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MovPilot is one of the software you must have as a movie lover. This software makes it possible to download Netflix videos to your devices, so you can watch them offline and as well share them with others. The software is available for both your windows and Mac devices, so you have no issue regardless of the type of PC you are using. 

If you love watching movies, then you must have used or heard of Netflix. In fact, there are many people who spend their time on Netflix because it has a great library of content that we cannot find on TV and other streaming services.

But the problem with Netflix is that you can’t download the content and watch it offline later or transfer them to other devices.  Hence, it becomes impossible to share your Netflix videos with friends or transfer them to your other devices. 

However, all thanks to MovPilot, a software that makes it possible and easy to save Netflix videos offline to your devices. In this article, we will review everything you need to know about MovPilot. 

Features Of MovPilot 

Movpilot video

MovPilot comes with a lot of amazing features such as. 

  • Saving videos to MP4: MovPilot makes it possible to save and download videos to MP4 and enjoy the movies even when your Netflix subscription expires.
  • It allows you to convert Netflix videos to a USB or hard drive.
  • It allows you to share your videos with friends and family via email. 
  • User Friendly: MovPilot is highly user-friendly as you won’t find it hard to navigate across the software. Also, the software is compatible with both Mac and Windows software, so you don’t have to worry about the device you are using. Downloading Netflix videos on Mac is highly possible with MovPilot. 

How To Download MovPilot

As you already know, MovPilot makes it easy for you to save your favorite videos from Netflix to your devices.  To make use of this software, the first thing you need to do is to download the software by going to

Once you have the software on your device, proceed to create an account, by clicking on the signup button for first-time users. 

MovPilot Pricing

Although the MovPilot is free for download, however, the free version has its limitations. To enjoy this software, you have to upgrade to the paid plan which is available depending on your budget and needs. The MovPilot plans start from a $68.79 monthly plan, a $79.95 yearly plan, and a $ 128.95-lifetime plan. However, there is a 30% discount going on now which brings down the pricing to $45.95 monthly, $55.95 yearly, and $ 85.95-lifetime plan.

Furthermore, there is an All in One Plan that goes for $644.75 but there is a 70% discount offer slashing the price down to $214.85. All these plans will give you a license for one PC.

Why MovPilot? 

MovPlot lets you save Netflix videos to your devices, which even makes it possible for you to watch such videos after your Netflix subscription has expired. 

If you are into movie blogs, you can download Netflix videos to your devices and edit them so they can look original when you post them.  Also, having downloaded the videos, you enjoy the liberty to share them with friends and family members. What else more? MovPilot is the best Netflix video downloader out there. 

How To Make Use Of MovPilot


To make use of MovPilot, the first thing you need to do is to download the software to your device. Having done this, sign up for an account with your Gmail and password. 

Once you are done with this process, you already have the MovPilot software on your device. Proceed to Netflix to copy the URL of the desired video which you want to save. 

Then head over to the MovPilot software on your device and paste the link there, and the video. The video icon would be displayed with a download button for you to download the desired video you want. 

It’s as simple as that. There is more to MovPilot software, let’s consider some of its features below. 


Here you have it, movie lovers. MovPilot had now made it possible for you to download your favorite movies to your devices so you can watch them anytime and as well share them with multiple users as much as possible. 

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