IS Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Pro, S20 Ultra 5G Waterproof & Water Resistant?

If you are planning to get the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series, I’m pretty sure that you will like to know if the phone is waterproof and water-resistant. Well, in this post we will be letting you know all that we know concerning whether the Samsung Galaxy S20 is waterproof or not.

You should know that all Samsung S series starting from the S7 comes with an IP rating meaning that the phone is water-resistant. Notwithstanding, the new Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are not exceptional and they all have an IP68 rating.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

So as you can see, they are certified to be water-resistant but not fully waterproof as they have limited time they can stay in the water and also how deep they can go. But the question is…

How long? Well, concerning the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, they have resistant in water for up to 30 minutes. This means anything longer than this hour will be disastrous.

Can I swim with the Samsung Galaxy S20?

You can swim with the Samsung Galaxy S20 but not for a longer time than expected. You should also not swim with it in deep water. A swimming pool is better. You can take it to the pool and use it to snap some pictures as well.

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However, you must be warned, Samsung does not have a warranty for water damage and we won’t also be responsible should anything happens to your phone. You should not test it.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 series waterproof?

To answer this question, you need to know that the term water-resistant is different from waterproof. Yes, your phone is water-resistant but not fully waterproof. In fact, there is no manufacturer that has the capacity to make any phone waterproof completely.

So if you are making some plans to buy any of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, be assured that your phone comes with the highest protection. It has an IP68 rating which if for both dust and water-resistant. You can take the phone to the pool and you won’t also be afraid of rainfalls and any water damaged.

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2 thoughts on “IS Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Pro, S20 Ultra 5G Waterproof & Water Resistant?”

  1. Do not use a S20 Ultra 5G in any water. I fell into water where my phone was under about a foot for less then 15 seconds and it died. It can not take any water. In the past my S8 was great in the same water.

    • Had my Samsung s20 ultra in pool in Turkey for 10 mins taking videos and photos ( while underwater) jumping in and going underwater and phone worked perfect. Just needed time to dry mic and speaker but then was back to normal


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