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Remove Location Data From Photos & Videos on iPhone or iPad

We are now in the era of social media and many people now know how to track and know the exact location a photo or video is taken. This is too bad as it breaches our privacy and most times even our safety can be at risk as well.

One thing that makes me so much love Apple is that they always put our safety first. Apart from the tight security features on their devices, they have also make another way for us to protect our privacy when sharing photos or videos online.


This feature is a new brand one and it’s coming from the iOS 13 that comes with the iPhone 11 series. The new feature gives you the ability to edit and remove the geotags on your photos and videos so that no one will know the location the video or photos is taken. If you often share pics online, then you need this post more than anyone else.

Remove Location Data From Photos & Videos on iPhone

How to Share Photos and Videos Without Geotags in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your device and move to an image you would like to share.
Step 2: If you want to share a single photo, just tap on it and choose the Share button.

However, if you wish to share multiple images, tap on the Select button at the top right and then choose the Share button

Step 3: Then tap on “Options” on the right side of the location.
Step 4: Next, disable the toggle for Location. Don’t forget to tap on Done to confirm.
Note: Under the location option, you will find another toggle called All Photos Data which allows you to share original quality photos using AirDrop.

If you normally use the AirDrop to share files between iOS and macOS devices, you should keep it enabled.

Step 5: You will now return to the Share sheet. select your favorite social media or any other medium to share the pics as you normally do.

Wrapped Up:

Just as mentioned above, this feature is essential to those that love sharing clips and pics on social sites. It’s highly recommended in this digital world where security and privacy have become a concern, it’s good to safeguard your information so that it doesn’t fall prey to the wrong hands.

What’s your take on this new feature on the iOS 13. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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