List of Extratorrent Proxy Unlock In 2023

Torrenting has long been a popular means of file sharing, but accessing torrent sites can be difficult owing to government and ISP-imposed limits and prohibitions. ExtraTorrents is a well-known torrent service that has encountered such limitations. Users can still access ExtraTorrents via proxy sites. We’ll look at the ExtraTorrents proxy list for 2023 and talk about how these proxies unblock the website in this blog post. In addition, we’ll discuss ExtraTorrents alternatives, the use of proxy services, VPNs for unblocking, downloading torrent files, and more.

List of Extratorrent Proxy Unlock In 2023
List of Extratorrent Proxy Unlock In 2023

ExtraTorrents Proxy List 2023

Here’s a list of ExtraTorrents proxy sites that will allow you to use the platform in 2023:


Remember that proxy sites can regularly change as a result of legal activities and domain seizures. To access ExtraTorrents, make sure to always use up-to-date proxy links or look for recent lists.

Extratorrent sites 2023 This domain was frequently used as an ExtraTorrent mirror site. Please keep in mind that ExtraTorrent voluntarily ceased operations in 2017, so accessing the site via this domain may not allow access to authentic ExtraTorrent material. is an anime content streaming service. It does not appear to be affiliated with ExtraTorrent and does not appear to give access to the platform’s torrent files. Like, is a proxy site that allows you to access different websites, including ExtraTorrent. However, bear in mind that proxy sites can change or be removed, so make sure you have an up-to-date list of proxy sites. It does not appear like is affiliated with ExtraTorrent. Before accessing or using a website’s services, it is advised that you confirm its validity and purpose.

Also Read  Downloadhub - Watch and Download 300MB Hollywood Movies is another proxy site that seeks to circumvent limitations and allow access to restricted websites. However, as with other proxy sites, availability and functionality are subject to change. It does not appear like is affiliated with ExtraTorrent. Before using a website’s services, exercise caution and confirm its authenticity and legitimacy. is yet another proxy site that allows you to access banned websites. However, it’s critical to stay up to date on the latest proxy sites because they can change regularly for a variety of reasons. is a proxy site that allows users to access restricted websites anonymously. While it may offer access to ExtraTorrent or other restricted sites, it is critical to exercise caution and use reliable proxy services to reduce security threats. This domain looks to be unrelated to ExtraTorrent and may not be a mirror or proxy service. To avoid potential security hazards, it is advised to use caution when visiting unfamiliar torrent sites. is a proxy website that tries to allow access to banned websites such as ExtraTorrent. It acts as a bridge between your device and the original site, allowing you to circumvent limitations. Please keep in mind that the availability and dependability of proxy sites can change over time.


Please keep in mind that the status and availability of these websites may have changed because torrent websites are frequently blocked by authorities. You must exercise caution and only access websites from secure and recognized sources.

How Does ExtraTorrent Proxy Work To Unblock ExtraTorrents?

The main website and extraTorrent proxy sites are connected by these intermediaries. Your request is first routed to the proxy server when you try to access ExtraTorrent through a proxy. The content is subsequently downloaded from ExtraTorrent by the proxy server, which then forwards it to you. The proxy server effectively gets beyond any limitations or bans placed in place by concealing your IP address and masking your online activity in this way.

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ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Here are some well-known options to take into account in case the ExtraTorrents proxy sites become unavailable or unreliable:

  • The Pirate Bay (
  • RARBG (
  • 1337x (
  • YTS (
  • LimeTorrents (

Why Use ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites?

There are several reasons why you might choose to use ExtraTorrent proxy sites:

  • Access to a vast library of torrent files.
  • Bypass restrictions imposed by ISPs or governments.
  • Maintain privacy and anonymity while torrenting.
  • Continue downloading files even if the main site is blocked.

VPN to Unblock ExtraTorrents

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Unblock ExtraTorrents is a successful approach to unblock ExtraTorrents while protecting your privacy. A VPN makes it look as though you are browsing from another country by encrypting your internet traffic and routing it through a server there. As a result, even if ExtraTorrents is restricted in your area, you can still access it.

How to Download Torrent Files?

The steps below can be used to download torrent files from ExtraTorrent or any other torrent website:

  • Install a torrent client on your device, such as BitTorrent or uTorrent.
  • Use a proxy website or go to ExtraTorrent to access the platform.
  • Utilize the site’s search feature to look for the desired torrent file.
  • Click on the magnet link or download the .torrent file.
  • Open the file with your torrent client, and the download will begin.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Although torrenting is a legitimate way to share files, it may also be used for nefarious activities. In the majority of nations, downloading copyrighted content without the required authorization is prohibited. Use torrents properly, and make sure you only download and distribute files that have been obtained lawfully.

Why Was ExtraTorrent Banned?

Due to worries about copyright infringement, ExtraTorrent, like other torrent websites, was the target of legal actions and restrictions. The platform made it easier to distribute copyrighted content without the necessary authorizations or licenses. Due to pressure from copyright owners and authorities, ExtraTorrent was shut down and banned.

Can Governments Ban ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites?

Torrent and proxy websites may be blocked by governments, making them inaccessible in some areas. Proxy websites, which frequently run from several domains or IP addresses, enable users to get around these restrictions and access the restricted content. While governments continue to take steps to prohibit proxy sites, new proxies consistently replace the ones that are blacklisted.

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Using ExtraTorrent without a VPN: How to Do It?

The most dependable way to unblock ExtraTorrent is by using a VPN, but there are some other options you can try:

  • Use proxy services: As previously noted, ExtraTorrent proxy sites serve as middlemen and permit you to access the website without a VPN. Remember that their accessibility may change, thus it’s advised to look for current proxy lists.
  • Tor Browser: You may access ExtraTorrent through the Tor network, which also allows for anonymous browsing. Use the Tor Browser to visit the website after installing it.
  • Internet-based proxies You can access banned websites by using web-based proxy services provided by several websites. You can use these proxies to access ExtraTorrent, and they operate within your browser.

What Happened to ExtraTorrents?

ExtraTorrent unilaterally stopped operating in 2017, leaving its members to look for substitute torrent sites. Many people were surprised by the choice, and while there were speculations about legal pressures and internal issues, the exact reasons for the shutdown were not disclosed.


Are ExtraTorrent proxy sites safe to use?

You can access ExtraTorrent using proxy sites, but you should use caution. Some proxy websites can have dangerous software or advertisements. Use trusted proxy sites, and take appropriate security precautions like ad blocking and antivirus software.

Can I trust the torrents that ExtraTorrents has to offer?

When downloading torrents from any website, including ExtraTorrents, exercise caution. To reduce the chance of downloading dangerous files, read user reviews, look for reputable uploaders, and utilize reputable torrent applications.

When utilizing ExtraTorrent proxy sites, am I susceptible to tracking?

Your IP address is hidden when you utilize ExtraTorrent proxy services, giving you some degree of anonymity. But it’s not completely foolproof. ISPs and authorities can still monitor your activities. To enhance privacy, consider using a VPN in conjunction with the proxy site.


Although ExtraTorrent was shut down in 2017, users can still access the service via proxy sites. These proxies act as a gateway, allowing users to continue torrenting when ExtraTorrent is blocked. However, when downloading and exchanging materials, it is critical to emphasize online safety and follow legal restrictions. Always utilize up-to-date proxy lists, consider utilizing a VPN for increased anonymity, and exercise caution when downloading files. Remember that prudent torrenting is essential for having a nice and legal online experience.

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