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Revvi Credit Card Login, Rewards, Payment & Contact

In the vast landscape of credit cards, the Revvi Credit Card distinguishes itself with a unique set of benefits designed to cater to users’ financial and transactional needs. Accepted at millions of retailers across the U.S., it guarantees easy, secure payments with the added advantage of credit building by reporting to the three major credit bureaus. Let’s explore the card in depth.

The Revvi Credit Card is not just another card in your wallet; it’s a ticket to a range of services. Offering a simple, powerful mobile app for easy account management, and the unique Revvi Rewards program, users can expect more than just credit access.

Revvi Credit Card Login & Account Access

How to Login to Revvi Credit Card

Navigating the login process for credit cards can be a breeze if you know the right steps. For Revvi Credit Card users, a smooth login ensures account access and seamless management of rewards and payments. Here’s a step-by-step guide on effortlessly logging into your Revvi Credit Card account.

Logging into your account:

  1. Visit the official Revvi website.
  2. Click ‘Login’.
  3. Input your credentials.
  4. Securely access your account.

Activate Revvi Credit Card

Embarking on your journey with the Revvi Credit Card begins with a few simple steps. New cardholders must initially settle the $95 program fee to open their account. Once done, the excitement builds as you await your card’s arrival, which typically takes between 3-7 business days post-approval.

On receiving your card, you have two straightforward activation options: either online through the official website or by dialing (800) 845-4804. The final touch? Registering on the Revvi mobile app, a digital tool tailored for streamlined card management, ensuring you have easy access to your account and its features at your fingertips.

Revvi Credit Card Account Access

Efficiently managing one’s finances hinges on effortless account access. For Revvi Credit Card holders, this access translates into real-time balance checks, transaction overviews, and more. Dive into the seamless world of Revvi Credit Card account access and discover the ease of digital financial management.

Online, users can:

  1. Check balances.
  2. View transactions.
  3. Manage and redeem rewards.
  4. Process payments.

Revvi Rewards: Making Payments Has Never Been So Rewarding!

Every payment made to your Revvi Card earns you points. Specifically, for every dollar paid, you receive one point, equivalent to 1% cash back in Revvi Rewards. However, program fees and merchant credits/refunds do not earn rewards.


After a six-month active period, and if your account remains in good standing, redeem rewards:

  • Online, via the Revvi Mobile App, or by contacting the Revvi customer service.
  • Points are redeemed in 500-point increments. 500 points equal a $5 statement credit.

You can learn more about the Revvi Rewards here.

Making Payments with Revvi Credit Card

Ensuring timely payments is pivotal for maintaining a healthy credit history. With the Revvi Credit Card, this process is both straightforward and secure. Delve into the user-friendly payment methods of Revvi and discover how financial responsibilities become a hassle-free experience.

Revvi facilitates various methods:

  1. Online or via the mobile app.
  2. Phone payments by calling (800) 845-4804.

Set up reminders or utilize the mobile app’s notification system to maintain a healthy credit score. You can download the App for iOS and Android.


All About Support: Revvi Credit Card Contact & Customer Service

Whether through the mobile app or directly at (800)-845-4804, their dedicated team ensures prompt assistance.

  • Credit Limit Increases: After a year, apply for an increase via the app, online, or by phone.
  • Authorized Users: Add during the application or afterward through the app or by calling customer service.
  • Fees: Besides the $95 program fee, there’s an annual and a monthly participation fee commencing after the first year. More details are available on their official site.

FAQ: Revvi Credit Card

How do I log in to my Revvi Credit Card account?

Visit the official Revvi website, click on the ‘Login’ section, and enter your credentials. For a seamless experience, ensure your browser is updated and cookies are enabled.

What rewards can I earn with the Revvi Credit Card?

Revvi Credit Card users earn 1 point for every dollar paid, equivalent to 1% cash back. These rewards can be redeemed as statement credits after six months of active account status.

How can I make a payment for my Revvi Credit Card bill?

Payments can be made online via the official website, through the Revvi mobile app, or by calling their dedicated phone service at (800) 845-4804.

What’s the contact number for Revvi Credit Card customer service?

For assistance, queries, or concerns, contact the Revvi Credit Card customer service at (800) 845-4804. They’re available to help with all card-related inquiries.

Are there any fees associated with the Revvi Credit Card?

Yes, there’s a $95 program fee to open the account. Additionally, an annual and monthly participation fees begin after the card’s first year. More details are available on their official site.

How do I reset my password if I forget my Revvi Credit Card login details?

On the login page of the Revvi website, click the “Forgot Password” link. Follow the on-screen prompts to reset your password and regain account access.

How do I redeem my Revvi Credit Card rewards?

After six months of active account status, redeem your rewards online, via the Revvi Mobile App, or by contacting the Revvi customer service. Points are redeemed in 500-point increments.

Is there an app available for Revvi Credit Card management and payments?

Absolutely! The Revvi mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices, offers users an easy way to manage their accounts, make payments, and check reward balances on the go.

Our Final Words…

The Revvi Credit Card offers a comprehensive package, from its reward system to its commitment to help users build credit. With tools and services designed for user convenience, like the efficient mobile app, and by ensuring a streamlined experience, from the quick and easy approval process to card activation and management, the Revvi Credit Card truly stands out.