Is Samsung Galaxy A54 Waterproof?

Are you wondering if your Samsung Galaxy A54 is waterproof or not? Well, to make it clear, the Samsung Galaxy A54 comes with some kind of water protection. Yes. The Samsung has an IP67 rating embedded in the body which also contains glass and aluminum. However, you should note that there are differences between the Samsung Galaxy A54 IP67 rating and the IP68 rating available on the Samsung Galaxy S23 device. For example, the IP67 rating offers both dust and water resistance up to 1m in 30 seconds. It means the device is water resistant but not waterproof.

Can I Swim with Samsung Galaxy A54?

There is nothing wrong with taking your Samsung Galaxy A54 to the pool but swimming with it is a different thing entirely. You should note that water can still damage your device. And coupled with the fact that Samsung does not cover water damage from their warranty should be a warning. If you swim with your device and it got damaged, you will take full responsibility for fixing it. So please, don’t swim or shower with your Samsung A54 device. If you want to take pictures with it in the pool, someone outside might help you to do that. Talking about the Samsung Galaxy A54, handset is the direct successor of the Samsung Galaxy A53 device. It packs amazing camera quality, good battery capacity, and also a fingerprint scanner on the screen and you can get the device in multiple colors.

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