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Jared Jewelry Phone Number and Email Address

Established in 1993, Jared is a division of Signet Jewelers Limited, it’s the largest professional jewelry retailer in the, UK, US, and Canada. The company does not open stores at indoor shopping malls and said it offers five times the choice of regular jewelry stores.

In addition to a wide choice of jewelry, most Jared stores have a design and service center, full-service repair shop, and play area for children. Jared jewelry caters to customers who want to convey their love and passion with diamond and fine jewelry.

Offering concierge-level service, Jared delivers a great personal experience and quality regardless of where you are shopping from, either in-stores or online.

Operating as part of Signet Jewelers, the world’s largest diamond retailer, Jared operates more than 200 stores across the US and

The brand specializes in engagement and bridal jewelry, gifts for all occasions, All types of rings, bracelets wrists watch, and also a classic touch of gift idea with curates collections of fine brands.

Jared Jewelry

Jared offers a range of outstanding services which include custom jewelry design in all stores and through The Jared Foundry™ in select locations.

Signet is committed to providing increased value to its stakeholders while seeking to uphold its social, environmental, and ethical principles, defined by the brand attributes of global innovation, leadership, and sustainability.

Jared Services

  1. Free Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection Service

To ensure that customers’ jewelry stays beautiful and secure, Jared by having it professionally cleaned and inspected by their in-store jewelry experts.

  1. Repairs

Jared repairs most of its customer’s treasured jewelry right in their stores. No matter how big or small they’ve got you covered.

List of their repair services

Ring resizing

Replace prongs to secure and maintain a diamond or color stone

  1. Maintenance

Regular service will extend the life of your jewelry, which is the key to long-lasting accessories. They can check the prongs that hold diamonds and color stones. If it’s loose, they will tighten them. They also professionally clean and polish your treasures and check clasps for wear

  1. Warranties & Guarantees

Jared, hold the jewelry they sell to high-quality standards. They offer a Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee for all the diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald gemstone jewelry they sell and other complementary services.

  1. Jared Gold Exchange

Customers don’t have to know what the gold karatage is, all they need to do is just sign up at and get a packet and send the unwanted gold and platinum jewelry to them. They’ll inspect, sort, clean, weigh and ascertain what it’s worth in today’s market. Customers can watch all of this being done in a video that will be emailed to them.

After they determine the value of the customer’s jewelry, they’ll email the permanent amount to the customer. make can choose to take the payment in a check or Jared Gift Card – and we’ll add 10% of the value if you select the gift card

Jared jewelry Customer care number


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