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Movies4k is an amazing platform where you can find varieties of movies, TV shows, series, Anime, Animation, and Episodes. You can stream and download them on HD and MP4 Qualities. It is an online site that searches for and compiles movies, TV shows, TV series, and TV programs from different sources and makes them available to users.

Movies4k was earlier known as Movies2k. It was after this platform was shut down in May 2013, by the Motion Picture Association of America, due to the copyright infringement concern. After a while, it came back in a rebranded form, as the we know today.

This platform acts as a directory and searches index for streaming videos on websites. This online streaming platform was popularly used in Germany and all around the world. It primarily serves Germany and the English-speaking areas but is no longer in use in the UK.


It is one of the world’s largest movie libraries. You can find movies from different parts of the world, spoken in Diverse languages. Hence, if you are looking for a Chinese movie, this platform will search and displays it in any language of your choice. It is a user-contributed Video Directory for television programs and films. 

         Movies4k is a streaming website based on video demand available in languages like:

  • *German
  • *Russian
  • *English
  • *Italian
  • *Turkish 
  • *French
  • *Japanese

History of was first known as Movies2k was one of the best sites at that time till it was reported by the Motion picture Association American(MPAA) for copyright infringement on concerns. It was said by the (MPAA) to be a notorious market

 Writing a letter of piracy To the United States House of Representatives. On May 29, 2013, this platform was shut down by the MPAA, due to a court order given. The closure of Movies2k. angered a lot of people. Shortly after the closure of Movies2k, Movies4k came into existence. 

The developers of this website spoke on their page with so much pain about the shutdown of Movies2k. It criticized the law of piracy saying that it does not compare to a violent crime as police make it seem. In their own opinion, they also criticized how the act was money driven. They also said (according to current law) that money is way more important than Unique human life.

  How to use Movies4k

Using this platform is very easy and free to use. There is no need for any signup or registration before it can be accessed.  All that is needed of you, is a good internet connection, smartphone, laptop, computer, or any device available, and lastly, follow the directions correctly to enjoy unlimited access to your latest Movies and Tv shows. These are the steps to follow.

1. Go to the website

2. Input the title of the movie on the search button.

3. You can also select by using the kind and genre search options. 

3. Click on the search button to view the searched movie.

5. Start watching 

       Is Movies4k safe and Legit?

As we all know, streaming movies online is absolutely illegal. When someone takes a movie from a film streaming service and illegally uploads it to download freely is known to be a crime.  This site has been shut down once because of copyright infringement and piracy.

Streaming movies or videos online is just like stealing someone’s work and giving to it people freely without paying for it. It is not authorized by the law to stream movies but as the day goes by, more and more streaming sites are been created.                            

This platform is not in use in the United Nations because the UK government is strictly against piracy. Many people are so scared of watching movies online. They feel if they do so, it might bring in viruses and other malware which can cause damage to their device. So it is advised that users should download their movies from legal sites to protect their devices. When it comes to the safety of your device, Movies4k is 100% safe. Although it is recommended that you take precautions when using any streaming platform, depending on the video player used.

 Alternatives to

There are many sites like Movies4k. which is also a perfect source of entertainment. Some are;

1. Putlocker.

 In the year 2011, the site originated in the United Kingdom and grew in the number of visitors daily after the closure of Megaupload. Putlocker is a free-oriented online file, hosting index website used for streaming entertainment media.


 With COOLMOVIEZONE, you can watch full online movies freely. Get the latest and top Hollywood and Bollywood movies at the best quality.


This is a torrent website that allows you to upload high-quality files. To your device. It was launched in August 2011, created by Yiftach Swery with its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. YIFY Torrent or YTS is a peer-to-peer release group, known for distributing a large number of free movies for downloads.

4. 123Movies

This is a streaming platform that allows you to stream Tv episodes online at no cost without registration or signing up. You can freely stream your favorite episodes and TV programs here with ease at no charge rate. This unlicensed file streaming network was launched in 2015-2016 and is available in the English Language.








    Movies4k has a wide selection of movies and TV shows gotten from different sources which makes it easier to locate your preferred ones. It is a good site to use, although it has a high rate of piracy which is a result of copyright infringement. But it doesn’t affect you since the site is absolutely safe to use. If you see any unwanted pop ads, just leave them or click on the x button of the ad to remove them. 

You won’t have any issues using this site, because it is programmed in simple tenses, For you and me to understand. All you need to do is get a good device that can connect to the internet and follow the steps on how to use it, then you are good to go. If you have any questions, suggestions, or Reviews about this website, you can state them in the comment section.

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