on the website, users can sense any of their favorite movie genres, ranging from Action, Mystery, Musical,  Romance, Sport, Sci-Fi,  Horror, Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Animation.

Television Series: This is where users can watch any drama from the first to the last episode of the series displayed on TV or popular film stations. This enables viewers to follow every episode without interference or being influenced by any plugs.

Cinema: Nothing could be incredible than having the option to partake in the most recent blockbuster movies at home free of charge. That is all Solarmovies needs to bring to its users when they click on this option. Large varieties with the most recent films are being displayed in films all over the planet.

Country: To serve all users all over the planet, Solarmovies has chosen a class of films out of various nations, and in this class, users can see a list of nations and series from that country. For instance USA, China, India,

Top IMDB: Probably every film fan knows about IMDB, the site that audits and ranks the movies on the planet accordingly Furthermore, in this category, Solarmovies has chosen the movies with the highest rating, got the best reviews by IMDB itself. Viewers should simply partake in the best cinematographic works of all time.

Features of SolarMovie

The following are part of the important features of Solar films which we will dive into.

  • Simple to explore and utilize interface.
  • Have millions of great films, Tv shows, and Tv series.
  • The search button up on the landing page enables users to effortlessly get directly to anything recorded on their desired site.
  • Every single, Tv series and show on the site can be downloaded for free.
  • They are exceptionally quick in updating their portal with the current and the most recent film, television series, or program.
  • The films, network programs, and television series on their site are completely introduced in incredible characteristics.

How to download free movies and TV shows from solarmovie:

1) Search for the video on First of all, you want to look for the video which you are excited about watching. After looking through the video, you will need to cut or copy the URL from the URL box.

2) Paste the video URL: The Second step takes you closer to downloading your movie once you get the video URL now you want to look through the web engine, for example, 9xbuddy in the location bar. Presently at the landing page of the 9xbuddy, you will see the box where it is written enter the URL of the video you need to download now paste the URL into the box and click on the download button.

3) Happy Downloading: After pasting the URL it will require some time for extraction of the connection link, after extraction, you can see the different media files accessible in different quality sizes you want. After choosing your favorable document size and quality click on the download button your movie will get downloaded shortly. After downloading you can watch it as ordinarily you need to watch.

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