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Korean movies is now one of the home favourites most especially for the ladies. Ladies can kill for Korean movies so sojuoppa brought free website to download Korean movies and series. I know there are lots of people who already knows this site but for the new comers this site will help out . It is among the top best websites to download Korean movies because the owner try his possible best to upload recent movies regularly. Luckily for newcomers they can get the movies with just one click.

About of Sojuoppa       

Sojuoppa was created on the 10th of February 2016 by Afolabi Francis ( I know some people were expecting to see Korean name) its net worth is $956.3 . The domain name system is or It has a simple but complex design because it has high quality that gives you that feelings that whatever you need to download is in this site, with English subtitle.


Names and type of movies on sojuoppa and reviews 

Chinese movies to Download on sojuoppa

Kung- fu yoga is about two professors that teamed up to locate a lost treasure and embark on an adventure that takes them from a Tibetan ice cave to Dubai, and to a mountain temple in India.

Swat city: City crisis is about crime where the swat team suddenly receives a bomb notice. In kangcheng, a bomb crisis is sweeping across the city quickly. The swat leader Liang Chenghu takes the order at this critical moments.

Drunken masteris about Wong: A mischievous young boy, learns a special form of martial art from his alcoholic master in other to prevent an assassin fromexecuting his goals.

New kung-fu cult master 1: Is about a Wudang master ZhangCuishan who lives in the Shangri-la ice land and fire island with his family, away from dissension and bloodshed, ambushed and leaving his young son Zhang Wuji orphaned. And so many other Chinese movies, both old and recent movies.

Recent Korean movies to Download on sojuoppa

Cupid last wish is about two best friends (korn and Win) but after the death of Win’s father their friendship reach a turning point and Win developed grudge against korn. But Win and his sister Lin had an accident, he woke up in Lin’s body. The only way to collect holy water from four temples across Thailand with the aid of Korn. Can they fix the broken friendship and will another spark of feelings develop along the part way of their adventure?

Kissable lips is about a sweet and bloody campus romance between Jin Ho a vampire who is about to die and a human with pure blood Min Hyun who need to save him with her blood.

Tracer is about a no filter crazy man with nut, taking revenge on the Korea National Tax Office.

Oh! Boarding house is about Sul Won who is an act– of – work young man whose mother runs a lost – cost boarding house for students andmen who don’t have enough money to buy or rent an apartment on their own. But when his mother had to return back to her home town she left Sul Won in charge of the boarding house.

Sul Won in charge of the boarding house – becoming the de facto live in landlord and the boarding house are a mixed bunch . They include a high secondary school which happens to be Sul Won’s cousin and also his college friend as well as a high school teacher which made a great friendship begin to grow. He also had a crush.

Special delivery is about Eun – ha who is a normal junkyard employee, secretly works as a delivery clerk that deals with unusual delivery requests. One day, she heads to Seoul to pick up a client involved in a gambling crime that wants to flee overseas.

However, she met the client’s young son at the pick-up point, instead of the client himself. Kyeong pil , a current police officer who is actually masterminding the whole gambling crime, chases after the missing child who has the security key to the bank account that holds 30 million dollars.

And so many other interesting Korean movies, both old and recent movies.

Philippine movies to Download on sojuoppa

The housemaid is about Daisy whose task as a new maid to a wealthy family is watch over a young kid, but unknowingly she is been watched by the kid’s father. When temptation kicks in Daisy and the wealthy family’s lives start to shatter in pieces.

The hows of us is about a young couplewho are in a long term relationship and are building and planning their future together. But their love will be put to test as their relationship face hurdles from misunderstandings different to careerpaths, among others. How will they save their “us”?

Love the way you lie : With the help a spunky, lonely in love psychic, a  deceased wife tries to get her grieving husband to move on. In the process , sparks beginto fly.

And so many other interesting Philippine movies both old and recent movies.

India movies to Download on sojuoppa

Kinda polam: Jobless since four years despite being well educated, a young man headed to Nallamala forest with his father to help him with kondapolam. Will he come out a changed person?

Minnal Murali is about a tailor who gained special powers after being struck by lightning but must take down unexpected foe if he is to become the superhero his hometown needs.

Natyam is about the ancient dance village Natyam , Sitara attempts to resurrect her Guru’s forgotten masterpiece choreography and discovers the true power and purpose of Indian classical dance. To dance is a story that can change our world.

And so many other interesting India movies both old and recent movies.

Horror movies to Download on sojuoppa

Pari is a supernatural horror film in which a man attempts to help a woman named Ruksana, an abusevictim, who he  found chained up in a hut.

Mercury is about five friends that were affected by a Mercury poisoning incident are partying when a freak accident put them on a collision course with an entity that is in no mood to forgive their misgivings. Quote from the movie: silence is the most powerful scream

How to download movies from this website

First download the app then register so that you can download interesting movies or you can log in sojuoppa. If you have telegram, you can view and join SOJUOPPA .TV right away.

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