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Petco Credit Card Login, Rewards, Payment & Contact

The Petco Credit Card, now fondly termed as “Petco Pay Credit Card”, is an enticing proposition for pet enthusiasts. Tailored for those who treasure their pets and often shop at Petco, this card offers convenience, rewards, and a host of other benefits that pet lovers will surely appreciate.

Petco Credit Card Login & Account Access

The Petco Pay Credit Card offers pet enthusiasts rewards and easy online accessibility. The Petco Credit Card Login & Account Access process is simple and user-friendly for cardholders. Users can effortlessly access their account details, track reward points, view statements, and manage their finances by visiting the official Petco Credit Card portal and entering the appropriate credentials.

The platform ensures convenience at the fingertips of Petco credit card users, making it easier than ever to keep track of their expenditures and rewards associated with their beloved pets.

Accessing your Petco Pay Credit Card account is straightforward, provided you know the steps.

  1. Visit the official Petco Credit Card portal.
  2. Enter your credentials.
  3. Access features like checking statements, tracking reward points, and more.
  4. Forgot your password? Reset it using the provided link on the portal.

A Bounty of Benefits with the Petco Pay Credit Card

Dive into the slew of benefits the card offers, truly making it the credit card that rewards pet lovers.

  • Earn 2X Vital Care points for every dollar spent at Petco or on with the Petco Pay credit card.
  • Get 2 Vital Care points for every $3 spent on grocery store purchases, exclusive to Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card holders.
  • Earn 1 Vital Care point for every $3 spent everywhere else Mastercard is accepted, exclusive to Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card holders.
  • Special perk: Receive $25 Vital Care Rewards when you spend $500 outside of Petco in the first 90 days, exclusive to Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card holders.

Note: All Vital Care rewards expire 365 days from the issuance date.

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Additional Benefits of Petco Credit Card

Personalize your card with an image of your beloved pet. With every purchase, make a difference by contributing to donations for Petco Love. Manage your pet’s essentials seamlessly with the free Petco app.

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Payment Details & Methods

To make online payments for your Petco Pay credit card, visit either (for Petco Pay Credit Card) or (for Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card). Register or log in and follow the instructions.

For those wondering, “Can I use my Petco Pay credit card at the vet?” – the answer is a resounding yes! Both the Petco Pay Credit Card and Petco Pay Mastercard can be used for vet bills at Petco vets, with financing plans available.

How to Apply for the Petco Pay Credit Card

Interested individuals can apply either in-store or online at Approval leads to receiving a welcome kit within 7-10 business days.

The cherry on top? Enjoy a 20% off on your first purchase the day you open your account at Petco.

Need-to-Knows before Applying

While no specific credit score is required for Petco Pay, various factors influence the application process. No annual fee is associated, but some fees might apply. Review the credit card agreements for detailed information. The interest rate details can be found in the Petco Pay credit card agreement for the inquisitive.

For those eager to use their card immediately, if approved in-store or online, the account can be utilized for the same transaction, earning you a first-purchase discount.

Handling Issues and Queries: Petco Credit Card Customer Service

Misplaced your card or need to look up your credit card number for a purchase? In-store assistance is available. Simply provide valid identification and follow the prompts. For online purchases, the physical card is mandatory. If misplaced, contact Comenity Capital Bank using the provided numbers.

For inquiries about the card, Petco Customer Relations at 1 (888) 824-7257 can assist.

FAQs: Petco Credit Card

How do I log into my Petco Credit Card account online?

To log into your Petco Credit Card account, visit the official Petco Credit Card portal. Enter your username and password in the designated fields. You might need to register or set up your online access if it’s your first time.

What rewards can I earn with my Petco Credit Card?

With the Petco Credit Card, you can earn 2X Vital Care points for every dollar spent at Petco or on Additionally, there are special rewards for grocery purchases and general Mastercard spends, enabling you to accumulate points faster.

How can I make a payment for my Petco Credit Card?

To make a payment on your Petco Pay credit card, visit the appropriate website (either for the Petco Pay Credit Card or the Mastercard variant). Once logged in, follow the prompts to set up and execute your payment using your bank’s details.

What is the contact number for Petco Credit Card customer service?

For assistance related to the Petco Pay Credit Card, contact Comenity Capital Bank at 1-877-751-1607. If you have the Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card, reach out at 1-855-266-0558. For TDD/TTY assistance, dial 1-888-819-1918.

What benefits come with the Petco Credit Card membership?

The Petco Credit Card membership offers a range of benefits. Cardholders can earn Vital Care points on purchases, get exclusive discounts, personalize their card with their pet’s image, and contribute to Petco Love with every purchase. Additional advantages include easy online account management and access to the free Petco app.

To Summarize the Above

The Petco Pay Credit Card is not just another piece of plastic; it’s a gateway to a world of benefits and conveniences for pet lovers. Whether looking to earn rewards, seeking exclusive perks, or just wanting to make a difference with every purchase, the Petco Pay Credit Card has it all. Whether you’re mulling over applying or are a cardholder, staying informed is essential to make the most of this offering. Your furry friend deserves it!

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